Time Power! ...by: Dr. Krooonos


Quantum Scribe
******D O C U M E N T***********
About how to extract energy from "Time", and to manipulate the flow
of time by changing temporal opaqueness!

Time~Travel & ZPE Alternative Power & Propulsion Systems including various forms of antigravitic and stargate travel will become us as the old dogmatic perceptions fall to the wayside and relinquish the controls of economic greed, it's only a Matter of "Time"

<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"Everything you know,...is Wrong!
soon we shall all discover the truth."
It's my brothers, Gary V's way of saying, that people are trying to make money off of this concept, that this system can be used, however don't buy it in a kit, cause your only wasting your money?
Hi Creedo,

I made a mistake in placing my post to you under time navigation on the 18th. Somehow I wasnt paying attention to where I was posting it. So you probably didnt see it. Sorry!

I liked your response to my dreams question and the information you gave me on pry-ons.

However I have another question I hope you wont mind me asking?
I am searching for information on "frequencies" and their links to time travel and dimension. So I could put some unanswered questions to rest.

Any bit of info that you could supply would be helpful.

By the way I find that paradigm picture pattern and theory interesting. It looks like a image thats been imbedded in my head for quite some time with 3 dimensional interconnecting lines. Perhaps a hidden key to our existence here.


Evil can not bring good, when the source of evil is used for power.//Break

The hand is held to the upper thigh and the odor tells what is in the person.

I have examined you thussly Cat and you do reak of normalcy.

You have quested a fact of the universe in this land which boast technology.

Look at my brother in his timidity and then you also see me.

>Here is old Atlantia we are of the upper aerastocricy.

We enjoy the power of rule, while other go and fight for our right to sit at this seat of power.

The battle of differnce between Maldeck and this new land, will be fought soon.

>A few years pass.

Some of our numbers have left for the Pleides, not to return.

The slaves that we trun into animals in order to do our work, work for our just cause.

Prey-tell father what can be wrong with this act of modifying humans to our cause?

Is not the need we have to live as we choose give us this rite?

Some gods and this new god show discust, however, we - are - of great importants!?

>The war:These Maldeckians had fought so hard in the use of their space craft.

They would not quit, even when we had outflanked them within the first of our engaugements to them.

Our commanders had enacted a four beam challange from the crystal top pyramids, so shattering Planet Maldeck as one shatters stone with a hammering.

>That day:The width of the commet was so vast.

By the gods I had no concept that this one sized rock, would have caused such a vast torment.

The Council Of Twelve will not have their fornications allowable with the Greek wimen, as my beautiful Atlantis is now sunk.

>This pilot says:I had wanted to tour East of Bimini and see what was there.

I mean when your a fully instrument rated pilot, who loves to fly in Florida, what the Hell else is there to do on such a fine day?!

My first hour I diod not see anything out of the uasual.

Into about fifteen minutes into my planned turn, I did see structures which seemed to below the sufrace ofthe water.

There were buildings as well as other structures with collumnaids.

Being of curiuous sort, I had made a series of decending left had turns, then something very unbelivable happened.

It was as if someone had pulled the plug onthe bottom of the ocean.The water emerald green and blue started to be pushed away from the underwater strucures.

The mass of the water receaded and dropped away from the buildings, leaving a shining green covering placed upon them from the algea which grew once the buildings had been covered with Atlantic sea water.

As I did a pylon around one of the neither Greek nor Romanic stile buildings, a door had opened up upon the now dripping facade.

I could not belive what I was viewing as a very tall man, I had estimaited to be at least seven to eight feet tall, dressed in a white hooded robe, complete with a very long staff, steps out onto the foyer of this building.

I had waived "Hi"!, as I was at my hight of being dumb that day and absoluitly had no idea of the grave danger I had placed myself in.

As I continued to circle, the man below, raises his staff and a very blue brilliant beam, it seemed from atop of the building he had walked out of, hit the engine cowling of my Cessna 212.

Immeadilty some of the breakers poped and the engine from a true mag stance cut and sputtered.

I still saw this fellow, standing below infront of that door impassivly.

I was had to rights, as now I was in a aircraft without power, now emergency field landing strip and did not have the proper flotation to make it out in the ocean this far.

Like any good airmen, I lowered the nose and let the wing fly.

I must have prayed every prayer that I could think of and then a few more.

The water now loomed a mear twenty five feet below and was coming up fast on glide.

I hit start and star again and she would not fire.

At ten feet above the water, she finnaly cut in.

That Continetial was never such a good sound to hear, as I had hear here then and there.

It's four O'clock and I have to pick up my girl.Got to go fellows.

Guess there no place like home?

Im going to publish this somehow, but I don't know where?

>Sem-ya-zee>I don't like coming here father.

These Earthlings are so pittifully dumb sometimes, with their planned anilation of each other.

Phaata>This is your duty my daughter.

I know how hard the dalily routeine has been for you, since your husband's space craft had malfunctioned and drifted into that distant systems sun.This was an unavoidable misoccurance and should not have happmned with a ship as advanced as his was.

Inner thoughts from Semjase>This mission seems hopeless here to me.

These beings, although relaited to us, are so barbarick within their ways.

I remember Veria telling me of her time in India among the unwanted children of prostitutes and how she had passed the pills eraddicating syphalus from them.

The merry chace and escapeing from the Indian Police, within the blind alley.

Ah' ha ha!?A six foot occidential dressed in a black skin tight outfit, with oval shaped eyes and non-human as they come, let alone non-Indian?

I feel it as she did, the little hands reaching up to grasp the white tablets, which would erase the sins of their parents.

The larger femanine hand caressing those who were cast as unwanted within the context of greater Indain society.

The tear comes forth from her eye and in this year of 1975 advnetures and mishapps occured, which would quietly make history, here, on the planet Earth.

[[}}The older physican had trained me.

He was superbly well taught from the mystery schools, within central Europe.

Nostradamus had showed no fear, sitting right next to the paitents who has sufferd from the plauge.

His cure rate was astounding and no other physican even came close to the abilities of the to our day healer.

Question and I offer this to you Cat as a riddle, of what conjurs dost thou maest with respects to time and space, ist, T-and aethers S or C, hast doth part of them?

I write in my passion with tears this day and it is to tell you.

What silently I asked of yee is the key you wish to unlock?

Speeka Dee English? Please!

And as far as me reaking you need to take a shower to was away the stench of failure in your post!

I'm on a fact finding mission! I dont have time to twiddle my thumbs and crack a riddle!

Can I ask the question plainly again? Can you reply in laymmansterms?


Clairification; good physicans can tell how healthy a body is by the odor that it gives off.

I can also verey easily read you through the internet and have done so.

It seems to me that your normal?

Not a stench, however a tool of the best classical diagnosticians.

You should appologise, however I won't press the point.

Again with clairity to your question posted by Time 02112. showing an out of frequency oblate.Which would be in the tachyionage range, if the power adjustments had come from quad four or more phases of pyramidic scheams.

As per your said, "This photograph seems very familar to me".

My dearest Cat, don't you think I know how you are put togeahter?

Once more, very carefully read over what I had posted for you.

Do not answer or challange me now.

Take the statments to be with you and dream upon them?

Sooner of later the translaitions will come.

In english, as you ask of frequencies in general.

These are keys to doorways that highly qualified wizzards and aliens from other worlds have used.

You ask the question can I turn this key to open the doors of these pathways in time and space.

I must as I have no alternaitve but to answer you this way, take what I have said to you, sleep on it and a day of so from now, then what do you remember?

Everything I have told within my first post, is the truth.

The truth now within you, ask of you, do you still remember?

I mean no disinfraction or disrespect to you.

I'm very sorry if for now, you have translaited a said, this way.

Respectfully creedo299