Time Radio


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May be able to use a communciations radio receiver as a time radio. Receive radio noise from other times.
The radio should have a sensitivity of about
0.5 microvolts with a 50 ohm input impedance. It should cover the citizen band frequencies of 26 to 28
The citizen band channels are located at 50 kilohertz intervals of 27.125 megahertz such at 27.120, 27.115
The radio is noisiest on these radio channels
and least noisiest in between these channel frequencies such as on 27.1225 megahertz. The noise is lessr at
night in Calgary.
This may indicate that these noise signals at the citizen channels are from transmitter from other times,
perhaps a few minutes
or hours from the past.
Hi I just wanted to say I am working on my own device called the small device it is a small clock and broken walkman it uses double A batteries to run on anyways I have been recording some loud and sharp sounds or signals from it it isn't like a radio but I haven't heard anything from the past or our near future with it but once I got a spanish and english radio station signals from it either from the US or around the world! Well that's about it for now! I can recieve stuff but not send stuff!
The radio used was a Realistic model DX 302 made over 10 years ago. It has a radio frequency coverage
of 10 kilohertz to 30 megahetrz of amplitude modulation signals. It could be tuned to citizen band channels
of 50 kilohertz intervals relative to 27.125 megahertz where background radio signals were loudest and
between these channels were radio signal noise was less. Why are the citizen band channels noisier than adjacent
radio frequencies? Perhaps these stronger radio signals were from another time as mentioned.
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Hi it's me again I just wanted to say How much are these radio recievers and Could I be able to recieve some signals or messages from the past and future of other times with it? With an AM Radio it is a small one I have and use I can pick up only music stations like in english and other languages and while fooling around with it I can create small sparks with it as well I am trying to recieve other messages or signals from either the past and future but nothing so far has happened yet maybe one day I will who knows for sure!
I think the noise you are hearing is called atmospheric interference. Also electromagnet interference caused by solar radiation can cause noise. In regards to AM radio it is a strange bird, I have drove down the road and heard a station 1000 miles away then it fades out, once I thought I was in side some kind of warp field listening from all over the country, and in some way time warped. I don't know its weird.
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Is their a way where you can distort these noises and the radio itself in order to bend the fields and bend sound? I was thinking if you could bend spacetime and noise or sounds then you could accomplish something like a time field or a magnetic field I will tell you something strange in my room at home their is either alot of static or some kind of time vortex or vortex and it is only in part of my room I can't see it and feel it but it is underneath the floor or ground even though I have a computer, tv, stereo, and vcr in my room but it has nothing to do with anything! My goal is to build a bigger device either a time machine or a radio reciever that does both recieve and send stuff the project will take a long time to do because of a money issue but I want to do fun stuff anyways even though I have no degree in electronics and electricity.
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Time Radio

To test the time radio observations, any radio brand name should work. It must be
able to tune the citizen band channels and the radio frequencies between
these channel frequencies. The radio should have an electrical sensitivity of 0.5 microvolts or better
with a 50 ohm input resistance which most communication receivers have.
Radio Shack may sell radios like these. It must be
able to tune into 25 to 28 megahertz radio signal frequencies.
If the radio is sensitive enough, the radio background noise should be
strongest on the citizen band channels frequencies like 27.125, 27.120, or 27.115 megahertz.
In between these channel frequencies, the radio background noise should be quiter.
The radio signals may have been hetyrodyning with the local oscillators in the receiver at the citizen band channels
producing the stronger radio noise signals at these frequencies, but the time radio signals are strongest between many
citizen band channels. Background noise
in nature should not be strongest only on the citizen band channels. The noise may have been produced
artificially by citizen band radios in the recent past.