Time/space inter-dimensional travel every night

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It is said that humans use 10% of their brains. most humans dont understand what they call dreams. where they come from..

why they happen. some claim to see the future in dreams or visions with amazing clearity and accuracy. is this not time travel?

maybe, moving through time/space or inter-dimensionaly is something you all can do as easily as moving through the three recognized dimensions,but you havent learned how to control it yet. see the film "somewhere in time" let me know what you people think.

If there is any real exploration on just what it is we call "time travel", this area requires more exploration and experimentation.

There's an old story written by Dalton Trumbo called "Johnny Got His Gun" which is about a guy who is injured in war to the extent that he can no longer hear, see or speak. Like Helen Keller except that he wasn't BORN that way. He's hopitalized but can't tell the difference between being awake, since he no longer has his two most robust senses, and can't communicate with speech, or being asleep and dreaming.

These two states of consciousness become blurred to him.

It takes several years for him to actually come to grips with the difference between the two. His journey is the essence of the story.
Hi everyone I am new to this group. I am looking forward to viewing and expressing my own thoughts of Time Travel and other states of the "Alternate real" (or the True real, thats why I'm here to discuss possibilities).
I just wanted to add that I am pleasantly surprised that someone other than myself has seen the movie "johnny's got his gun" that was by far one of the most interesting films I have ever seen. Very dark, very creepy. Frightening possibility. I only got to see it because they played ONE time on the IFC channel on my dish. It's a shame that movie is not that accessable to more poeple. well thnx for hearin me out.
I have dreams about the future occationally. Usually it is mundane, such as seeing someone I'm going to meet in the next few days or such. When it actually happens, it is exactly the same as the dream.

Because of this, I know the future has to exist. And if the future exists, why shouldn't the past exist as well?

I have seen the movie "Somewhere in Time" as well, and I found it interesting. I believe that in real life though, in order to time travel using the mind, it would take a highly enlightened individual.

So the past is not over and done with, and the future has happend, though not yet, compared to our time frame.

Therefore, it should be possible to visit these other times and places using some sort of device. Though Archimedes said he could move the Earth if had a place to stand.

you dont need to be so inlightened as much as have the information, natural ability and desire to understand it.

dont make light of what you describe.

wouldnt you like to be in control of what goes on while your physical body is resting instead of random dream-like states that you can hardly remember?