Time/space travel using the mind/dreams

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I was very happy with the replys to my eairlier posting.

for those interested in experiencing time/space travel for themselves, this is the way to go. another example....an episode of star trek/next generation called "the inner light" picard is hit with a beam from a probe

and renderd unconscious. he awakens to find himself on a planet hes never heard of. his name is "kamin", he has a wife, friends...

at first, he wants to know how he got there and how to get back to his ship....

a year passes.....he begins to except his new life..but hasnt let go of what he now calls "his other life".

time passes, he and his wife have children,

he learns to play a type of flute

three years pass...

he discovers that a long drought is much worse then anyone thought... the planet only

has 75-85 years left .

25 years pass

his wife dies

10 more years pass

he has been living as "kamin" on the planet "kitan" for 50 years, he is an old man, he

has grandchildren.

one afternoon..... {the day the probe that started this was launched}

....... picard is zapped back.....

the beam on the probe has shut down, he

awakens on the bridge of the enterprise..

at first he doesnt know where he is...

doesnt recognize his bridge crew,then he remembers.... "how long? he asks....

"20-23 mins." he cant believe it.

in the end picard is in his cabin trying to reaquaint himself with his life. riker walks in and asks if theres anything he can do ...

he gives picard what was in the probe after it was brought on board and examined....

it is "his" flute ...that he learned to play, and did play for 50 years as "kamin" on "kataan" he puts it to his lips and begins to play the song we've watched him learn as kamin for 50 years.

picard talks about it in later episodes...

he says "i lived another life for 50 years on a planet called kataan, 1000 years ago, i had a wife, children, and it was as real to me as sitting here talking to you now."

it was fantastic!

it helped me to understand, that what i was

experiencing wasnt just dreams with continuity.... but somthing else...

that was 10 years ago. ive learned a lot since then. scientist should take this more seriously... it is a new science that lays waiting to be discoverd...

200 years ago nobody knew what electricity was.

what do you thik?