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Time Technical proposals for time control research program.


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<CENTER><FONT FACE="Times New Roman Cyr"><FONT COLOR="#000000"><FONT SIZE=+1>Time</FONT></FONT></FONT></CENTER>

<CENTER><FONT SIZE=+2>Technical proposals</FONT></CENTER>

<CENTER>for time control research program</CENTER>

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<CENTER><FONT COLOR="#CC33CC">Modern theories about nature of space and
<FONT COLOR="#000000"><FONT SIZE=-1>    There are many known
theories and no needs to comment all of them. I submitted here some data
that is correlating with my own understanding. This data let me develop
practical ideas and offer some time rate control experiments.</FONT></FONT>

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  Prof. Nikolay A. Kozyrev

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 Academician Albert Veinik

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 Dr. Vadim A. Chernobrov

 <A HREF="ch-paper.htm">Report of 1996 about Time-Machine design
and results</A>

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 Dr. Josef Hasslberger

Paper "A New Beginning for Thermodynamics" 

Paper " A Tetrahedron-Based System of Space Co-Ordinates"

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 Dr. Lavrenty S. Shikhobalov

<HR WIDTH="100%">

 Dr. Yuri G. Belostotsky

<HR WIDTH="100%">

 Dr. Alexander M. Mishin

 Paper on Ether Wind detection

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 Dr. A A. Nassikas

<HR SIZE=4 WIDTH="50%">

Prof. Alexander Abian

Paper "Equivalence of Time and Mass"

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 Time conception in experiments with gyroscopes

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