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Time travel - a theory



The way I see things is the key to time travel. We look out into the night sky and see thousands of galaxies, light years away. And that's what we see. We see a galaxy as it was years ago. We all know what a light year is. I won't insult anyone's intelligence. A galaxy is 100 light years away, for instance, and by the time we see it on dear old Earth we see the galaxy as it was 100 years ago. So, to time travel we need to generate enough antimatter to create the equivalent of a black hole on the point that we wish to visit e.g. Bethlehem year 0. We activate our portable black hole and suck in light like rewinding a tape. The light (previously travelling in a straight line in all directions) is sucked into the black hole and we see past events replayed when we decide we've rewound enough.

However, we can only view the events, we cannot interact with them, because all we are seeing is the image via the light that has been recalled. The next problem is that it there are loads of problems associated with this and they are:

1. The "black hole" we have created will attract everything, not just light and is therefore highly destructive

2. It will take ages to "rewind" light

3. Once allowed to replay, the light will continue at the constant speed of light and we are stuck with a zone that never catches up to the real event (well, it will by reversing the polarity of our black hole and adding enough matter to our antimatter but that will produce a catastrophic explosion and likely to kill everyone - minor point)

There's probably loads of other problems too, but I'm too tired to think straight.

Thoughts on this?

Yours etc.

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thoughts.. well.... anti matter isnt like a portable black hole.... ill ignore this point and continue though. First of all, the force of the black hole would not only bend the path of light, but it would also pull in all the matter (earth/solarsystem) around it. Aside from this, to effectivly 'rewind time' you would have to reverse the direction the photons travel and pull them back to you. Somehow you would then need to store this light in a linear way to later be played back. Im not sure how you would do that... Regardless... None of this matters in any case. Think about this, the events we view are a wavefront of photons, think of it like a bubble, we see the outer edge of the bubble(but its full of an infinite number of bubbles, aranged much like an onion). The light is always extending outwards into the universe... In order to see this bubble, and the events it shows we would need to recall these photons. Traveling at the speed of light, as photons tend to do,they cover a huge amount of distance over time. The black hole would need to pull in these photons, the gravity would obviously pull in all mater in this same area of effect. In essence, the further back we want to se, the more powerful the black hole will need to be. I guess i could have written this a lot shorter, but the end effect is that you have a black hole and everything around and including you, gets pulled into it.