"The future ain't what it used to be."

Time Travel and Negative Motion


Einstein's special relitivity described time as a relitive property of things in motion.
Could there be such a thing as negative motion? Could particles move in negativemotion, and travel back in time by doing so? Doen the BoseEinstein condensate which has no molecular motion even move through time in any direction at all, after all, it is not in motion, and by my unddeerstanding should not even go foward through time, let alone, back.

Robert Benamou
[email protected]

Thanks for the thought Mal,

Well being that atoms are round it would seem that centriFUGAL and centriPETAL force would come into play. So therefore if atoms can be supper charged using a centrifuge machine and enhanced by chemical compounds such as Carbon, Hydrogen and Iodine and then bowled down the lane so to speak perhaps they could roll in reverse and defy physics?

Atoms are no longer believed to be round, as this cannot explain quarks. (Though I'm sure this is what children still learn in school) Atoms are thought to be made up of 6-11 dimensional STRINGS. This theory is popularly known as "super string theory."

Yes you are right to a certain exstent that atoms are made up of dimensional strings. No body really knows what quarks or gluons that form the strands and holds the atom together are made of? Please correct me if I'm wrong!

HOWEVER what we are viewing as a whole IS THE STRUCTURE OF SACRED GEOMETRY! This theory not only applies to atoms but to all life as we know it in our given universe and even beyond to the heavenly stars and the great DIMENSIONAL MULTIVERSE!

But I definetly think you have a strong theory on Negative Motion. I think its possible as this force is seen in nature and observed in physics.