time travel and one good question about it.

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lets say time travel did exist, wouldn't we know already, i mean wouldn't someone from the future; where they did discover it have already visited the past..i understand this convo could go on forever, but its still somthing to think about.

<<wouldn't we know already, i mean wouldn't someone from the future; where they did discover it have already visited the past..>>

Somebody already does know… It’s happening as we speak, and ponder of it. It’s in our sleep and in our work.

It’s in everything we do, and experience.

They are manipulating us and orchestrating our lives, for their own selfish gain.

Yes, Time Travel is very much real. I know this, and soon many will too.

There is very little freewill, when one is a pawn and knows it.

You asked if anyone would know if time travel would be real, that a way to prove it would be to visit the past.

I am assuming you don’t yet know about the double digit phenomena?

Visit my website at: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Atrium/9822/ to learn more about the Time Travel threat.

This is one of many signs of Time Travel being evident in our lives. And perhaps soon, this will be implemented on a larger scale.

How will others react? Perhaps not in the way the Activist would wish them to. But more to a spiritual side, that would grant them the right to proceed with enslaving humanity.

More later,

What is this double digit thing you speak of. give us some proof

of what you say. I have just tuned into this site and would like

to know what you are talking about. You said dreams and other

stuff please fill me in.
Hi I'm Cat,

Perhalf this could help you out. I posted it under time navigation but I'll repost it again.

In remembrance of September 11th

The date of the attack: 9/11 9+1+1=11
September 11th is the 254th day of the year: 2+5+4=11
After September 11th there are 111 days left in the year.
119 is the area code to Iraq/Iran: 1+1+9=11
Twin Towers standing side by side looks like the number 11
The first plane to hit the towers was flight 11
The state of New York was the 11th state added to the union
New York City has 11 letters
Afghanistan: 11 Letters
The Pentagon has 11 letters
Ramzi Yousef: 11 Letters (convicted of orchestrating the attack on the WTC in 1993.
Flight 11 had 92 passangers on board: 9+2=11
Flight 77 had 65 passangers on board: 6+5=11

All this equals up to TIME MANIPULATION.

There is even proof of time manipulation in these posts. If you look back under the post of "Time Navigation" check out post number #93 on January 23rd the time posted was 9:11. Also check out post #101 on January 25th the time is 8:33 (see the 33 double digits?)

Maybe the TimeTravelActivist can better explain the theory behind this double digit phenomonon and its verging with time travelers.

If someone came up to you and said "I'm a time traveller" would you seriously believe them? Or would you, like most people I suspect, think he's either 1: stoned off his a$$ 2: a complete nutcase 3: a little of both.

I really hope you don’t introduce your self as that to the ladies on the first date
. They may get really turned on, or turned off by that

Any who… as my fellow colleague the Cat just posted and described it for me
(bytheway, you’re a great friend and a huge help in this battle against the Time Travelers. I appreciate all the help you’ve given me, thanks
). It’s a never-ending bombardment of order that one receives (double digits) that insinuates a demeanor of control in our lives. Separat from our own will to do random acts, there is at the end of them a sign that you came right to the spot you were meant to be.

As Cat mentioned, the incidents of Sept. 11th, is the evidence supporting this, and cannot be so easily be dismayed. Unlike other conspiracy theories, this one is still very much recent. 4 months, not 20 years later seeing the pattern of something that took place.

How long was it till the Lincoln/Kennedy connection became known? I don’t think it was any time right away.

We are catching up to the bigger picture of realizing that we are living a real life “Truman Show.” Things are happening to us in the background, and the Time Travel over seers, hold all the cards. They control us and move us like chess pieces across a vast game board of human illusion.

We think we are actually winning and accomplishing something. But how does that make you feel when you see your self constantly having to get a vision or an unstoppable urge to look at your watch, and see: 11:11, 2:22, or any other double digit combination?

The signs are clear and straight to the point. This is not a random world, you’re not free to think and do as you wish, (at least not how you think you are). The presence of these numbers, and the events that transpire of them, is basic manipulation and exploitation. Your actions are now being dictated by a force that is implementing it’s will upon you (your world), not the other way around. How it should be…

Humanity’s ideals are a joke to them when you come to this realization. And you are left to believe them regardless, for that is all you know. You will either accept it, or be driven insane by it, your choice. There is often very little compromise, if any you hold on to what you think is the truth of it, and at the same time maintain your guard. Unless your one of those that have given up complete will to it, then there is very little hope for you left. You’ve voluntary given up your soul to it, without fully understanding what this is your giving it control to.

You believe in faith, and in oneness. And in all fairness you considerate it divine order.

Well it is. That’s the whole point… That’s the reason for Time Travel, the reason for Alien abductions, basically the reason for why a lot of things happen. Wars and accidents too. I.e. Sept. 11th.

It is to coerce you to reach a forced evolutionary state, where you have no choice, but to change. For the future’s sake.

Now that wouldn’t be so bad, if we weren’t being forced and control to it (the ends justify the means). Allowing humanity to developed on it’s own, without interference from a more advanced society, is the ethical and human thing to do. Not to cheat and play God.

But then again, I guess July 4th is just another day for some with no real meaning.

So you may ask, what makes me the expert? What is my compromise? How is it that I know this to be true?

For years now, I’ve had to live with this hell. I’ve seen family members and people close to be become infected with this phenomenon.

My own experience with them have been nothing short from intense, to say the least. I have been witness and privileged to be in on many spiritual secrets. My own spirituality at the start of this was high, and accepted New Age doctrine very openly.

The visions and dreams of them were amazing. I would lucid dream often, and see events and people before I met them. I would hear voices and be told instructions of what the next step should be. I would feel as if my body was being fazed out of this reality. I would feel pulls and tugs in my mind, which would place me in a state of displacement with time.

All that changed of course, when I started to see that everything I did, came to the same conclusion. Got a little ticked off that I wasn’t the one calling the shots anymore.

Then the numbers started. The dreams started to become darker, and more demonic, the world that I once knew was my enemy now. The visions and voices were taunting, and disrespectful. The control I have given it, was my soul, and now I struggle to fight for it back.

How do I know this is Time Travel?

I’ve Time Traveled in my visions and in my dreams. And to come to the point of confirming it i.e. Double Digits. Proves it to me.

I’ve defected, I have become an outcast, for following human principles, instead of rolling over at another’s spiritual command.

Now all I dream about, is setting things right again, for the mistakes that I’ve done to this world.

I still Time Travel in my visions and dreams, but I am an operative, a rogue, set out to disrupt their agenda.

As how I am here
. Making sure that others realize Time Travel is unethical will ensure that Time Travel and the exploitation of the past is guarded against them.

I am still very young, I will be 22 years old in April. I plan on making more progress in the coming months explaining this phenomenon in even more clear detail. Updating my website, and reaching more people. Those are my new years resolutions. Resisting against the will of the Time Travelers.

I must have a strong body, and mind to do it. I work out and keep in shape daily, and practice mind resistance exercises, remembering that I am human, a man, and an individual.

So far so good: I’ve managed to reduce the frequency of the double digits in my life. I can grasp onto a controllable reality, where they know I act against them. So naturally the intensity is always being brought up. In all forms, attempting to strike at the heart of my will. By getting to my loved ones who are also going through this. But they know, that this only makes me more determined. And will only strengthen my resolve. As they so love doing with the past.

But still I fight, and continue my battle. To someday, I will sense that the threat is over, and that I can finally take command of my life, independently, and pursue other Activist roles
. I guess I am a natural born Activist, and will always want to fight for what’s right. Humanity needs critics like me to watch out for them. Or else, the New Age Cults of the world will take it over and really screw it up, how I know they will.

Do you think that you are possessed. What do these voices say Do

they make you do anything. maybe you should see a priest.

This seems very bizarre. Why doesn't everyone see these

numbers. Who is doing this I mean you say it is time travelers

but are they from our future or a different future.What can you

do to stop them. What happens when you see these numbers. Have

you found others besides your family who are seeing them.This

is so scary. I'm sorry for you I wish I could help.
The phenominon you speak of is numeristicensynchronicity, or how one logs events when they are plugged into asociety.

Mine may be a differing look as to how a society works?

The Devil is in the deatils as well as God.

However the details from time to time, can completely change.
Hi Manforce,

Check out the time you posted above its 8:22am. (I bet you didnt even realize it?)

In regards to TTA. I believe what he is saying is true! I dont think he is possessed in any way! I think the only voice he hears is the still voice within! He is a very good listener and observer and has great poriferal insite of whats going on in the world around him!

Some people are better connected to Global Collective Consciousness than others. Our planet is not a single entity separate from the rest of the universe. It is a living celestrial body that is connected and dependent on every other living thing in the universe. Some of us can feel this pulling and shifting in our souls. Much in the same way the moons gravitational pull affects our oceans.

I also continually see these double digits and can feel this silent pulling and shifting and its weight sits on me like a rock.

It also makes mention of these double digit numbers in the bible when it describes the comming of the antichrist. That he will bear the number 666. The sixth day in the sixth month in the sixth year.

The facts are everywhere! You just need to pay more attention.

I had to read back to see what you were talking about. seems you have a conversation with tta and cat. Don't let them fool you If you disagree they will revert to name calling. Seems cat is now sounding like some new age guru. Cat, Have you been reading Solara's web page when we weren't looking. One being and unity seems you have changed your tune. Enough about her. You see manforce, TTA is causing all of this himself he just hasn't woke up to the fact yet. He has always had a choice he just chooses poorly and gets himself into all kinds of trouble. He can stop it whenever he likes. He is being shown his dark side by the very forces he called in. You see you cannot choose the light without first seeing the darkness. The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off.

It seem more like you're feeling threatened of me that I understand both sides. Or maybe that your surprised to hear that I am more spiritual then you.

Clara, let me ask you something? Why would you rather have others settle for just spiritual interpretation?

Settling for just that, is a blind move. And effortless way of allowing them to manipluate you, and put you where they deem is best. Not where you deem it's best.

Accepting it, saying that it's acceptable to be pissed off by it at first, is not just in it's self wrong, but in human. Is that what you want us all to be Clara, sell outs like you?

I have proven you to being a hypocrite many times. You haven't posted in over a week, because I exposed you of this again. But now I know, you were lurking and waiting for the right moment to strike back at me. And when I poured my heart to others about my experiences, you see this as the perfect opportunity to avenge your self and discredit me?

Get this straight Clara, I have been in this forum for a long time; 3 years… And in that time I have been sincere with my self and others, I have never failed anyone. I have been helping in the fight against Time Travelers and those that would wish to exploit others. What have you been doing? Accepting them? Brining people into your deluded sense of right and wrong?

You been here for a month? Since you got here I have exposed of as a hypocrite and uncovered your agenda. And it's even clearer now, when you attempt to have others scrub the conversations about Solara?

I've never said tried to keep anything from people. Obviously you are… Why?

If you wish others to see your point of view, why not point them to the source of the information is of which you speak. Take them to your cult's source, Solara.

If you feel that I may have called you names, then please look back on my post and bring them to my attention. Because as far as I am concerned, I was just calling you what you are. That's not name calling, that's the truth. If it's not, I challenge you to prove me wrong, and if I am, I will give you my sincerest apologies.

Further more, allowing this scourge to be allowed to manifest it's self in our lives, how it runs in yours, is only living darker in your corner. Only wanting others to see your side of it, and be kept ignorant of the other. I chose only to inform others and prove to them this is evil. Your New Age doctrines main principle is: "The ends justify the means."

It's so easy to prove that. Just look at your last statement.

<< The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off.>>

Yes, the truth will set you free. But the truth shall never require you to be a slave, and be left ignorant. That's just cult philosophy, if you do.


P.S. Bytheway, Did you read my quote on my page on Light and Darkness. They are copyrighted, and I know you tend to copy my words from time to time.

<<Do you think that you are possessed. What do these voices say>>

The voices aren't very frequent with me anymore. A year ago, they were though. Since I'm working and going to school, it doesn't give me enough time to fully recharge my self, and pay attention to them.

<<Do they make you do anything. maybe you should see a priest. >>

No they don't make me do anything, and I'm not Catholic or claim any religion.
The voices I hear, versus a schizophrenic who hears voices, aren't at all wanting to cause harm to me.

<<This seems very bizarre. Why doesn't everyone see these numbers>>

Bizarre indeed. Just look at the time you posted…

If you want to believe in the New Age interpretation of it, then you will consider it as a time for you to change and "claim your power" ask Clara what the hell that means.

I asked her hundreds of times, and she's never answered me back
. As you can see with my last post to her. Go fig... Some women just hold grudges like that I suppose.

I guess she doesn't like others disagreeing with her, and questioning her New Age doctrine and Cult at Solara's. She's really showing her true love and compassion for her fellow "brother" as she once called me.

How easily her heart turned cold, as to forsake me just because I had a difference in opinion. I thought siblings fight all the time Clara?

Yes, she's really much more spiritually superior then us. Clara and Solara know what's best for us and the world. Let's all be like them, and not give a $hit what happens to people.

Unlike me, who believes that humanity should live completely free, and be able to govern them selves freely without the future dictating to us what we should do.

New Age view versus mine, states that there is no other choice, and as you can see, they show it too. (Thanks Clara, for proving my point and for being a great New Age representative of your kind). I say, screw that, there is another choice. If you want true spirituality, you gotta do it ethically. You can't be exploiting people, or allow them to be manipulated. What the hell is that? Saying that things will be uncomfortable for you at first, but its okay, because it's for your own good. That's putting a huge spin on slavery and selling out.

Alien Abductions, or as Clara likes to call them "our brothers and sisters from the sky" do this to us also in the background "guiding us." They've done a great monopoly on us as it is... Infiltrating their will in all forms of our main stream society, from spirituality, to acceptance of differences. All of which, are of course, designed intentionally to drive us to them and Clara's perspectives of a being one with the universe. Geesh, What choice will we have if everyone believes this?

No TimeTravelActivist to teach them of their true agenda?

Just accept, and allow.

Clara has stated many times that they are to be allowed to continue guiding us.
Meaning; abducting us. Allowing to be exploited for their own genetic manipulation, and our spiritual gain.

They want to speed up our human evolution, and our receptiveness to a higher frequency. How a CHIME in the wind blows beautiful sounds. The many wonderful tones and pitches to create a harmony and oneness that will one day be humanity. Is the sole intention for Time Traveling to the past. To perfect the future to allow us to pick up on true essence of creation and love.

You see, I understand both sides to this. I can speak for both, however I choose humanity. Clara calls this duality… Rather then have me and others succumb to this, I choose to make others aware of such things one will be giving up on if we do.

I've said many times in my posts, that it will be up to everyone someday to make the decision. I only wish to prepare them by informing them of both sides of this decision. Hopefully also to prevent spiritual brainwashing, that would cause you to forget your roots, and allow them to be changed with out considering the consequences.

<<Who is doing this I mean you say it is time travelers but are they from our future or a different future. What can you do to stop them. What happens when you see these numbers. >>

Aliens, Chrononuats from our future in the guise of our angels and spirit guides. They help to work the gears in the background, bringing things in order for us to come to the spot where they think it's best for us.

Let me ask you something: Are you pretty confident that you know what's best for you? Or do you sometimes need to be helped out and be given advice?

If your confident and know what your doing, and what's best for you. Wouldn't you want your independence and do things your way?

Wouldn't you expect all things to being your doing?

Wouldn't it feel like a taunting feeling, having your life to always seem fixed and be coincidental of everything you do?

Just look at the time you posted above… Did you feel you were in control of your thoughts and actions when you posted that?

You thought you were. But obviously, the time speaks for it's self. You were brought to the point you were meant to be, compliments of the Time Travelers.

Just look at the Sept. 11th connections with the number 11.

A seperat-biased consciousness is being applied to our actions. And that is Time Travel, that is manipulation. That is exploitation of an entire race to do what they are, being controlled to do. And that is, follow their will, and only their will.

Thinking that you had the freewill to do it all on your own, and to come to the conclusion or start of something, and see these numbers only shows you that you didn't.

Then again, we can follow Clara's message and say, you must of allowed this… Did you Manforce? Did you know it would post at 8:22?

Are we to say then, that 5,000 people on Sept. 11th chose to die on the same day?

To be the product of an end result (spiritual gain) that is sanctioned by New Age'rs and considered voluntary? Geesh, talk about the ends justify the means. That's a little extreme. Then again, Clara is pretty extreme her self.

What's that again Clara, you want to abolish religions and our Army??

Go ahead, admit it again. Or must I refer people to your post?

Well if they did allow this to happen to them in their lives to begin with, they sure got them selves in a whole lot of "trouble" ehh Clara?
I was being sarcastic if you didn't pick up on it.

I know of lots of people who never allowed this, and happens to them anyways (the double digits). I think Clara is just making excuses for it, because it's what she believes with a blind conviction of it's righteous (false) benevolence.

To only see that having to sacrifice your self to a spiritual life, you have given them the control to do with what they want with you. A human life, a life of passion and physical love, becomes non-existence. Having to rely now on spiritual instinct, you've lost who you once were.

A race of humans with the rights to morals and principles. Of freedom and choice. Now becomes a race of spiritual humans who wish only to aid in their search for oneness with the universe, at all costs.

Even if that means having to alter the past to do it. Even if that means having to manipulate and exploit ancient humanity to do it. Even if that means having to sacrifice thousands and millions of innocents to accomplish your goals.

Just look at the numbers, they don't lie, look at how beautifully it was all orchestrated. Right down to flight numbers… this is organized spiritual genocide. And to have no right to find those responsible and bring them to justice, and accept it, is just pathetic. Give me a break… it makes me sad and sick both at the same time.

If any of you were a New Age'r, would you consider this? Would you think about it as being Time Travel and wrong? If I have not been the TimeTravelActivist for these past 3 years, would the future humanity have become more accepted of altering the past and changing it for the future's benefit?

I hope that before I leave this world, I would have made a difference. I am only following my moral imperative as a human being and citizen of this world. There is great reason to be concerned, if some would just take the time to consider it.

I'd hate for something to happen to me, which will cause me to no longer be the TimeTravelActivist. This world will always need concerned citizens, who are impartial to spirituality but can understand it. This world needs people to criticize these New Age'rs, to ensure they are put in check when the time comes when they will implement their will upon us. Remember, keep technology away from Cults. Nothing good will come out of it. Only Slavery.


P.S. <<Have you found others besides your family who are seeing them.This is so scary. I'm sorry for you I wish I could help. >>

Yes, I know of a couple of people I met on the Internet who also see these. My good friend, the CAT is one of them. And Clara is another… But as you can see, there is a disagreement on who's interpretation is accurate, and who's isn't. I'll just say this, they both are. The only difference is, what path is morally right for humanity to take. Which side will do the most good and not force you to sell out?

Following humanity to the end, will be harder, and not be as spiritual as the latter. But at least you would live completely free and get to explore space and the stars, and be ready for what's out there. Instead of being pacifists and allowing our descendants to becoming more wusses and little Clara's and Solara's.

Bytheway, Clara, your not Solara her self are you? Just thought about that when I looked at both your names side by side. Very similar. Just change the So. to Cl, and there's your name
RE: partial 2# explaination


I'm starting to hit on double digits (more often) when I wake up at night and check the clock. Some folks might find this sort of coincidence alarming...but hey its's an >alarm< clock right?....teeheehee

Ok, so it wasn't funny. But why? No, no not "why was it not funny", why do the doubles show up 'too' often? My theory is that the subconscious always knows both what time it is and what your local clock is going to be reading. Your subconscious wants you (your conscious self) to know it is there. It wants your attention, so it sends you messages by making you wake up and look at the clock during the double number displays.

Other types of double number synchronisities require different and maybe more complex explainations.

I checked out some of Soloras' web pages, and her too. Not bad.

Anybody who needs a little of spirtual counsel would do well there. Just don't try to pass it off as science.
You are correct it does have something to do with your subconscious. when you get to the point when you relise that you are not in control it teaches you how to gain control. All good lessons are hard. the numbers are only showing you what you are capable of. In order for you to make a more conscious choice. Once you pass certain milestones the numbers change to something else. It's like a video game you must do certain things in order to move forward. ttta and cat are stuck and they can't seem to see the forest for the trees. The first thing to do is get calm. You can't do anything when your angry. The reason I know they are stuck is because they revert to name calling. That was my first clue as to where there at. Second, they think something is being done to them. They are not victoms they just think they are . I can help them but they refuse to let me. I have been where they are and found the key to unlock that door. Its right in front of them they just can't see it. Shadow, I did not know that you saw the numbers too. What has been your experience. Do you feel like a victom also.
Yes I did read your post. Religion and Army. Yes I would like to see both tranformned. Religion controls without education and armys kill human being. When we move forward we will not need either one. We will live in a society based on mutual love and freedom. In my time maybe not. but that is my hope. Some of us are putting that out in our thoughts and we are being shown the way. Some will choose to follow some will not and that is there choice. But like I said in order to get there we must do the work and no we don't do it just for ourselves we do it for the future generations who will live on this planet. We choose in order that they will not have to live with armies and being told they are bad so they need to go to church. religion and spirtuality are two different things. Religion feels the need to control. Spirituality teaches you how to be in control of yourself. There are two energies love and fear you cannot serve both. I do not believe in taking away anyones religion and at this point in our evolution armies are neccessary. But when you evolve to a certain point these things are not needed. some of us are moving to that level and being guided as to where to go but you first must let go of all that fear it doesn't serve you any longer. There is a plan for earth and it will go forward with or without you . The ship is leaving the dock you better hurry and get your ticket.

Believe me the "numbers" are just the tip of the iceberg. The first I noticed years ago, was 3-9. To me it has always accompanied bad luck, but they have been helpfull to me because it has warned me off from a lot of things that would otherwise have been trouble.

The numbers are the map and not the territory. People don't understand outside manipulation because they don't know how reality is put together or how it works. I don't know either but figuring it out is my chief hobby. I know enough about it to know that 99.99% of the human race doesn't have a clue. We do have the collective experiance however to stand our ground.

TTA is a thoughtfull and competent observer. I think he is seeing pieces of the puzzle that the rest of us have overlooked.
So it’s just like that, huh Clara?

There is no control and manipulation, only misconceptions of the bigger picture

<<They are not victoms they just think they are . I can help them but they refuse to let me.>>

Clara, you stopped talking to me, remember…

And help me to what? Become like you? Sell out. For the future’s sake.

<<I have been where they are and found the key to unlock that door>>

The only thing you found Clara is to succumb up to it. You sold out to something that you don’t truly know what’s it’s about.

Humanity will not know true freedom, until you realize that having them help and guide us, is not allowing us to exercise our independence. Just remember that, next time you see 11:22 straing right in front of you, or any other double digit. Repeat it to your self, and say you came to this point all on your own.

<<Yes I did read your post>>

Why were you around the bush, and didn’t respond sooner? You said many times you wouldn’t read or respond to me. Why make your self seem more like a hypocrite and finally admit that I was right about you all along? I thought you wanted people who go through these double digits to listen to you, so you can convert them?

Reminds me of a fellow Christian I once knew who preached preached and preached about how he would never cheat on his wife, because it was a sin. But in the end, he was a hypocrite, and was caught with his pants down. My dear friend was devastated…

Speak the truth, and maintain on the level Clara.

I may not be New Age and all Gun-Ho on selling out the planet like you Clara, but for the most part, I am more honest and sincere to my self and others.

I know your reading this, so I expect a responds. If not, then I know you know it’s true about you. And that is not name calling. It’s the truth.

Gotta go,