"The future ain't what it used to be."

Time Travel can be done NOW!



You are all looking in the wrong direction. Trying to make a machine that will do the task of time traveling is no easy task, (as Im sure you'd all agree).

YOU CAN TIME TRAVEL. The answer is that WE are the machines. Astral Traveling is the concept I am speaking about. Leaving ones body and traveling to a record of all past, future, and present events from the beginning of time.

Perhaps you think Im some crazy guy who must be nuts. Listen to all the evidence. The U.S. military used REMOTE VIEWING during the cold war to spy using PSI powers. They even acknowleged its existence. Remote Viwers were given a target number that represented a location that the government wanted information about. They would enter into a hypnotic or sleepy trance. They would transform themselves to the location and then describe the details they saw around them.

This is the beginning of TIME TRAVEL. Joe McMoneagle, one of the best REMOTE VIWERS from the cold war uses his powers to see into the future in his latest book, "The Ultimate Time Machine".

There is too much to explain in one POST, but take my advice and stop waiting for the worlds most brillant to solve the problems with highly evolved machines, because YOU CAN TIME TRAVEL TODAY.

Read Books by : Lobsang Rampa
Joe McMoneagle

You can find out more information at my web site at:

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dont</a> be afriad of what someone else cant completely explain to you!

I read some where (i forget where now) that some experiments were going on with ESP those flash cards. I don't know whether or not you believe in ESp, but apparently some people did show some accuracy, i.e. were getting them right. After some training, they not only could they tell what the cards were, but tell what the cards were BEFORE they were drawn.
Out of body time travel: I would like to see if 2 different people "travelling" to the same place in time and space would report the same events. Somehow I doubt it. Further I would like one of these travellers to travel into the near future so that it would not take long for us of more feeble abilities to arrive there and see if their reports were valid.

Now, I know a guy who is ex-CIA and special ops who claims there is a time travel project and that he knows someone who has physically gone into the future. But then that's easy for him to say.

Anybody else hear of anything similar?
There's a much easier way of 'viewing' the past than that actually.

Look into the sky on a starry night..

As a matter of fact, you're always 'viewing' the past when you look at anything, no matter how inconceivable.
Re:Re:Time Travel can be done NOW!

Indeed everything we look at is the past. It is simply a 'memory' of what was once 'Right Now'.

However, it is still relevant as many copies of the object are being produced as we interact with the universe inbetween chronons.

We interact with billions of copies of an object, even if we just touch it or observe it for a split second.
Re:Re:Re:Time Travel can be done NOW!


Maybe I'm being dense, but I'm not too sure what you mean.
your mixing time and psychology !

Sorry to tell you this , but it is proven that people that claim to experiment astral travel , was in fact having what we call in psychology "ghosting memory image" or if you prefere " an miss interpretation of a neuro pathetotical condition "
in plain english : its like when you dream of something weird , your are not able to tell what is the meaning of the dream because your consient and your sub consient have not the same set of values BECAUSE of a chimical condition of the brain altering the transmition in certain parts of your brain .
sorry , what you claim , is in fact a medical condition and there is treatement for it !
sorry for my poor english
RE: your mixing time and psychology !

Now that's what I would call a real "Open Minded" person!
*********************(N O T !!)*******************************

Oh C'mon!
This is the "Time~Travel" Institute where cyber Time~Addicts like us are here for just these kinds of discussions, be it for enertainment, or otherwise, unless you have a plausable means to equally disprove anothers ideas, or perceptions related to these subjects, it perhaps is bes to refrain from negative critisisims that only galvanize the same narro-mindednes that created our economic & social egocentric charismatic religioons in many houses divided world of "DOGMA" in the first place!
http://www.bestanimations.com/Cartoons/Simpsons/Itchy-01.gif<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"Everything you know,...is Wrong!
soon we shall all discover the truth."
02112 and shadow,
I know its hard to believe but it is true that people are leaving their bodies. I was very sceptical but learned the technique myself. It takes tremendous energy and will make you zombie like if you do it to much. I proved it to myself that I was actually out of my body by placing a playing card face up on the table. I didn't look at the card. then I laid down and went into trance and got out of my body, walked in the other room where the card was and read it got back in my body came out of trance and looked at the card. I had read it correctly . I was shocked because I had not been convinced that I was actually out of my body. This experiment proved it to me. I have since looked at other objects, floated outside and even walked through walls .
There are a couple of drawbacks It zaps your energy so much that its hard to function in the everyday world, also all the entities that are also out of their bodies find out and come to harrass you and believe me they are hard to get rid of. It also takes a tremedous amount of time to learn. Why do you think yogis and shamans don't ever have jobs. I don't practice anymore because I have a life and am not willing to give up this life to live in the astral plane. I do believe Jesus was a traveler and still is . I think that is the only place you can meet him.

I hate to correct you Time 02der.

Please reference the book series by author Deloris Cannon and her realied telling, of humans in Alaska, who had an extra organ within their chest, who could enter other realites.

This device was to hunt deer in other dimensions and then bring these animals back to this relative reality, as the food chain with reference to text, had been depleated?

Probably a liver sized organ, had extra elements of electrolites within this organ, which could metaphase the entire body.

An early rendition of the Philly after effects, where the said interdimensional travlers, came through the bar walls in Philly.

"In Philly, this is probably normal however, ha ha ha"!

Yes I do believe you are correct. there does seem to be an extra organ or maybe a gland. New agers would refer to this as a chakra. Maybe in the past this gland was not used and became dormant. Maybe in some people it is beginning to wake up that is why so many people are having strange experiences. the ancient people would have considered this normal but people today have no clue whats going on. This would explain why the teaching of some of these ancient people are so secret. I did meet a healer that told me there was a new chakra being developed in the throat area, what this chakra does I no not know. It may facilitate out of body experiences ,channeling, ESP
or a wide range of experiences. It is truly fascinating. speaking of interdimensional travlers have you read HYPERSPACE BY MICHIO KAKU I think you would like this book.