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I'm a documentary filmmaker producing a new documentary on time travel. I'm looking for interesting subjects to interview. If you have a theory, interest, or fascinating story to tell, or if you're a writer, scientist, artist, or philosopher who has dealt with time travel one way or another, please contact me. I'd love to interview you. You can email me at [email protected]. If you want to find out about my other work, my first documentary, Millennium's End: The Fandom Menace is available at amazon.com.

I look forward to hearing from you...
Jeff Cioletti

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Right, time is just one more fad. It will go away just like software bugs, the energy shortage, mad cow disease, aids, ufo's, the national debt, taxes and George Bushes' UGLY FACE........... ooh sorry got carried away.
Excuse me shadow, but your response was uncalled for. I'm not covering it as a fad. If you are referring to the name of my production company, fadproductions, the FAD stands for Far Away Discourse, not fad as in fashion. So if you're just going to be judgmental and jump to conclusions and have nothing useful to contribute, I suggest you don't contribute at all.
Shadow VS FadProductions

SCORE: 1 TO 1 !
And we're just at the first half!

Sometime, the forum just has to get funky!!

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In all seriousness, I am looking for people to interview if anyone's interested or if anyone knows of time travel forums or related events that deserve to be covered....

Would you like to be interviewed, Shadow (seriously)?

Far Away Discourse Productions...Beyond Space & Time

You don't want to inteview me, I'm the board blacksheep. Time2112 has the scoop. (Seriously.)

What is the difference between a good interview and a good brain picken?

(My Email doesn't work. Thank goodness) And yes it's not your immagination , I am quick to judgment. Look at it this way at least you didn't get flamed by some one REALLY nasty. Its the same difference as is between paying your taxes in a nice office and getting mugged in the street.
Shadow, I didn't know you were the black sheep? Have you take that title or somebody gave you that? As far as I remember, I'm not racist, so, black, white, red or yellow doesn't make any diff. for me.

But if you want to stay the black sheep, keep being it!
Dear Mr Coiletti,

I have a few theories on time travel and on methods to generate tachyons, a superluminal partical that I believe could be the key to unlocking the doors to the past.

First let us do a small thought experiment to lay some of the ground work for one of my theries I call point theory.

Imagine that you draw two parallel lines extending to an infinite distance to your right and an infinite distance to your left.

Let the top parallel line be labeled x1 and let the bottom parallel line be labeled x2. Now you draw a single perpindicular intersecting line that intersects lines x1 and x2 at right angles. Let the intersecting line be labeled y1. Now y1 intersects parallel lines x1 and x2 such that there is 90 degrees between vertical line y1 and horizontal parallel lines x1 and x2. Now if you rotate line y1 45 degrees to the right or left the angle between y1 and the parallel lines x1 and x2 will diminish to 45 degrees. Now if you rotate y1 another 22.5 degrees the corresponding angle between line y1 and the parallel lines x1 and x2 will diminish to 22.5 degrees. Now if you were to rotate y1 another 22.5 degrees you the corresponding angle between y1 and x1 and x2 will diminish to 0 degrees and the intersection y1,x1 will accelerate to an infinite distance to your right if you rotated y1 90 degrees clockwise.

(90-45=45-22.5=22.5-22.5=0degrees that is that you rotated y1 90 degrees to the right or left total allowing the angle between y1 and the parallel lines to diminish to zero.)

What the above mathematical thought experiment above shows us is that two parallel lines merge into a single straight line at an infinite distance. In addition, not only does parallel lines x1 and x2, but also x3, x4....all parallel lines to infinity along the y axis diminishes to zero at an infinite distance.

Upon discovering this mathematical theory a few years ago, I set out to enhance and build upon that theory and thus discoveried many new and undiscovered or unthought of theoretical mechanisms of the universe which I subtitle point theory. Basically if you were accelerate to an infinite distance the entire universe would appear to constrict to an infinitely small point at an infinite distance in the rear view mirror of your spacecraft. Thus every angle from 0 to 360 degrees can be intersected by two parallel lines that are infinitely long for those two parallel lines will intersect all points in circle since all spaces along the circumferance of that circle will diminish to zero thus to be confined to the same space as the parallel lines extend to infinity.

The next theory is related to the parallel lines theory but shows that all infinitely small points in the universe are a single infinitely small omnipresent point existing everywhere in the universe.

This is proven if the following observation can be confirmed.

A hypothetical continuus spherical mass has an infinite number of half distances between the exterior circumferance and the centermass of the shperical mass. And infinite number of halves, therefore, makes up the quantity of this one hypothetical continuus shperical mass. An infinite number of halves is composed of an infinite number of points that are zero in size.

Now if you were to compress this hypothetical mass an infinitely small point, the infinite number of halves making up the mass that is one finite unit in size would be occupying the same space and time. Whenever you have to masses occupying the exact same space the total amount of mass in that space is the sum of the masses. This is just basic elementary school math.

When you confine an mass containing an infinite number of half distances to an infinitely small point, you have an infinite number of halves confined to the same space and the total number mass in that space is the sum of the halves. Therefore, an infinite number of halves made up of an infinite number of infinitely small points plus an infinite number of halves composed of an infinite number of infinitely small points is equal to an infinite number of ones composed of an infinite number of ones which is equil to infinity. Thus a mass that is confined to an infinitely small point has an infinite depth because and therefore extends to an infinite distance on acount that an infinite number of ones, or, infinity provides enough quantity to occupy an infinite volume of space.

So all parallel lines in an all angles from the outside universe merge at the zero point by a straight line. So if you were to run a straight line through a zero point you would infact intersect every point in the entire universe. Thus an infinitely small point occupies all points in space and is an single infinitely small point.

Now all present time is defined as the region between the zero mass and the infinite distance from the zero center point of a region. The past universe exists beyond the centermass of the zero point and is defined as a frequency beyond the bandwidth of frequencies which define the present. Now this bandwidth includes the electro-magnetic spectrum, the strong force, gravity and nuclear force. Now as a field extends further and further from its center point the circumferanial frequency of the surface wave of an electro-magnetic pulse of light diminishes to zero at a given distance.

Now at the center of the field or origin point the frequency is infinite or at the highest frequency that occupies the present. All higher frequencies of light are defined as superluminal and exist to make up the past.

All lower frequencies are also possibly existant in the past. Thus to pry apart a field is to expose the superluminal field that lies beyon the centermass of the field. A superluminal electromagnetic field would be mediated by tachyons thus to split energy that is in the form of energy is to expose the surface area of the field that lies beyond the centermass of the field which is superluminal.

Thus to create a tear in energy is to create a conduit through which tachyons may flow from the past universe into the present universe exposing the past to the present. To say we are creating a conductive gap between the past an the present allowing for the transferance of quantums of energy from the present into the past and from the past into the present.

Now the math behind this will follow the inverse of the mathematical equations that describe reflections of light off of mirrors--that is--the math for the observation of this phenomenon will form inverse reflection physics principles that state if you were to observe the written name GARY off of a mirror in one of these fields the letters would not be inverted or backwards but would read GARY unlike when you normally read a message in the mirror where the letters are backwards so as to look like some form of hyroglyphics.

Anyway to charge an conductuve material with tachyons drawn from an induced splits in an light field would affectively send that cunductive material back in time.

What do you think?

If you want to hear more please e-mail me at [email protected] .

Here is the basic math for all this once again for easy reference....(since the mass of a continuus zero point confined to mass in that same point of space is defined as a zero point quantity ^2 =one, or, 0^2=1, which is shown in calculas or so I have heard it rumored.)

Best Regards,

Lcpl Edwin G. Schasteen U.S.M.C. Active

p.s. I am also part of TAP-TEN Research. Our founder Gary Voss has spoken to me and said that he has sent you an invitation to become one a member of TAP-TEN Research. It would be nice to have you on board.