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Not long ago I had a dream about time travel. Not that I participated in it, rather I had it explained to me. In the dream I was in a classroom and I had asked the question "What is Time and is Time travel possible". The teacher started to explain... "if you can envisage an old sewing maching.. the ones that are about 4 foot long and the person zips along the produding prongs, each prong that is extended will pick up the thread etc. Now stand back from that long row of prongs and imagne that from left to right that each prong represents a different year... so the first prong was say 1820 and the last one 2000. Next randomly select prongs/years and extend them out from the other prongs/years. Now hold the palms of your hands out flat so that you can touch each extended prong/year similtanously... You are not touching each year separately, you are in unison with ALL that you have chosen. Time travel is rather like that...

Was rather an interesting dream

Hi Pamela!! Karen What happened to you is not uncommon or unusual, Most people just don't remember their dreams when they wake up. With proper personal training you can find out anything you want, what you do with whatever you've discovered in a dream is what defines you. Big Brother is watching, but who gives a shit, use what you know for you're own personal growth and then teach others, but choose wisely.


Draco the Druid
Draco!!! one of the wise men on the Earth.
....sometimes on the Earth..sometimes other places.

Good to hear from you again.
The hell with the fbi
ill tell you what i know but limited for safety reasons
a wise man once told me that the knowledge of the ancients was told to all people in their sleep and that this knowledge contained that of time travel and that out of body expieriences (obe) were used for me to be sent on missions and that this could have saved the first alien/human hybrid unfortunately i was told this aprox. 3 days too late.
there is a way to recover the knowledge of the ancients but i cannot say for it would let my nemesis have acces to this and i cannot let that happen because i would be
eradicated from time.
Hey Omega Chaos Gilgamesh,
I e-mailed you requesting to hear your experience but you never responded back.
you asked me to e-mail ya. what's up with that?
Thanks for the compliment Pam, I can say the same about you!!!!! One thing people must remember is that even though their Nemesis might know their techniques they cannot match the same power and abilities of their target. Nothing holds authority over us in our transdimensional battles that wage on. We are the Masters of our travels and our dreams and have the abilities to change and adjust circumstances mentally to overcome Any advisary. Never underestimate the true powers of your mind and spirit because that always was, is now and always will be our trumph card in the tide of the war. While some things are left better unsaid, it is to our advantage the They know that we understand our true potential and will use it to kick their ass at every oprotunity.

"The Truth Against The World!!"



Draco the Druid
No more crap about this board being monitored by TTA or the FBI or CIA or any other movement.

Sorry to all those who believe this - but I am afraid to tell you not to flatter yourself :-)
Dymenzionz, No one is flattering themselves with dellusions of grandeur about being monitord by the govt. Carnivour is a program that the FBI is now using to read all e-mails and monitor message boards throughout the USA. It looks for key words like FBI and the program reads what your talking about and if it picks up anything of interest the bureau then investigates the sender and reciever. What people don't realize is this is not new since the NIA and connected agencies have been listening in by computer to every phone call in the USA for many years now. Three satalites that I know of were initally involved called Rhiolite, Chalet and Magnun. Who knows how far they have come since then. Remember, paranoia is merely being in possesion of all the facts.
What they MIGHT be looking for here are scientists with blabber mouths or technology they may be interested in. Their here, there and everywhere.
Another thing they may like to keep tabs on is to see if any of their sleeper agents have broken down their programming and are seeking help in putting the pieces together or just making sense of what happened to them.


Draco the Druid
common sense all emails monitored big brother is watching so is everybody else info brokers sell emails and if ou have somebodys ssn and they wont give there new numer they will sell new phone number and phone recoreds and if you dont have ssn they will sell he ssn so privacy is a lie if you dont belive just fax me i could give list of companys selling your personal date i would love pepole to get toghter to stop this however big brother does not like anybody that wants privacy fax 212 677 6304 mr time