"The future ain't what it used to be."

time travel fear settled



in the last week i have come up with the theroy that time travel however possibily possible is no reason to worrie about the past present or future being altered because if you where going to travel from the future to the past to give yourself information, the effects of your trip whould have allready occured before you left. so if you were poor before you left, then your trip whould have been a compleet falure or the effects whould have allready occured before you left.
Not quite that simple, but generally speaking, your actions that create the consequences (or do not) can be easily smoothed by the many worlds theory of quantum physics. The "present" you return to will not be the same, but an altered (albeit slightly) version- one in which you HAD A VISITOR in your past. So essentially you're right. Your fears are false to begin with.
"Not quite that simple" Chuck Buckley
Forunately it is quite that simple, or at least there is no reason to believe it is not. If the results of your trip have already occured by the time you go on your trip, than there will be no paradox. You obviously don't know that you are responsible for anything in the past, or else you may not even travel back there. This theory is the only one I've found where the laws of agency and causality are not in opposition, and no universes are created or destroyed.
The federation has secured any part in time that could alter the future. This is done with microchips sent back in time, they, in a sense, coat the places that would be harmed. In this matter, anyone can go back in time and do whatever they want without altering the future.

I believe the häßnlläert social group currently has about 75 groups exploring the year between 2000-2005. Each group contains about 11 people, because 12 is the maximum amount of people that the probe can "zap" back in time, without merging their DNA together, and forming new poeple.