"The future ain't what it used to be."

Time travel for in the road


Hello there. I was wondering if anyone shares my view on time travel. I believe that if one were to travel back in time, do something greedy like buy cheap microsoft shares then return to the present day, that they would find that not only have their shares not made money, but they don't even have them. I believe that instead of altering the future, you simply create a new branch off the timeline, thus creating another reality. I also believe this happens every time we make a decision. I believe this as I cannot see how it would be possible to alter anything that has already happened. I may be comletely wrong and nobody can and can't say what would or wouldn't happen as no one has actually time travelled yet, but I was just interested to know if others share my views. Thanks for taking the time to bore yourselves with my drivel /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Sort of.

Time is Three Dimensional.

There is a real axis, an imaginary axis and an "original" axis.

every last shred of existence revolves around the "original" axis.

there are also infinite layers of reality revolving around the original axis. Not parallel universes. Layers of reality. The word "universe" means "all that exists". If other layers of reality exist, then they are part of THE Universe, although the properties of these layers would be just like in science ficion where different things can happen.

However, usually events will unfold the same way in each reality layer. Sometimes though, if a time traveler becomes entwined in your reality layer, they can effect change in your reality that may be noticeable for a few seconds, minutes, hours, maybe even days. They are like temporal ripples.

You could go back in time, kill yourself and it would have no effect on your existence.

By going back in time, you effect change on a different layer of reality.

Pay close attention to minor things that go on in your life:

Once, a friend of mine back in highschool went upstairs to work in a computer lab. When he got there, he saw electricians pulling wires out of the floor and installing new electrical outlets. He said to them:

"So, I guess I can't use the computers today, eh?"

and the men said "'fraid not".

So my friend went to eat his lunch. When he concluded his meal, he went back up to the computer lab, just to make sure they hadn't finished up early. To his bewilderment, he found a class there, which was not usually scheduled to be in that area during that period. He also noticed that the electrical outlets had NOT CHANGED. He asked the teacher:

"What happened to the electricians who were here changing the outlets?"

The teacher stared at my friend like he was some sort of strange bug.

"What electricians?" the teacher asked. "There have been no electricians here today. We've been here all period."

My friend scratched his head and went off to think for a while.

The next day, he came back to school and the electrical sockets had been changed.

True story.

Something or someone messed up the time line that day, and we experienced the cross-over between two reality layers.