"The future ain't what it used to be."

time travel for us all


Obviously, we are all aware that we are all time travelers as we speak. Ath this moment,...whoops, we missed that one,...ok,at this moment we,...whoops, missed it again..it's already past..we are moving forward in time,without fail.
Well, i'm not of the superior levels of knowledge that reside here, but if i can just think out loud for a moment, maybe i'll make sense, or maybe i wont..but i'll try and make a contribution.

Time travel is certainly possible and exists, in the strictest sense of the term..each moment we are all traveling forward to the future, yet we remain in the present, as we move beyond the past.
It seems to me, to travel through time, the first thing we need to do is to stop time for ourself so that we may survive the journey--or we have to be able to step out of the time loop we are in, so we may rewind or fast forward the tape, if you will.

I also think that there are a few simple proofs that show us time travel is possible.
one is the camera. whenever we take a photograph or a video, we are capturing and preserving a moment or series of moments in time, and we can break them out and look at them at any time we wish. It sounds silly, but we are capturing time,space,atoms,etc in a finite form that we can also manipulate. well, someone says we are just capturing a reproduction or representation of time, not actual time and space. i say how do you know that is any different than the reality or dimension we presently occupy,live? and the weird part is that it's all done with that inescapable form of energy--light.
maybe we just need to find a way to put ourselves in the same world or dimension that the video or picture occupies..or to expand on the capabilities that allow us to capture those moments?
if you look at video's or pics,..i mean really look at them, what do you see?
you see billions of tiny atoms, whatever they are (i'm sure someone here knows),whether it's photons,protons,electrons,etc. but they are exactly the same atoms that make up you and my reality and life. they are just oriented in such a way as to represent that which we desired it to be.
taken a step further, we only need to determine how to manipulate them or orient them in such a way as to allow our current state of atoms to be able to interact with the atoms we want to interact with. i guess we also need to learn how to identify those atoms we want to interact with.
i mean, even if we can put ourselves in a state of existence that allows "travel", how do we identify or determine where we are going?
In the big picture, the one we dont see, we are all just a big pile of atoms,...past,present,future,people,places,things. We just need to make some of these atoms over her, go to this area where those atoms are!
i have no doubt we will be able to transport objects through space, in the present day..say a trip from NY to LA, instantly, including our bodies,cars,etc..but i'm unsure of how we transport our soul? somehow we have to find a way to keep the soul within the atoms that make up our bodies and are the actual "approved soul transport vehicles"..if we can keep the soul energy w/in the atoms of our body, we should be ok.
i realize i'm babling on a bit, but i wanted to get it off my mind and see the feedback...