"The future ain't what it used to be."

Time Travel, Forwards maybe, backwards, NO!



To travel forwards in time may be possible using the speed of light theory whereby your're moving so fast that a matter of minutes to you would be like years to everyone else. But to move backwards in time will be proved impossible, eventually. What's done is done and there is no way of going back to any point in time which has already passed. I don't really have any great scientific knowledge of the subject, just an interest so if you disagree with me, please feel free to explain why.
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I do not think that we should say that time travel to the past is impossible because we cannot think of any way of doing so without creating a potential paradox, and getting an incredible headache while trying to think about it. Remember, a hundred years ago nobody had the slighest idea on how to create a device for flying, but now, just a century later, look how far we have progressed. Do not immediately dismiss an idea just because you do not think that it is believable. Trust me, humans will one day learn a way to travel through time (backwards and fowards), although it probably would be very costly and would require a great amount of energy. If you want me to discuss some of my theories about time travel, just respond to me saying that you wish for me to do so.
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Dr. Englehart, I don't think that humans will achieve backwards time travel because I don't think it is possible. I just don't by into these theories about parrallel universes and the 4th dimension etc. (but like you say, 100 years ago who would have thought man could fly, never mind reach the moon) Forwards time travel tho I believe holds more promise. I do try to keep an open mind.
What other theories do you have then?
I for one do believe time travel into the past is possible just not the way most seem to think. now if time is constantly moving foward then it would eventually meet it's point of origin creating a cycle what i call the alpha/omega point. time would then be a cycle, you wouldn't be able to travel back in time by moving backward but by moving so far into the future that the cycle has been restarted and you reach your destination.if fate really does exist then any changes made or paradox that are introduced will repair any temporal deviation, so that the cycle may be completed once more. if fate doesn't exist then the cycle may never be completed and from there your guess is as god as mine
Wedgie, first of all, I am sorry about not responding sooner to your post, but I do not have much free time on my hands. Now, first of all, I do agree with you about how traveling through time into the future holds more promise than traveling through time into the past. I am sure you are familiar with the well-known fact that the faster the speed at which you are going at is, the slower time accelerates for you, so that one hour for you might be 100 years on Earth if you are traveling at close to the speed of light. That, technically, is not time travel - you are only causing time to accelerate slower for you, you aren't pressing a button and being suddenly zapped into the future. There is one type of "real" time travel that I would like you to research - wormholes. Now, about how you do not buy into the fourth dimension - that is completely understandable. It is impossible to understand what it would be like (think about how hard it would be to explain to a being living in the second dimension what three dimensions are like). It's good that you try to keep an open mind - and in doing so never, never dismiss a theory until you can dissprove it logically. If you would like me to email you a brief paper I wrote on time travel, just respond by giving me your email address. I apologize in advance if I am not timely in my response.
>I do not think that we
>should say that time travel
>to the past is impossible
>because we cannot think of
>any way of doing so
>without creating a potential paradox,
>and getting an incredible headache
>while trying to think about
>it. Remember, a hundred years
>ago nobody had the slighest
>idea on how to create
>a device for flying, but
>now, just a century later,
>look how far we have
>progressed. Do not immediately dismiss
>an idea just because you
>do not think that it
>is believable. Trust me, humans
>will one day learn a
>way to travel through time
>(backwards and fowards), although it
>probably would be very costly
>and would require a great
>amount of energy. If you
>want me to discuss some
>of my theories about time
>travel, just respond to me
>saying that you wish for
>me to do so.

I could be wrong, however I see a fundamental flaw in any attempt at time travel.

TIME is not a property of matter and energy, but measurement, which requires awareness, memory, the ability to count and compare one state of the universe with another.

Time only moves forward because the patterns of matter and energy are constantly changing to new states and rarely if ever retrace older states..as long
as the universe expands, no prior state will EVER be possible.

all matter and energy exist here and now alone. there is no other time to travel to...and no known force nor machine can REWIND the universe to any prior state which is what would have to occur to travel back to one.

relativity does not show time travel, instead it shows that RATE of CHANGE varies relative to speed and location.
relativity does not have any provisions for backwards time travel.
the common error seems to be that the formulas predict reverse time faster than light speed, but this is not a valid interpretation for two reasons
1. the same formulas at the speed of light show a division by the square root of zero.
2. above light speed the formula is the square root of -1 which is a J factor, not identicle with simply reverse time.
in electronics we use J factors to reveal out of phase components which can be shown to apply here as well....consider
the universe as a flat sheet where all three dimension are represented on the surface. time being the motion of the sheet upwards.
any object moving at light speed or massive enought to cause an equivlent light speed energy simply stands still as the universe around it continues upwards created in a 4-d well, a gravity well. if one were able somehow to move beyond light speed, the relative location of the object would continue downward beyond where lightspeed would have stopped it...a negative direction, not in time, but in the 4th dimension of spacetime. there is no way to use this to travel to any previous era since the entirety of matter and energy is moving upwards and has left only hyperspace behind it.
there could be a way to use it as a gate way to other dimensions or parallel planes of existance, but that remains to be seen.

If there is any evidence that I have this all wrong, please let me know, but I feel compelled to speak out against what I see as a fundamental error many scientists seem to be making reguarding time.