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Time Travel Idea:


Imagine a satellite in space carrying a gigawatt generator. This generator generates positrons in a condition without annihilation. The particles are gathered in a capacitor with magnetic conditions to keep the matter from annihilating. Next, the particles are sent quickly into a "one meter in diameter" copper plate. With an extreme electromagnetic force, a hole is ripped through gravity, thus creating a wormhole. But this wormhole is negative, so it will quickly close. But, if the hole is close enough to Jupiter, its matter (relatively exotic to the wormhole) should keep it open for a LONG time. Subtract one planet, add one means for time travel. The wormhole would then be studied for great lengths of time, probably until humankind is destroyed. In that time, we may figure out correct trajectories and certain electromagnetic tricks to manipulate our quantum destinations. This may sound strange, but it is entirely possible!

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In your theory, wouldn't the manipulation of
Jupiter's gravity, in order to create this wormhole, affect the entire gravitational forces of our solar system? And if so, generally, how long would it take for our system to implode upon itself, or for that matter be drawn into this new wormhole?
Maybe I am missing something here but I was under the impression that Time Travel can be achieved by breaking the speed of light.
Maybe I am missing something here but I was under the impression that Time Travel can be achieved by breaking the speed of light.
The way we measure time doesn't apply at lightspeed movements. By our measurements; time slows down to almost zero at the speed of light.
We've found it an improbability to move matter at such speeds, because the friction at lightspeed would disentegrate all matter.
In Britain they have designed a probe that will move through space at 1g (equal to that of earth)... I can't explain in short the mathematics behind this voyage, but it will gradually increase it's speed as it goes. It is a mathematical loophole where the probe will APPEAR to us as if it were traveling beyond lightspeed.
Time travel will happen with or with out man we must not think of our selves as the only life in space life learns from death and moves on there is more out there then any of us know keep your mind open no matter what the task
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Do those other potential life forms exist if we don't discover them? If we don't see them, then their existance is based on faith... is faith good enough?
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If you could travel faster than the speed of light then you would be right, BUT nothing of Mass is SUPPOSED to be able to reach the speed of light as it will keep creating more mass as it get faster thus requiring more energy to go faster thus getting more mass which would reqire more energy & so on & on & on...
Bouncer is correct. From my understanding
of physics the speed of light operates as a barrier. Nothing below it can go above it and nothing above it can go below it. In saying that, I will point out that in Brennan's book "Time Travel" he states that there is a particle that travels above the speed of light. This particle can never go below the speed of light. To my knowledge, though, this is only theoretical and I have never seen, first hand, any proof of such a particle.

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Hi, Dimenzionz.We should not have faith that they exist, but not dismiss that it is possible that they exist. I personally believe that it is extremely likely that they do exist, because of thinking about how big the universe is. But I can not be sure about this since I have no proof. Therefore I think that it is extremely possible, yet because of no proof it is not a fact, only a theory.
let's not confuse mass with size. As matter increases in speed it increases in mass density, however it shrinks in size as infinitely as it infinitely increases in mass. A human being traveling near the speed of light would become a trillion (a calculated guess) times smaller than a photon of our world. Resistance would become a constant as the transition occurs. Think about what that means in relation to our reality and the world of the atom.


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Reply to Dymenzionz question.
One cannot claim that something doesnt exist simply because they have yet to experience it. Here is an example I used when I was having an arguement with my friend on a similar matter.

"If I put my hand behind your head, you cannot hear it, smell it, taste it, see it, or feel it, and so you will say its not there. You have no proof that it is until I hit you with it"
Here may be an interesting concept in time travel in a ‘physical' sense. As you may or may not know, Cherenkov radiation is emitted whenever charged particles pass through matter with a velocity v exceeding the velocity of light in the medium. The charged particles polarize the molecules, which then turn back rapidly to their ground state, emitting prompt radiation (in the form of photons). The emitted light forms a coherent wavefront if v]vt; Cherenkov light is emitted under a constant Cherenkov angle with the particle trajectory, and at a given maximum emission angle. Given this information (which is old in the nuclear industry), you can see that traveling faster than the velocity (speed) of light already occurs. The velocity is dependent upon the medium you are working within. Potentially a device (or particle) could be built (generated) which incorporates the mathematics of Cherenkov radiation, the Heisenberg principal and Lorentz formulae (as applied to a given medium), and within that medium ‘move' an object through a ‘time dilation'. Working along these unified lines, anything within a given medium and confined energy field that exhibits the above ‘unified mathmatica', could hypothetically travel in time.

This is correct if the needed intensity developed doesn't burn-up the craft before thrust is developed. If it worked, you would metamorphisize as I discribed in the earlier post above. However, programming is needed before attempting or you will become lost in another dimension that you didn't plan on going to.


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