"The future ain't what it used to be."

"Time Travel" impossible, no, and, but's, or if's about it


\"Time Travel\" impossible, no, and, but\'s, or if\'s about it

my first thread, may i be welcome, and make friends.....

is time travel really really really possible? this question, is the question most of us ask ourself. it has been what??? actually a long time since the world has tried to make a time machine or so called anything that can take you back or forth in time. evidently it has been a great amount of time since anyone has came up with this so called device. obviously because there is no such thing. well if you say they do have it, but doesnt want to show us because it is dangerous. that is not true. einstein has provided the atom bomb simply because he thought about it and with that advice it was possible to make the bomb. it is dangerous but his idea still remain today. if someone came up with the idea of traveling, shouldnt they tell us by now??? so they can be famous. oh, wait a minute you might say they havent got one or if they have it would be somehow tooken away from their hard work.

identifying time. well lets get to the simple parts, something logical, and easily for the most of us to understand. time as we know is now flowing. not the time on your watch or the one on your computer. but the time we can not see, touch, feel, or even identify it. we just know that time is flowing in all directions. well, well, time cannot be controlled because like i said above, itz something you cant see, touch, feel, or even identify. so if you cant identify all of this how can you actually control it???? hmmm a little confusing eh. well time is "like" a sphere, it moves in all directions. for everything on this world, universe, atoms, hair, tv's, the speed of light, even your own thoughts and mind is on this time sphere "graph". we are on the outer surface of the sphere, whatever is inside is the "past image". just image not actual materials which we can grab onto. the sphere which gives time a point of origin. a dot where it began and then expanded in all directions. which means if theres a beginning theres an "end". which is not the topic here. since we are on the layer of the sphere. when we move or stop or even died we will still be on top. simply because time is moving. example #1 the death of abraham lincoln is on the layer of the sphere, the actual date is inside the sphere.

now to the time traveling part. one great theory has motivated many scientist to find a way to solve this unbelievable puzzle. one for instance traveling faster then the speed of light will make you ahead of time right??? wrong i believe. because lets say for example. two subjects are racing. to a certain point from lets say america to china. a rat travels at a speed of 20 mph while light is traveling at the speed it is 186,000 per second. well the only thing that has changed is the distance. which the rat actually hasnt moved much while the light is already in china. but it has only been that certain amount of time on the sphere the two objects remain on the time sphere. listen. this is because nothing is faster then time. only the "unknown existence" outside of the sphere is faster then time. which we do not know of. 2# example. another race. the speed of light and the speed "faster" then light. going from america to china. well of course the faster one will get there first. which means even if you are going at the speed faster then light. you are only moving to a certain point on the sphere. because the light is on the sphere and it is the universe, anything that could possibly be thought of. get it? no well 3# example wormholes. going from point A to point B. simple eh?. yes but is time travel possible?. no because whether if you go inside the hole. you only get to a point where it shoots you out. right?. right. but people say that if your inside a wormhole you will be able to reach another time zone. wrong. because everything you see hear or even believe is on this time sphere. on the other side might be another civilization who knows but, you will still be on the time even traveling faster or a gliche in the universe. simply because time has no speed. well maybe the speed of 0.00000--->infinty zero---->00001 hr, day, seconds, milliseconds, anything we resemble "time on earth" by. because time is so fast. we can not grasp its speed. only knowing that it is faster then the fast ticking clock in the world or the fastest thing you can even imagine. 4# example. einstein said that when you look at a clock you see it ticking. in order for you to see it light has to reflect from the clock, then hit your eye in order for you to see it. well, he believes that if you travel backwards faster then the speed of light. the light never reaches your eye. which means you cant see the clock tick. true. simply because light hasn't hitted your eye yet. but it is believed that it is stopping time. wrong. you are only moving faster then light. which means you cant see a damn thing. cuz light hasnt hit your eye yet. well even if you are moving at the speed of light into space. there will still be a boy at home playing his video game. you are just moving away really really fast. which doesnt stop time. or even slowing it down. because even though you cant see the clock. its still ticking. its like. two persons. one watching the clock. and the other person that moves backward faster then the speed of light. well for the first person its ticking. the second person just cant see it but moving back further and further. well this all comes down to the sphere. because nothing can escape it or enter it. it will always move unless the outer "unknown existence" will be able to stop it. but still it will never be able to mix the present to the future and expecially the past.

well my "time" is up, hahaha. this is just what i believe. i hope this doesnt offend anyone out there reading it. if you believe i made flaws in my statement. pls answer back. do so but do not make it too harsh or many big words because it is simply, just to get to the point. if i gave wrong information about my text i just wrote. it is ok because we all dont get the right answer. well if you want to travel to the future. heres and idea it might not be actually time traveling but hey youll get there. just get someone to freeze you and maybe "maybe" the future could bring you back to another year in time. hey it might work but time wont stop it keeps going. next topic "whose got the craziest time-travel paradox?"

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RE: \"Time Travel\" possible, no, and, but\'s, or if\'s about it!

Charm's post is wrong.

Light modified and secluar to an oblate point, is not the same as C in M modified in situ, or the universe as it sets.

E in electricity is always a part oflight, so if light can be modified to hold form, then the tensor scailer can be broken and time travel within a light, or C sphere is possable.

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RE: \"Time Travel\" possible, no, and, but\'s, or if\'s about it!

Well, we can all say creedo is the first man who built the time machine.....I think not, if this information is availabale and holds true, how come no one has built this so called device the makes light takes form. But hey your using words not in my vocabulary, please care to explain in english terms? Then maybe i could understand.
RE: \"Time Travel\" possible, as you wish with explanation.

If light holds a charge, then it can be made to have presure.

It was previously thought before, that light could not have this ability, till Dr. Anderson's work.

However it is now recognized that light can be made to have not only presure, but shape as well.

If one can make of light cell, which is out of the ordinary frequency of standard regular mass and light, then one can move this sphere, out of this existance.

M in modifed mass, is only null space and since null space is not really empty, then guest light, or modifed configurtations of light shaped, can be made to act as passage vechiles into other dimensions, as well as times.

Since light in certain configurations has not only a charge, but an assinged harmonoic value as well, one can manufacture shapes, which will transend this time and space frequency.

This is the big argument within physical cosmology today, people scinetist and such, are all affarid to let go of Einstin and the more dated relativity thoeries.

There have been scores of books produced on the nature of space since Einstin, such a LaViolette and Brian Green's sayings within his recient publications.

These ideas deal with the universe as frequencies, not as a moving frame and differnces thereof as was put foward in the origional relativtiy treste.

Einstin's work, was good for measurment and charicterists of the universe, however for key access points, there must be other views.

This is what Einstine stuck to Cartesian coordinates in his simple descriptives, conmcerning the phantom corners of what could not been seen.

So that his work would unselfishly act as a stepping stone for other cosmological phylosophers in spacetime construction.
RE: \"Time Travel\" possible, as you wish with explanation.

"If one can make of light cell, which is out of the ordinary frequency of standard regular mass and light, then one can move this sphere, out of this existance."

well fortunately i doubt that will ever happen. first of all i hope you understand what i actually mean at first. saying 'time sphere". in the earlier days many people thought that earth was the only thing around us. then came the moon, then the universe, then another multi-universe. well dont it seem obvious that were exploring much further and further???. yes but listen. this sphere controls us all. no matter how much we explore and what is created (light taking form) it will still be on this sphere. but you just cant say the "time sphere" is like "earth" just shoot a rocket and you'll get out of it. wrong. again its because time is has no mass. it is not what you visualize, hear, feel, smell, but only think of or understand that it is there. it flows and everything goes along with it. if you cant control something then you cant change it. a cup of glass could be broken. because we can do one of the following. thats 2 visualize, feel. now we can take control of that glass. we can hear music. hearing if it is heard it could be changed with this technology. but time. time cant even be thought about controlling. if we cant even do all of the above. its pointless in even trying to say this and that. saying if you do this and if you do that it might work. wrong. because i know most scientist, or i think i do, look beyond that, because they dont seem to understand what it is they are dealing with. and i believe most theories today are getting a little too complex and complicated. they should look at the little things that is logic and more understanding. i might not be a wise person in any field, but i know for sure it wont ever happen if you cant visualize, hear, feel, or smell the time. which is immpossible.

even so, (example) going back in time is like watching a rerun. its merely images that you see in your mind "only". you cant change what has already happened. because "paradoxs" shows a little sign that these two objects cant ever connect. in human terms "past" are only for humans. what about the insects or the animals previous life? past past past. these terms make it simple. it has already passed us up. well if we could go back then why not one crazy man go back and kill jesus, no wait lets go back further then, to the time where GOD was created. its just impossible. because if you say you can change time then surely you have a postion in where you would be. why not search for your or so-called-maker. its just clearly not possible. past = paradox. i have many in my mind right now why the past is unchangeable.

future eh? well i hope you all have watched the matrix. its like putting on a suit and slowing everyone down. watching them one by one moving in slow-motion. cool eh? yes that is possible. but moving ahead into the future? no. again. lets say you are moving at the fastest speed ever imaginable. everything around you slows down. you could go and hit this guy in the face because it seems like he has "paused". true. but for the slow people time is moving and for you the same because time is faster then you. it is faster then you and will always be faster then you. example snails and a speeding train. that train is going so fast and the snail is moving so slow. it seems like the snail never moved. yes it has, only very slowly. get it? so no matter how fast you are. you will only slow things around you, down and advance to another place on the "time sphere". future paradox??? plenty of things that wont connect for sure.

anything and everything cannot be destroyed. it might shatter to tiny millions and billions and so on.. pieces. but those partical cannot be no longer exsisting. what we visualize, hear, feel, smell today is what we have, and what we find in our near future-present. is what we will have. it has already been here. it has not been found just yet. because time is fate. and that is considered our GOD. not praising "it" but just knowning that time has its meaning to flow and everything will flow with it. because once you say you can stop time. you are saying you can stop yourself. time stops you stop. time flows you flow.

well i have said enough as it is. maybe i have said a little and not much. my information might not be clearly. our to any of you who think im just bullshitting. i understand. i cant grasp this idea to text as much. but i sure understand a piece of what reality is. thanks creedo for your info about what you said. i hope you feel what i been thinking lately.....
RE: \"Time Travel\" possible, as you wish with explanation.

Your putting words in my mouth.I did not say ordinary light.

Your ego leads what you say and think and don't thank me at the end of your posting.

On God, we are now expierenceing what is known as lea-off time from the God Angelic heiarchies, due to the overpopulation problem.

Anything can happen within this time, which is in the short range to come.

Don't wave God around in my face either, as a false badge of authority, as I have more information in this area than your counting on.

Just quit bullshitting yourself and go quietly away, as your trying to flavour the conversation here and this is not proper.

Creedo 299 technical phase
RE: \"Time Travel\" possible, as you wish with explanation.

whoa whoa whoa creedo. you talking out your own damn ass!!!! god??? man i dont even believe in that bullshit, but for you comming in here with your nonsense. i thanked you for your time. not for your ignorant mind. so if you dont have anything that might interest me, well since you say you have more information then me, in which area? this forum area, no you mean your area haha you dumb ass...

MIND TO TELL ME WHAT IT IS!!! oh wait, you gotta be shitting me.. i cant beileve i am arguing with you now. starting from a first time post, i can tell you are like one of those "nonsense outcaster" that we all try to avoid. oh wait, you might have friends. very well i hope you achieve what your looking for, but i know for sure damn well it aint in here... that leaves you all by yourself. this should be titled as "who hates creedo the asshole".

i dont have time to play with your lil games, which in over all, it is from the start. kids talk shit and blow noises. hahaha sorry i had to get on your 9 yr old level of ignrance and respect, oh by the way. i didnt put any words in your mouth, something is already in there!!!!

avoid from interacting with me creedo your way too smart. Charm
RE: \"Time Travel\" possible, as you wish with explanation.


Your sphere theory is complicated but it has potential!

But what I'm more interested in at the present moment is the side by side dimensions that exist simultaneously around us and keep surfacing in the form of what we call Dejavu.

How could one better explain this phenomenon? and what is actually occuring? millions of people exibit and exsperience this on a daily basis. And its excepted as a familiar feeling or something good because we are creatures of habit! And what is this telling us? And is it really a good thing?

I think that these ulternate dimensions are bleeding through and reveiling to us past and future realities. Nobody has really questioned or examined this phenomenon or has an adequate explaintion of its full description. It just seems to be excepted and refered to as a chemical reaction in the human brain construed of past memories and familiar suroundings or pawned off as a psysic ability.

Maybe dejavu has been a well kept and pawned off secret with our government in its attempt to cover up the proof and exsistance of alternate dimensions and Time Travel?

RE: \"Time Travel\" impossible, as you wish with explanation.

well CAT... its very convincing to the most of the peoples on this world, that deja vu has a meaning for something. well first lets break down "deja vu". it is to us all that deja vu means or directly means "past" something we feel, see, hear, or smell twice maybe even numerous or times. simply its apart of our memory if im correct. in-order to actually sense this shouldn't there be a memory at first???? eh? well of course there should be one to began with. which leaves us wondering does it lead to the future? errrr. i find that question hard to observe. deja vu has to deal with past thoughts that occur before in our life. but you brought up an interesting point.

"side by side dimensions" could there really? a glimpse of the other side? somehow we are ahead of that dimension??? because we are looking into the past of "there time"??? maybe so, but to conclude this into "time-traveling" i doubt it very much. because i just have one explanation for it. a "TIME SPHERE" anything and everything will be on it. humans universe, deja vu a sense from your mind, which will all be on the layer. if all is on the layer it does not matter what we ever and will ever find out. like if, the world finds a way to grow, move faster, move to different planets, achieve many goals in science, it does not matter because "time" will follow us all. we are the outer peak layer of an apple to be very simple, the core is just an image, and dates from our "earth time". we find in our self. even if there happens to be a "side by side dimension" it will not matter. all life forms has "time" and each time is the same.

people fail to realize that time doesnt revolve around us, the world, no it revolves around everything, non-living, and so on. so to what i believe is that maybe there are some unordinary subjects like deja vu and dimensions have, but if dimensions were possible then a paradox is possible. to be frankly, if you can actually go back in time or the future. it will gliche.

meaning for instance lets say......

a man=(A) develops a time machine and decides to go into the past at the same time to see him go in side the machine exactly 2 secs before. it is 9:59 pm. (A) goes into the machine and into the past. follow me. (A) enters the machine at 10:00 pm 4/26/02 and (A) comes out on the other side at 10:00 pm 4/26/02. as he camed out he sees (B)'s back inside machine and disappears.

okie question???

1) what happens to (A)?
2) what happens to (B)?
3) will there be a (C)? since (B) went in
4) could there be a duplicate? infinite over and over?
5) will that man be stuck foever? watching himself go in. for the rest of his life?
6) will he age?
7) can he die
8) if he died during the process what happen?
9) but if the last one die. what happen to (A) (B) (C) etc?
10) can this process work?

these question i ask myself a lot, but its hard to concieve such a "paradox". i came up with my own explanation for all of it. if you have any right now. be my guest and speak for us all. but before you answer pls be reasonable and overall specific. it helps to be logical and using big terms doesn't make you intelligent unless it is necessary. thnx

RE: \"Time Travel\" impossible, as you wish with explanation.

Fourth paragraph down, doesn't matter.

Observer will not fall into a continuing racemose of repeating reality, as his event of observance is out of the event of himself leaving the that same area.

A third transiet could be created, to where another being would be created, however only in another time and space frame.

Matter can not occupy the same time and the same space.At least no without beomceing merged into one peice of matter??

The problem would be a generaited varible which would be the second same person leaving his destination?

Either that same second person varible comes to the future with the new observer, or in some way chooses another reality.

The problem is Heisenberg's uncertanity principle, as far as how determinate space, within eletromagnetic folds, either healds or regenraits itself, with the effect of a time traveling craft through it?

One assumes that the second craft comeing would have sensor mechanisms, placed upon it, that this should could detect another same type of ship?

Another reality might not generate to itself, and then again it might?This is just as long as each ,manifestion of reality has proper distance from each event.

You own me and appology, for your rudeness and social ignorance.

I don't not call people assholes, who I do not even know!
RE: \"Time Travel\" impossible, as you wish with explanation.


Can you better explain this TIME SPHERE and your theory on its layers?

When you talk about the Apple and the core being just an image. I see it different. I just dont see the Apple I see the whole tree and its alive not just branching out but a continual life force that is constantly replenishing itself from the earths elements and the sun energy. The tree is a paradigm and contains all the carnal knowledge of the past and the future. It is the ultimate time machine. To open this paradigm "you are right" would surly cause a glitch and mortal man to fall from grace into a lower realm. As so does the bible story replicate this when the tree of knowledge was tampered with. Adam and Eve were so to speak cast out of the garden realm and placed down to a lower more physical dimentional realm.

We could also argue the point that your analysis from 1-10 and A-B would be obsolete because the first one of ones self that time traveled, would be the controler of all future selves and would either have the choice to maintain or replicate his/her future or alter it however one see's fit. It would be the equivalent to the man in the oval office! There can be only one president at any given time.

RE: \"Time Travel\" impossible, as you wish with explanation.

wow CAT your right on the number you posted at 3:33.
RE: \"Time Travel\" impossible, as you wish with explanation.


Your right! Once again I didnt even notice it! I'm at work and my computer is saying 4:44 right at this exact moment as I'm typing this!

I dont know what is going on here? I have been seeing the double digits like crazy this past week. I kept waking up every double digit hour a couple of nights ago. Its was so bad it got to the point that I dont even know if I was dreaming seeing them?

I can not look at a clock with out it reading a double digit! I did notice that this has gotten worse as I have been unraveling a mystery of a geometric shape and have been intrigued by Dejavu in connection to a freind. But I am baffled because I myself have not had one single episode of Dejavu since 9 years ago!

But its clear to me and showed its proof in some cirumstances regarding a friend. That the double digits have a strong connection to Dejavu.
RE: \"Time Travel\" impossible, as you wish with explanation.

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sorry creedo things happen when you dont get enough sleep.... know what i mean?... well to start this off, about the previous questions i asked earlier.

those cant be answered, there are way to many possiblilty for what happens. im glad you two or three haven't answered each of them one by one. becaused i would have laughed.

what i mean about a "time spere" is this "." a dot where time started right? of course there will be one. okie time flows in which direction? do you guys know? it flows in all direction covering everything in its path , thats how times work as a sphere. it becomes a "O" and bigger and bigger, to its infinite amount. no, it does not have mass to spread. its just merely a way of graphing time. like a bar graph, but instead of a bar it becomes a sphere. we cant have numbers in it because we do not know when or where or how it began. no numbers just words.

to be simple again, when this sphere grows. it grows at the speed of 0.000->infinite->0001(in secs, hrs, anything you can name). this is logically because it is like a clock it self. it ticks so fast that it has so many 00's in between we will never grasp the number "1". get it? its so fast we cant place a number on it.

okie the dot again "." something happened and the dot grew bigger. time took its own flows and went in all directions. where do we lie on the sphere? its for sure we have got to be on the peak of the "apple" time does not past us and does not takes off on us. in our eyes we see it moving "hella fast" but towards the "time" it is moving very slowly.

so if the outer layer is us. then whats inside? that becomes our past, but our past have no mass or matter. it is just merely images we find in our head. like dates and "earth time" and other things you can think of in the past.

heres and example. someone dies, do they go inside this sphere? no, where does it go then?. you are always on the outer layer and stay there. your body is there everything on the world is there. "JUST THE DATE YOU DIED OR THE MEMORY IS IN THE MIDDLE" get it?". its like saying elvis is on this layer, bruce lee is on this layer, the earth is on this layer. even if we are all destroyed. the universe, aliens, outer planets, it lies on the front line.

okie another way too look at, where are we. compare an ant to the universe. whoa big eh? yes it is, for the ant. the universe is like the sphere. we are just a dot in it everyone of us is a dot. every matter, mass, mind, thought, etc. is another dot. taking up each space of the sphere. in other words we are really really really small compared to a "time sphere"

so ok. this should mean, time doesnt revolve around anything period!!! it just flows, can you bend it?. well no of course you can't top its speed. why? because time has no speed it is infinite .00->1 and to beat that is immpossible. if you somehow became faster then time. you will only freeze it. thats a for sure thing. because if you have gone beyond its ticking, then theres no way in "hell" time will tick again. you have just frozed yourself. which sounds crazy but thats what i believe.

now if time moves at the same pace. then the sphere would be "perfect" no uneven sides of the sphere. like a perfect ball. or a smoothest ball you can think of. once you break "time" the outer layer will become uneven. guess what that will do? again you freeze yourself. everyone on the layer lives as they will. but you, in the other hand.

its like being on earth and using a space shuttle to go out further in space. okie if we reach the end of space. what happens? well this is simple. you either go on the different side or there is something blocking you. thats how the "time sphere" works too. once you have went beyond its league it will stop or you are out of it. where do you go? i know where you wwont be though.

untill it is done. i would like to show you guys a 3'd graph i am working on. it shows you and give you a better clue to what i am saying. as of right now im still working on it. gathering more information as i speak of. well CAT it may seem hard to grasp onto and you might think is just some BS but thats ok. or maybe interested. if you think i havent explained very much pls be another guest of mine and ask why when who where how? if i could i would explain it to my best knowledge... thnx

RE: \"Time Travel\" impossible, as you wish with explanation.

HISTORICALMARKER:I do not know who this Charm charicther is, however the technicalities within his post, are innacurate.

He is attempting to bully our way of thinking about time and space.

He is also elusive as to the meat of what he had posed in his earlier question, concerning a time travler viewing himself, which is two sperate event realties, not joined, from what I'm getting of this?

I feel for the record this guy talks in circles, only to his own advantage.

Creedo 299
RE: \"Time Travel\" impossible, as you wish with explanation.

these two events i have mentioned are exactly different. yes in every way. my point was to let you know. the man who sees him self go in, things like that cant happen. shouldnt happen, and will not happen. why? because the other event which i explaned to you early in my first and previous post "time sphere", gave my reason for you. if you ahve read correctly it may be of much help to you and not fondling around in this forum saying things you only want to hear. if you dont understand my meanin why not try to ask instead.

well, you can call me a bully. but dont say what i post is inaccurate. in this world there is no wrong way of saying what you say. do you see me interupting your post? of course not, i have mopre respect than that. i believe you are a selfish guy. believing in what you believe. unlike me i take all post seriously. you asked for an apology, i, in hand didnt hesitate to say sorry, but in other words you dont seem to get it.

"He is attempting to bully our way of thinking about time and space." creddo

who is this OUR you speak of?i see you only, by yourself. well okie i dont want to argue with you again. if you have something to say about my explanations. do so in proper manner. unless you want to use harsh terms i would gladly speak for myself. like i said before thank you for your time and not your mind....

oh by the way... you dont know this character... might try finding out, before you open your mouth...

RE: \"Time Travel\" impossible, as you wish with explanation.


I can see that you have an abstract way at looking at the grand universal theory.

I however have a different perspective! What I see is one big clock in the respect of the movement of the stars and the changing of our seasons as our universe spirals down through the realms of space, shrinking in some aspects, while expanding in others. The noise of our barreling universe is being recorded like into a holographic pictogram from the invisible remains of atomic radiation dust particals being swept up from behind transfering onto some mysterious recorded remnant of a energy field we cannot comprehend!

Its one universal grandfather clock theory. And yes I believe Time Travel is possible within the remnance!

RE: \"Time Travel\" impossible, as you wish with explanation.

CAT you speak of "universal grandfather clock theory", but can you mind to explain that with more details? as from how and why, where, who, when. im just a bit interested in what you this "UGCT' is all about. well above all you and celeste have an interseting subject that concerns me. side by side dimensions and infinite possibilty. from my prespective i believe time travel is impossible. if some how in the future a great person comes up with a creative idea and decides to go in. i doubt that he will ever come out. but lets stick to the impposible

to get the story straight. im sticking with my own explanation and see time travel as i always have been. a global sphere. as for you guys, i hope i understanding what makes you believe it is possible, to see the past or future. but CAT, when you speak of time travel. do you consider in the future or the past? i would like to know that too. it helps me understand where you are comming from and for me to be able to see it through your eyes.

RE: Clock travel is possible!


Ah da numebears strike again.

The 'numbers' are synchronisity. Sychronisity is real. The events we notice are likely to have personal meaning.

When it is generalized synchronisity they call it an omen. It is the force of mind at work in the environment.

"Use the Force Luke, use the Force!"

Now to balance this out I must say something fairly stupid. Ooops!
RE: Clock travel is possible!


To see things through my eyes would entail me to give a secret away! Hmmmm lets see maybe I can break it down into a small piece of the pie?

Ok, look around you. Pick something in the room your in, anything. I will use an example of a pencil. It lays on the desk and it is a pencil and it has a purpose to write (it has three things pertaining to its existance, it is three dimensional)
The same would apply for everything that we see with our eyes and our 5 senses. It would even apply to a planet floating in space.

Now apply what I just pointed out to you to the description of an Atom. check out this web site for a better view:


and you will see that an Atom consists of 3 properties (proton, neutron, electron) and has 3 quarks that are present in the proton at all given times. The quarks are held together by a thread substance called gluons and are held spacially at perfect geometrical distance appart. (just like the web site diagram shows.)

Therefore a pattern is starting to develop! We can see whatever this geometric structure is in everything that exists.

Now, what about the empty space that we cannot see with our physical eyes. The Shadow and the space between the shadows that converges right beside us and even through us. This is the mysterious question. Well It has to be the other dimensions, the ether of the heavens.

Does that explain enough?