Time Travel in Movies and TV: Family Guy

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Just saw a re-run of Family Guy last night were Stewie the dictatorial baby tries to invent a time machine. The way I see it, it's not really a time machine. Or, at least, not in the convention sense. He doesn't want to travel through time, he only wants to make it move faster.


There are a number of shows (or episodes of shows) that did the opposite: Get the rest of the world to stop or move reeeaaal slow and then you can go play a bunch of practical jokes (e.g. pull down people's pants) or do good deeds (e.g. save people from burning buildings or from falling out of windows.)

This ideas suggest that time is like a film that we can somehow get out of and either play at a different speed or jump back in at some other time. If we were just watching the film (i.e. we were God) then I can see how we could change the speed, or fast forward/reverse to the fun parts. However, we are PART of the film, so maybe this is all impossible.

There was a short story about some people who went back in time and got killed by a rain storm because the rain didn't bounce off them, but continued straight on through their bodies to the ground. I wonder if you travel faster or slower than everyone else if you will be slowed up or burned up by the surrounding air that you have to move out of the way. Also if you move faster in time (even at just a slightly faster rate) do you have to move forward in space VERRRY, VERRRY fast to make sure you don't fall off the Earth as it moves through the galaxy.

Wouldnt that be the same thing, He will end up in the future quicker than he should??


Re:Re:Time Travel in Movies and TV: Family Guy

The end result was not what he intended, since at the end he decided to move time backwards (don't ask - it didn't make any sense). But his desire was to move time faster so that his teething would end. In effect, he wanted to age quicker, and age the world quicker, at the same time. Truly an odd twist on the time travel theory.

I'm with YOU on this one Mop. Making time "pass" faster does not alter the fact that we are all moving thru it together in the same time line, "ticking" off each observed interval as it passes, regardless of how fast or slow.

That is after all, what we're always doing anyway.

My trip to Vermont introduced some time dilation into my life, relative to yours. I'm not sure EXACTLY how much or little, but it doesn't alter the fact that you and I are still in the "hear and now" relative to each other in the same manner we would be if I had not made the trip.

Even in the classic so called "Twins Paradox" (not really a paradox at all), no time travel has occurred for either twin. One just ages faster, but neither leaves the time line they both exist in.

As in the example I gave several posts below, it even happens if the two NEVER lose sight of each other.

It ultimately IS what happened to you and me during MY trip, only to a WAY lesser degree.