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Anyone want to tackle the subject of time travel in the latest Hollywood blockbuster, Planet of the Apes? There seems to be many logic flaws and paradoxes in this one. Who wants to open the can of worms?

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I just watched the film. I did not see a paradox although.
For those who have not watched the film and plan to I would suggest not reading the following.

Pericules enters temporal disturbance, Leo enters temporal disturbance to recover Pericules, Oberan science/space station enters disturbances looking for Leo.

I believe that all 3 are propelled forward in time but all to the same time. With the Oberon science/station not going as far ahead as both Leo and Pericules.

I suppose the point you want to address is the very end.
I believe that there are three possibilities for this outcome.
One is that Leo actually travels forward in time. The other possibility is that Leo does in fact travel back in time but to an alternate universe where humans, homo sapiens, never came to power. The other possibility is that someone from the future, perhaps Thale, delibrately travelled back futher in time than Leo and changed the past to ensure that apes would be the dominate species.

I do not see a paradox. Of course, there are no paradoxes if you assume alternate universes.
>I believe that all 3 are
>propelled forward in time but
>all to the same time.
> With the Oberon science/station
>not going as far ahead
>as both Leo and Pericules.

I meant to say to different times in the future.

>The other possibility is that
>someone from the future, perhaps
>Thale, delibrately travelled back futher
>in time than Leo and
>changed the past to ensure
>that apes would be the
>dominate species.

This will more than likely turn out to be the case. So, Thale and those who still hate humans go back in time to change the past to ensure their superiority in the future. Leo would not be affected by the temporal wave since he entered the temporal disturbance before who ever used it after him to change the past.
This movie's story line did not make as much sence as the original, but this is what happened. They started out in 2029. He, the monkey and the station where propelled to another planet (not earth). Leo and Pericules arrive there somewhere thousands of years in the future. I don't think it was ever stated when the station arrived there except that it was thousands of years prior to Leo and Pericules. Leo goes back through to Earth at the end and arrives there only around 100 years after he left. Between 2029 and this time, the Apes had taken over the Earth. I really didn't like the plot changes. With the exception of the sequals, it was far more problematic and inconsistent than the original and the moral of the original story was completely lost.
Thinking about time travel makes my brain hurt!

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