Time travel is impossible

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The more I read, and study, the more I feel that time travel is impossible. If time travel machines will be invented in the future, and commonly been used. Why is it no body come back to this time? Many people said that they met or saw time travelers, I think it is just some scams.
Most people live in their world of fantasy. No one will reply to you message because it tend to spoil their fantasies.
Ricahrd - we really don't want negative people contributing to this board - we are all optimistic here.

Time travel is happening......
Oh...really??? Tell me where and when. And show me some proves. If not, shut your big fxxxxxg mouth.
Ok Richard you are right, time travel is impossible. So we can all go home now and fix a nice ham sandwich. Its' been nice though....good luck, bye, we're all leaving now.....no, really we are!
Hey, before we all go and enjoy our sandwiches.......Does anybody have any Grey Poupon?? I ran out.
Why are you mocking Richard for? He didn't say anything wrong. He's just pointing out the other side of TT. You guys just can't accept someone telling you other wise and wanting to give their 2 cents. This subject was created for those who believe that Time Travel is impossible. Right? That's the subject, isn't it? He has a right to be pessimistic if he wants. This Subject doesn't represent the whole Bulletin Board system, you guys think it does.

And that's just it. It's a Bulletin Board, He can post what he want's, and he's doing it in it's appropriate place too. Can you say the same?

Would you go to an Atheists Bulletin Board, and tell everything God Exists and that they should too or they will go to hell? Would you go to a Jewish bulletin board and say racial remarks about them?

I didn't think so...

But I guess if you really wanted to, you'd respect their subject in their boards, and create another just for yours to say whatever you'd please about them.

He created this subject, I'm sure he had it in his mind that people that shared his perceptive will come and post. Not make fun of him. That's disrespectful...and cold.

You people need to respect people that may not think all like you, and if their posting it in their little section of the bulletin board, why should it bother you. At least he's not invading your subject and spreading his ideas. He's respecting your space and doing it in an appropriate place just for it... Think about it.

Javier C.

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Thanks to TimeTravelActivitist for speaking in behalf of me. Each and everyone of us has our own idea, and belief. If you can accept other's point of view, why don't you just read it and ignore it. Why do you think other should believe in the way you believe. Most of you are a bunch of morons. Good luck to you all, I will never come to this webpage anymore. Live in your world of fantasies. See you are fxxk up assholes. Bye
----The End----
Bye the way, Today, are you one of the communist bastard from the far east? Or you are one of the terrorist from the middle east? I can't believe you are such ignorant and aggressive. No opinions from other? Fine! I no need you spoiled mind too, bastard idiot.
Richard - I am sorry, I really am not from the far East or anything like that. I was just having a very down day. Sorry I am a very nice person and just a bit too quick with the keyboard - you know my fingers type quicker than my head thinks. Sorry, sorry to the board - I just so believe in time travel. I really didn't expect this much reaction. I am so embarrassed
I'd like to thank TimeTravelActivist for sticking up for Richard like that. I agree, he didn't do anything wrong and didn't invade anyone's space. As for myself, I don't really know if time travel is possible or not. I think it would be cool if it was. But then again, where's the proof? But then again, seeing isn't always beleiving. I'm just not sure.
Hey! Shadow... Remember to use the cheese from 2030, breads from 2060, ham from 2090, and cabbage from 2120. They should be fresher and tasty. You are such a _______________, fill it out yourself.
Good idea, but first I'm going to stop by the "Ocean-travel is impossible because the world is flat " web site and get them cranked too.
well that is tru if it were trully possible, couldnt you say "from this date of the 25th of April, I will dedicate my life and make my self kso that I or whoever masters timetravel will come back and say hey!" or just simply no one has mastered backwar time travel...or to specify a certain date, like on back to the future is impossible, only guess work can be done!......
Physical time travel could be a guarenteed one way trip. Maybe only fleeing criminals would want to take it. That would keep the number of travelers to a minium AND you might not WANT to meet any of them even if you could.

In this theory time travel is 100% possible in one direction 0% possible in the other.