time travel is just an endless hope

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I believe for thousands of years, everyone lives in different centuries have been thinking and hoping to travel back in time. If you believe time travel is possible, it is kind like a hope for you. And this hope will never granted.
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I have surfed hundreds of sites, I have written to all those positive sites and had negative replies. I am beginning to think that all those who say they have time travelled are living in their own fantasy land trying to fool us. Unfortunately, because I am so desperate I have believed a lot of what I have read. Now, I have become stronger and will know if someone if trying to trick us.
According to Einstein's Relativity, Time travel is possible in a different way.
Still a one-way time.
You can go through time at a faster rate than other people.
Faster rate than other? Does that mean you can move toward future faster? How about going back to the past? You move slower till you go in backward of the time?
Einsteins theory predicts that as you approach the speed of light, "time" will pass slower, ie if u travel in a spaceship for 3 years at the speed of light and then come back too earth, you would find that maybe ten years had passed on earth for your 3. So in theory it would actually be possible too wave too yourself if you were standing on earth, all you need too do is travel faster than the light travelling from the earth, pass it by and then wait for it and wave too yourself. The theory doesnt predict anything for travelling slow.. how can u travel slower than at rest??
Do you know that someone has travelled through time? I have read this story about this boy, who travelled through time. He was disappeared for 3 years, and when his parents found him 3 years later, he was the same like 3 years ago. Never aged.
That doesn't neccasarily mean he time travelled. He could have been in suspended animation, or something. All I'm saying is if you don't rule out time travel, there's alot of fantastic things you can't rule out either.

You'll never get me to rule out the fact that there are indeed many fantastic things yet to come.


What are you talking about? I'm not trying to change anyones belief. I too believe that fantastic things are yet to come. I was only saying that in the above instance, time travel is not the only possibility.
Just that I agree with you that there are many fantastic and as yet un-thought of things to come. That's all I was getting at.

I DO NOT however believe "Time Travel", in any physical sense anyway, will be one of them.

I never meant to suggest you were trying to change my belief.

If you want to do that, you have to come up with the solid evidence it would take to do so.
I don't need to know what it would take, because I have no intention of doing so. I wasn't even originally talking to you, I was commenting on Pet's post. Really, we all know where you stand on the issue of time travel, so we don't need you to constantly remind us.
I live in hope of time travel. Nobody believed an aeroplance could fly so fast and then Concorde happened, what a brilliant invention. Never say never.......
My, my, JS,

You are one sarcastic hostile little puppy aren't you.

I offer you an olive branch and you return a spray of mace in the face.

Well, so be it.

Now let's see you put some SUBSTANCE to these postulations of yours. Or are you just here to berate people since you don't have the intellect to conduct a serious debate?

Remember, "He who strikes the first blow is the one who has run of arguments".

You believe Time Travel is possible? OK. Let's see your dissertaion on just how this is so instead of your childish tirade against an opposing view.

Grow up.

Grow up? What the heck is your problem?

For one, just because I personally believe in something does not mean I have to write a dissertation on it. I happen to believe in god, but I don't waste my time with every atheist I meet by drawing up a graph.

I post a suspended animation theory to Pet's post, and I get you telling me what it would take to change your beliefs on time travel.

Also, you obviously don't want to hear theories either. When I was commenting on a scientists idea for a time machine, using wormholes and time dilation, you start up with 'untill it's been physically proven, blah blah blah'.

Well I think if we could physically prove time travel, we would all be exploring time instead of listening to your very annoying chatter.

I'm sorry to everyone else who has to read this, and taking up board space.
I don't want to hear theories????? My, my! Where have you been?

If you clean the stuffing out of your ears and go back and actually READ (that's right READ) the posts I've had the pleasure of exchanging with some of the other TRULY interesting and intelligent people who frequent this board, you might discover that there is a very interesting discourse going on here with regards to the possibility of time travel.

I like playing "Devil's Advocate", but most folks recognize this and take up the challenge with stimulating discourse that has been enlightening to me and hopefully to all concerned.

Maybe you just need to lighten up a little. Remember, the home page on this site has a disclaimer to the effect that all contained herein is FICTION. (Go back and read the bottom of the opening page... heh heh).

BUT...That doesn't mean we can't have a good VERY SCIENTIFIC discussion on the concept of Time Travel. Hey guy..... WE ALL WANT TO DO IT!

I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT SOMEONE to prove to me it can be done. Trust me on this!!! I'm waiting with baited breath for the convincing argument. Maybe YOU in your infinite wisdom actually have one.

Oh, and by the way, I'm NOT an Atheist! How downright presumptious of you!

But I will ask you, "What's GOD got to do with any of this?"

TAG!!! Now it's YOUR TURN]]]]

(Nyah, nyah, nyah.)

You are the one who has to grow up man. I mentioned God as an example.

And I refuse to take up any more space by responding to your childish taunts. If you want to be argumentitive, start a topic of "Let's argue with JS".