"The future ain't what it used to be."

Time travel is not possible...


Time travel is not possible, at least not in the way we intend. First, if it was possible, our world would be crowded with people from the future visiting the past.

If one is to travel in the past, he will not be able to alter this course of history. I believe that if one "does" go back in time, he will just get to another point in another universe.

Time travel according to modern science is intimately tied to black holes, special relativity and quantum physics.

I do not think that matter has a memory, meaning that what happened a year ago or even a minute ago is written anywhere but in an abstract concept we call memory (our brain's capability to remember). So if one is to travel back in time, how is it supposed to hapen that we actually can travel exactly back 1 minute in time or like 50 years ago exactly at the same time of D-Day Normancy invasion.

Time slows down as speed increases, ultimately stopping when reaching light speed. Beyond light speed, if that is possible that is, how can we be sure particles, atoms and such do not just break up?

I think ultimately we can achieve to travel from one point to another infinitely distant point instantaneously (bending the very fabric of space time) but since we "open another road" to get to the other point, i.e. Open a worm hole to the other end of our galaxy, say 150,000,000,000,000,000mile away. Theorically, it is IMPOSSIBLE to travel that far within 1 second. A worm hole is like a bridge, it will not make you go "faster". As an example, a bridge over a pond. Going around the pond would require 1 hour by foot, crossing the bridge cuts this in 10. It does not mean you actually walked 10 times faster, but just had to travel a 10 times shorter distance.

Time travel is not achievable, not like what we see in movies. You cannot go back 100 years and exect to see your grand father when he was a youth. I think the best we could actually do would be to go from now to now, thus virtualy "stopping time". The point in time travel being that of slowing time until it actually starts going backwards.

I hope I will not anger too many people with my stupid previsions, but I think that is about correct. I have read a lot about physics, exotic matter, black holes, relativity and well, that is what I can make from all that information.

Feel free to post your comments.

I believe that the quantum nature of "thought" will reveal that multiversal travel is possible, but as you speculate, not like we currently think. Machines, such as spacecraft or "time machines" may not be the key to this endeavor.

If it can be proved that "thought" or "consciousness" is not entirely restricted to the atomic processes within the neurons of our brains, then one may make the speculation that, by the its very quantum nature, our thoughts (and some physical vessel -- body) may reside in an infinite number of "parallel" universes, thereby allowing multiversal travel.

The Everette Multiversal Model solves many mathematical challenges for physicists in delaing with quantum mechanics, and while mathematically, is an elegant construct, is difficult to accept as a model for reality because this model forces us to accept the possibility that this universe is only one of an infinite number all somehow coexisting in the same "location".
...additionally, by thinking of thoughts as quantum in nature, concepts such as dreams, schizophrenia, revelations, and perceptions of reincarnation may be explained as the processing of "overlap" realities during a time (sleep) when distractions are at a minimum. Our memories may be explained as a sorting and sifting of the days "realities" into one fixed reality that gets stored while others are safely discarded (unless, of course, you are schizophrenic). Just a "thought"