Time Travel Is Real.


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I am currently gathering or would like to gather evidence to prove that time travel is indeed real. I have seen pictures of things that are happening today that I was shown some 5 years ago. It is so unbelieveable. I dont know where to start to gather the info. And I am unable to aquire the photos and video I was shown of the future. What should I do? Or should I just sit back and do nothing?
Can you then tell us what you saw? And by what means you were able to acquire such knowledge or predictions. I doubt that I could help you in that I was not involved with the phenomenon. But, I for one at least and perhaps the entire board would be interested in what you have to say. I however
would like to hear some specific details about the experience posted.
I am not going to say where I seen this(because you won't believe it, I wouldn't either if someone told me). But this information was well known to many by april 1994. I was shown in video format small clips of almost every major news event that was to happen from 1995 to 2000. It was truly amazing and unbelievable to watch. And then to watch it all fold out and happen over the last 5 years is totally wierd. If anyone out there knows anything about what is going on please post it. I know for certain that a great many people must have seen this information in video format as well or was told about it. If know one knows anything about it or can't tell me anything then I would like to forget I ever saw it (to wierd to keep asking "What's going on").
I am coming here because this seems like the only place to ask such a question and if anyone knows anything about what is going on hopefully it would be someone here. This is a last resort.
If you're afraid to reveal your sources for fear or reputation can you at least post some of the events that will occure from here to the end of your knowledge of such events in the future. I am only a writer and an observer of life and things around me. But, if you could share with us something specific it would be both interesting and benificial.
Please forgive me if I sound like I am patronizing you but please take a look at this from my point of view:

When I come home late at night and watch the late night info-mercials I can't help but LAUGH to myself when I see the ones regarding Psychics and their so-called "powers to fore-see the future". If you listen to what they say...and I mean REALLY listen to what they say...they are merely spewing out events and situations that anyone could just as easily predict. For example they ASK questions rather than TELL answers. Right there is a sign they know nothing of what they are going to tell you. When a person says to another person "I see you in the street...with a female...she is blond??" if said in the right tone you may think they are telling you...but at the same time you may think they are asking you...so if you don't know any blondes you would be like "Oooh you do? REALLY?" and they would feed off of that. At the same time if you offer UP information they will certainly feed off of THAT. "Ooh a blonde? DO you mean Cheryl? No no...Maggie!" You've just given them TWO names AND the fact that you know two blondes...they can run WILD with that information and you (if you are gullible enough) would believe everyword. Now, in keeping with your topic...I find it hard to believe you've been shown anything and have a fear to tell us. Granted perhaps you have been shown something but if that is the case....you must share this information. Otherwise please...it's best to not say anything because if you truly believe this to be real...if you truly fear for the consequences should you say something - rest assured you've already altered history by informing us with the small info you have provided. So you are pretty much doomed already. However, if we are to believe that you have been shown MAJOR NEWS events - such as occur EVERY DAY depending on who you speak with...you must provide details. Personally I hate to toss religion into this but it kinda fits in here. If you've ever truly studied the bible you will find (which seems to amaze believers AND non believers alike) that many of the events foretold in Revelation have already begun! Now how about THAT for knowing end time events? Granted the bible may be cryptic to many but it's level of detail is frankly QUITE amazing when it comes to predictions.

So in conclusion, if you truly wished to share this information, if you truly wish to partake of this boards shared knowledge and actuallly gain some peace of mind from it....you must share and spare us no details.

I want to believe....
Hi Time,

All things happen for a reason & if you have had a glimpse in time, then id say that the Intelligence that give you that glimps had the ability to travel in time & knew that you would eventually end up here (At this site).

So, I go on to add that this Intelligence would also like you to share this knowledge, Otherwise it wouldnt have been given to you, Unless its some sort of test to see if you are able to keep a secret!!!.

Also, Maybe & just maybe time, that when you divuldge the secret, that the combined thought of the people here will leed to the creation of a machine that will enable people to travel in time. And you never know, due to your participation in the development, it may even be named after you, It can be called a Time Machine!!!!!!!!!.

Have a Goody


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Dear Time:
When you say "I am currently gathering or WOULD LIKE TO GATHER evidence to prove time travel is indeed real..."
Does this mean maybe you don't really have anything but are hoping somebody does so that YOU can prove time travel is real?
and by mentioning nothing specific that you saw you will get responses from anyone who has a video or picture of the future?
You shouldn't predetermine that we wouldnt beleive you but you gave us no real information. Maybe some of us did see it,or someone that is yet to read your posting did. But how would anyone know? You didnt mention WHAT you saw. If you don't want time to change only mention the things that you saw that have already happened that were on the video...maybe you will get more answers.
Hi Time,
I have some advice for you:
1) Get off the drugs
2) Get out more and try to get in touch with reality
3) Get a life

Now I don't mean to be rude, but carefully consider my advice.
Through the technology currently available time travel is IMPOSSIBLE. The only other means of finding out what will happen in the future is if you ask an Astrologer. And most of the astrologers in the West are full of shit, the very few good ones that are still around are in Asia.
And even astrologers can only tell you about DESTINY. Note that destiny is different from fate, destiny can be changed by our actions, fate cannot.
"I am coming here because this seems like the only place to ask such a question and if anyone knows anything about what is going on hopefully it would be someone here. This is a last resort."

A last resort? Aren't you just starting 'to gather information'?
I think it's kind of rude to come here taunting an audience of people with the exact info that they WANT to hear, then simply tell them that you CAN'T explain further. What kind of idiot's do you take us for? Doesn't it seem perfectly self serving that you don't have to actually say WHAT it is you saw? That way, you don't have to PROVE anything. Like the other fellow said; give me something that's going to happen tomorrow. Come up with something, then we can all see if you are for real or not. My guess is that you are a complete liar, and I don't like being lied to. If you do reply again, which I even doubt that, I will personally guarantee that you will offer NO usefull information.
There are a few cases where people claim to have dreams about the future, they tend to be about wars. How much of their dream(s), if they are telling the truth, are just coincidental? If the dreams/ premonitions are true then the only thing they prove is that the future is already set.
Hello. I am using this reply in an effort to finally get something of my chest in complete anomynity(or however you spell that word). I do not claim to be psychic because that usually means that you can foretell the future to a certain degree. I have a kind of baby brother version of this condition, I don't remember the things I have seen until they have actually happened. This sounds weird I know I half think I'm crazy but it happens every so often and when it does it is so freaky.
OK so some people reading this are thinking 'what the hell is this guy talking about?', well I will try to explain. About two weeks ago I went to see that 'Blair Witch' film,(It's only been released recently where I live). I made sure that I avoided all the hype about it by never going to the website and only reading about two reviews on the film. I saw one trailer for it about 3 weeks before hand and so you have the back-ground story to this event.
While watching the film during that part when Heather and Mikey are running through the brambles I suddenly realised I had seen this before, in a dream severakl months earlier. I looked around and realised I had done that in my dream aswell. That is about the full extent of any of my 'visions'. They usually involve conversations with friends under circonstances which could not have occurred coincidently before. I do not claim to have ever seen anything earth shattering but I feel it is just weird.
I hope whoever reads this finds it of some use.
If you want you can e-mail me at [email protected]
I don't care if you think I'm crazy I just had to tell someone
How did we jump from the topic of "Time travel" to "Psychics-R-Us"?

Dear MacGuyver, you can't tell the future, you only relate the things that YOU have seen in your dreams(or where ever you pulled them out) to the things that presently happen. If every dream that you have doesn't come true, then you aren't a pyschic, sorry!

Dear Daniel, Yes Time Travel is Possible. Don't rely on "Current Technology" you idiot. And read this very carefully to see if "Current Technology" is always right! Look back to, say. . , the year 200 B.C. Back then, were there any airplanes? NO, and the scientists back then didn't think so either. Look back to 1492, people thought that the world was "flat" and that one would fall off the earth. There was ONE person, not ONE HUNDRED, by the name of "Christopher Columbus" that proved the world to be round. Look back to the 1800's, scientists never thought we could beat the "barriers of sound" but we now have jets that are fast enough to surpass sound!! In the early 1900's people never thought that we would "Place a Man on the Moon." Then we landed Neil Armstrong on the Moon. These are just a decimal of any examples that prove "CURRENT TECHNOLOGIES, KNOW JACK SHIT" about anything. So . . . . . . .the next time that you rely on "Current Technologies," remember all the times "Current Technologies" have been proven wrong. Ok?

Thank you

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Um...can anyone out there say "ewww?" cause that's the total vibe I'm getting from the way everyone went WIGMO on this thread....sheesh haha...touch-eeee!

Anyhow...here's my crazed take on this (hiya PAM!)

I said it before and I'll say it again...this post about telling us you are afraid to this and afraid to that cause you saw this and you knew that is fulla da malarky! Come on man! Just fess up to the fact that you saw a forum that you thought was about crazy people who believe in time travel and decided to poke some fun. Instead you were probably surprised to find that this is more of a discussion forum in which people actually discuss these theories in a true scientific (at times...) nature.

Perhaps I'm wrong...perhaps the originator of this post is laying in some alley right now gasping for life with the secret to all our questions tucked in his / her sweaty lil' palm as they were beaten to death by those that realized "hey this dude knows TOO much!"

Face it...unless you come on this board and tell us some revelation no ones going to believe you. Hmmm..lemmie rephrase that...if you DO come on this board with a revelation be prepared to be exorcised cause I truly believe more than 90 percent of this board would RACE to their respective churches screaming and praying about the devil 'imself having spoken here and fearing for their lives and the new millennium! haha...let's get real we may love to discuss this but who among us would REALLY believe it if we ever saw it? I know I'd be the FIRST crying "SATAN! GIT THEE BEHIND ME!!!"

haha...sorry I'm just in a VERY wacky mood.

For all involved:

Let's at least give it a thought. Perhaps the signs are more subtle. Maybe our little saviours from the future had tried to warn us. Lets look at movies for a second. Or two. The Andromeda Strain. Great flick trying to warn us about our ability to harness new ways to kill ourselves. Now biological warfare has been around since the middle ages, but not in such a controlled manner. Take a look at the comedy Best Defense with Eddie Murphy, where they refer during the movie of how Irag invades Kuwait in the eighties. A glimpse to our future which we did not heed. Or you could be the person that says 'coincadance'. Just a fraction, a glimpse of what could happen was given to us. Did anybody take it seriously or did they shrug it off. The Startrek communicator which became the modern day cellphone. Was it a glimpse of our future technology or was it a piece of technology we saw then desired to make into reality. Keep an open mind at least. The proof isn't just gonna jump out and say here I am. You might just have to use a magnifying glass or even a microscope.
thats why i think most people are lieing about time travel(i do believe!)
they say 'i cant tell you what i have seen because it might cause problems".
well THEY Claim to have seen it,so who cares.
as Dr Emmit Brown Said,"I Thought,What The Hell."

Fast Out
Actually yes. "Time" E-mailed me his telephone number and e-mail address. It was long distance and I was too poor to call him. Maybe he got lost in himself...Time.
I'm happy to see these topics spearing off into other elements again. That's the way it was when I first came to this site almost a year ago. If we don't take this too seriously, we might stumble on some ideas and answers. I'm sure both imagination and information will be needed to alter something as abstract as space and time.