"The future ain't what it used to be."

Time Travel is too Dangerous


Once time travel is invented, there will be good people who have positive ideas, and there will be bad people with evil ideas. The good people will want to do good things (i.e. stop global warming, keep animals from extinction, stop an evil Anti-christ). Evil people will use time travel for their own gain (i.e. Iraq will use it to kill important historic american heroes therefor sabatoging the United States, imagine Russia going back in time to steal the "secret of atomic bombs" and giving it to the "old Soviet Union" so they could win the Cold War.)
There are too many possibilities and dangerous side effects of time travel. By traveling into the future, we might bring to the present a virus/disease that hasn't even been discovered, or we might bring back news of a New Holocaust/World Takeover.
If we go to the past, we may alter something that will have a domino effect on the rest of society. What if the CIA assasinated Hitler before he even reaches the age of 2. That would alter history. We would no longer know of "Hilter," or of the "Holocaust."
In conclusion, Time should be left alone. Like everything else in this universe, the human will be the one to destroy it. First we destroyed the parks and trees so we could build offices and corporations, then we created global warming due to the oil we needed, now we will destroy time and modify history because we need some new source for our profit
Think on this: anybody seriously involved in timetravel and actively making a machine is probably closely monitored by those that might already have one. If timetravel existed it would have to be amongst the highest priority among the NSA ,CIA or the Defense Intelligence Agency ,because it has the possibility to change wars that were won
and cause wars to happen that have not been before. It would also be cause for alarm in any angelic or alien races if they existed. Because if you develope timetravel you might also develope a doorway into other worlds.
I personally beleive mankind at this time could not handle timetravel he would not be content to be an observer only.
I agree that time travel would be to dangerous to handle. It would be like pulling a single thread out of the tapestry and having the entire thing come undone. Or worse yet change or destroy the tapestry entirely.