"The future ain't what it used to be."

Time Travel Made Easy


Hello, my fellow gracious time traveler dreamers! Something funny happened to my article "I found a way to time travel! w00t!" I got 145 reads on it! But only one guy responded with some not so well reflecting comments. (which I quickly subdued with my scientific mind of blasphemic fury) I find this funny because I have like 50 ideas on how to time travel in this little blue notebook at my house, but of course Hawking wont return my letters! /ttiforum/images/graemlins/frown.gif(seriously, I sent him a copy of part of my notebook and he never responded.) Anyway, the point is that the basic idea is this, use a laser to blast yourself faster than light using relitivistic effects. (And Darby!, no it wont redshift because of relativity you boob! :D Also, gaining mass only doubles (beta factor, ever hear of it? Please read up and up before you break my down again. Also, if nothing else you could just burn off the extra mass by tearing parts of your ship apart! :D) Anyway, so back to what I was saying... Relativity will push you faster because your moving at 2 seconds per light second (hypothetical, I dont like formulas) and so light even if it did redshift which it wont will still push you faster than light. I know it sounds weird boys and girls but seriously <b>You got a better idea?</b> LOL... Anyway, I hope that you all will read my other article before stealing my ideas again! 145 reads and only one reply! Me thinks time travelers from the future be stealing me ideas to take back to themselves in the future! "Down with taxes!", the monkey cried! by commandersisko (I rule!) w00t! also next week tune in for the exciting new installment of why Chronology protection is for wimps! Ha ha ha! Boom shakka lakka lakka Boom...
hey i THINK YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK. I don't know weather to share info with you or not. What if I think i have the missing piece of your puzzle but when I tell you it changes your train of thought and you don't figure out what you would have stumbled across in due time?
Hey temporaltraveler!

Hey man, if you know how to time travel if youre a time traveler then please tell me unless of course you think it would destroy the multiverse which in that case tell me that it will destroy the multiverse and then tell me LOL... commandersisko NOTE:EATING FROGS IS A SPORT! w00t!
You call that easy, first you have to make a space ship that can travel far enough to get to the sun,(we haven't even made it to mars yet.) next you need a space ship that can withstand the heat of the sun, yet it still needs a low enough melting point that we can mold it into the necessary parts,(how is that easy /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif) This space ship also has to allow for the ripping off of parts with out putting its passengers in jepordy. This may be simple in some futuristic fantasy, but it is far from easy in the real world today.
It is only possible to travel forward in time, it is not possible to travel back in time. By moving very fast time slows so that relative to a stationary obsever you have travelled into the future. Moving faster than light will not allow you to travel back in time. It is entirely possible to travel faster than the accepted speed of light, in fact you can travel many times faster.

Before you point out that what I have just said is in conflict with relativity, I should point out that there is more than one theory of relativity. The Alternate Theory of Relativity
Note: I actually have thought of that possibility myself, since if you traveled faster than instaneous then would you go back in time twice? Not so, so I agree with you, but for those of them out there who believe in Einstein's original theory of relativity, this is a good idea. Ciao :D commandersisko