"The future ain't what it used to be."

Time Travel may become news. . .


It would be weird to hear on CNN or something,
"And in earlier News, Scientists at CERN and from around the world have created a `Time Machine'"

One of the cool things about Time Travel is that you can look at it and it will not make since.
It makes you use your brain to solve the unexplainable! And I also like it because it doesn't
have the popularity of other stuff (like the clonning thing)!!

All of you may be out there working on your equations and thinking u'll be the first,
But wouldnt it stink to hear on the new what I said up top?!? It would sorta mean you're out
of time and theres no point. BUT there always will be a point to keep going. And I just hope the anouncement won't come soon!!!

And you know they will never tell you how or when or why!! They may even lie about it!!

Im sure they're working on it right now, even as you are reading this, they are advancing mankind. Into a place it MAY or MAY NOT need to be!!

This brings up one more thing:
If anyone here believes that things are supposed to happen for a reason!! Then what if ONE person makes a choice thats "not supposed to happen". Wouldnt that `Theoreticly' unravel our timeline!! It makes since!! Just like all these other theories!!!

And also another `Timeline Theory' is:
What if every timeline is a different "WAY" we travel through time in normal motion. Meaning that if at every turning point in our lives we pick ONE just ONE!!!! What if the following timeline which would in turn be "Behind" us in theory, what if that timeline was simply us making the other choice!!!

I have millions of Ideas and Im sure all you do too!!! But any comments on the former ideas would be much apreciated!!!!