Time Travel Methods

Alrighty, then... If you really want to know then read my time travel theory that I have proposed. It is under the name "I thought of a way to time travel! w00t!" so read it then tell me what you think of my "theory". It's probably stupid, but hey as Mark Twain once said "Of course clothes make the man, naked people never influence society!" by commandersisko.
Hi UltraTerminator,

Uh-Huh, what a great question! I really mean it.

I can see that you somewhat have knowledge in moden physics. The physical idea of BackTime Travel is quite confusing therefore it ends up with some physics experts believe BackTime Travel is plausible and others do not.

I cannot inform you now the methods on BackTime Travel despite I am not 100% sure if this is plausible. They say it has to do with Blackholes and Wormholes and Gravity, and matters like that. However, to be honest with you, I do not agree with those Physicists. I have to find out how to travel time backward in the same sense as if we want to travel time forward.

I apologize that I cannot answer you now.

Time travel back in time is not possible, you can only travel forward. The universe was created in way that avoids all paradoxes, time travel into the past is extremely paradoxel.
Time Travel doesn't have to be paradoxel. Time travel has the possibility for a paradox, but then again so does real life, where do you think the concept came from. So anyway, don't just get on and say hey, backtime travel is impossible because I said so, that is very bad science.