TIME TRAVEL POLL - Please Take...


Chrono Cadet
Please participate in this time travel survey. How many people who post on this site or view this site:

A. Think they have actually time traveled either by machine, physically, astrally, or spiritually.

B. Have had time altering situations that you cannot readily explain, such as messed up time, missing time, altered time, etc.

C. Knows someone personally besides themselves that fall under A or B.

D. Think there is a posssibility that you personally might time travel in the future.

E. Have vivid dreams or memories of time traveling.

F. Have had some type of alien or angelic encounter or other presence that could not be explained.

G. Currently working or researching to develop a time travel device of somekind.

H. Has knowledge in the area of quantum physics.

I. Doesn't beleive time travel is possible.

J. Beleives time traveling is possible but not until way in the future.

Please choose all the letters that apply to you.


Yeah, I know - I took this from a different post, that one you said Pamela. I just wanted to receive answers from some of the new people that weren't here when that was posted...