Time travel - possible to see past but not future


Chrono Cadet
Here is the only plausible time travel known to most physicists.

First, you create a temporary black hole by creating a gravity well from mass compressed small enough to cause a singularity. Then, you spin the black hole. 2 event horizons will emerge. The faster the spin the closer the event horizons will be to each other. If you reach the critical point of spin, they will merge. This means you can travel through the black hole WITHOUT GOING FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT! You will emerge thousands of light years away. You then simply look back to earth and see what happened thousands of years ago.

This theory is also riddled with holes, such as-

-can we really gather enough mass to create a singularity?
Yes, if we could take jupiter and smash it into the closest red giant.
-will equipment be sophisicated enough to see what happened on earth?
yes, in the vacuum of space things are way more clear.
-can we have a stable enough environment for the black hole?
yes, you would need a perfect vacuum that is bigger than the black hole.

As most people know time travel in any form is impossible, but this way we can see the light that has traveled out for thousands of years, and in a way travel to the past.

-S. Hawkings /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif