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I am writing a reasearch paper on time travel. To do the paper properly I was looking for expert opinions and answers to my questions. If you could answer the following questions, I would be very apreciative.

1) Do you think time travel is possible?

2) In your opinion how long will it be before we have the technology to actually travel through time.

3) What do you feel about the paradoxes involved?
considerind the paradox of going back in time and killing your mother before you were born, what do you think would happen if someone was to try? (they would not be able to, some other woman would suddenly become their mother, the universe will collapse, they will fade away into nothing, they will vanish.)

4) All the article I have read talk about time travel in space, traveling thousands of miles an hour, flying through wormholes, and the like. Would it be possible to travel through time while still on Earth?

If you could get this back to me as soon as possible that would be great. Thank you for your time.

ps. please include you name with your reply.
Call me solokin. I am not at liberty to give my name (for legal as well as temporal reasons

1.) Yes, I think time travel is possible, but it would be extremely hard to achieve backwards time travel. (Future time travel is possible due to Einstein's theory.)

2.) It will probably be in another 500 years that we will able to travel through time by means of a manmade wormhole.

3.) Well paradoxes are just not possible. As a good example to see why, is there some sort of Geometry Police to make sure that you don't square a circle or trisect an angle so that mathematics doesn't blow up? No, it's just not possible to make any paradoxes happen.

4.) No, I'm afraid not. The Earth is constantly moving through out space, as is the solar system and the galaxy. If you were to travel back to 1963, for example, you would have to aim your time machine to a point in space very far away; to where the Earth was back then.

Creedo signs in on asked TT poll:

2.We may, have this technology now.
3.Observe some offworld protocols in time travel and don't kill anyone, when you TT.
4.Yes <font color="red"> [/COLOR]
Ok.. I was talking to my bro and he gave me this question: If you think time travel is possible. Why is it that we have never seen a time traveler from the future?

any opinions?
There are several reasons as to why we haven't seen a time traveller from the future:

1.) They are very skillful at hiding from us,

2.) One cannot physically travel back to the past; only look backwards,

3.) One cannot time travel back past the point at when the time machine was first created.

Other than that, I'm not sure.