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Am I just imagining that Time~Travel is possible? or did I understand correctly, that Dr. Anderson has "Proven" it to become a reality?

"Everything you know,...is Wrong!
soon we shall all discover the truth."

I went there to the web site and read some of the stuff there about time warp field technology.
GMD says: So this is all theoretical, right?
Anderson answers: No the technology is real.

when asked if it is the goal to produce a time machine.
Anderson answers that he wont deny that some of their research focuses in that direction.

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Dr. Anderson states that reverse time travel CAN be achieved without having to travel faster than the speed of light. Using a rotating cylinder, rotation of matter causes a distortion in space time. The distortion can become powerful enough to twist time around a rotating cylinder. Now wether or not he's doing this, I don't know. His research center does not have guided tours. I believe I heard he had stopped time.
Well, he couldn't actually be doing it. Even his own website says that the thread, or cylinder, would need to be about 10 times the mass of the sun, and to work perfectly would need to be infinitely long. I think we'd notice it if something like this were anywhere in the neighbourhood of the solar system.

And actually, one could only travel back in time to the point of creation of the cylinder. Another example of 'soft' time travel, where you can't mess around with ancient history.
Let's follow a hypothetical traveller around the cylinder. As he enters the area of space-time distortion, his light cone becomes more and more tilted relative to the 'outside world', allowing him to travel back in time at sub-light velocities. What happens when he reaches the point of creation of the cylinder? No longer is the cylinder warping spacetime, and no longer is his light cone tilted. Therefore, he can no longer travel back in ime at sublight velocities.
Well, yeah, but taking parallel universes into account, you can just say that he jumped into a universe where the cylinder had been around longer, and used that one. Which is effectively the same thing - you can't travel to before that cylinder was built without switching universes again, and so on. But doing this, you don't need to build the thing at all, as you just need to side-step into a parallel universe where it already exists. Other than doing that, I don't see how parallel universes help the matter.
The type of universe-hopping you're suggesting is fundamentally different than the many-worlds method of avoiding paradoxes. In the many-worlds idea, the act of travelling back in time moves you to another universe, *exactly* the same as the one you left, except that your continued existence no longer requires that the you in the new universe remain alive. So you can go back and kill yourself, and not have to worry that you'll cease to exist. It's just a method of avoiding paradox, and communication with other universes is strictly forbidden. But in your idea, you're actually moving to a universe that already split off from our own, quite some time ago. If you could do that, it just becomes silly - who needs to build a time machine? Just jump into a universe that already has one! Who needs to go to work? Just jump to a universe where it's the weekend! But the universes that split off earlier aren't connected to us in any way any more. So how could you get to them?
If I knew, I'd skip this week and get to the weekend already

But I think the Tipler Cylinder would act as a focal point, linking all the universes (where the cylinder exists) together. And since the number of universes is infinite, you can indeed do as you described, since those possibilities exist.
To quote your last Janus;..."communication with other universes is strictly forbidden."

Says who?
and by what authority?
and what do you have to put into words to demonstrate proof of such nonsense?

Now it's "Your Turn" to prove somthing!
You are always asking everyone else to back up their words with some element of proof, wich you are quick to pick apart any attempt to do so.

Now it is your turn Janus, so lets see you take a stab at it, by taking a dose your of own medicine!

********PROVE IT ! *********************

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Parallel universe travel would raise alot of issues. If you entered another universe, you would be adding more energy to it. This would be a violation of the conservation of energy.

There would have to be some kind of exchange.
I truely believe that we-mankind in general- over think everything. All the complexities we envision may not have any thing to do with the realities of time travel. Other universes may not be effected by our entering. We may not be effected by time travel and time travel and other dimensions may be an entirely seperate entities. All our speculation is just that.
You still can't ignore this though. It would be the equivilant of pouring a glass of water in a bucket of water already filled to the brim. This doesn't mean it would be a problem though.

Perhaps the excess energy will fill up the gap left in this universe by your departure. Perhaps the same effect is true for time travel as well.
Well, that's a dumb idea mokrie dela. Are you saying then that what ever anyone thinks, is just that, and that it carries no significance what's so ever? If I think about punching someone in the nose, and I do it, isn't that what I thought and did it?

Your beginning to sound like some of those ancient philosophers who thought about nothing better for hundreds of years debating if they exist or not. Which is plainly obvious, that Life does exists. DUH... That's a no brainer.

Over thinking nothing, complexities are there. Life is full of them. It's all still a mystery in a way, but 1 thing is certain. It exists. It's never in our heads...

-Javier C.

P.S. Don't take it personal. But I'm an Activist. In case you haven't noticed yet.

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Time02112: Why should I have to prove my statement, when no-one has made an effort to prove any of the statements I've challenged in previous posts? Maybe I should just say "Clear your minds and let the thoughts flow - proof will come in good time".

But, unlike others, I will attempt to explain. The many worlds theorem was devised as a way of getting around time travel paradoxes. If free travel between parallel universes is allowed, its value at avoiding paradoxes is nullified. The traveller could time travel, get tossed into another universe, and then just hop back to his original universe, kill his earlier self, and create a paradox. Allowing communication between universes defeats the point of having those universes in the first place - you might as well have one universe, with all the normal paradoxes still in place. So unless you want to switch to a philosophical "Everything can happen" argument, if universe-hopping is permitted, then the many-worlds theorem is pointless.

TTA: You said:
"Well, that's a dumb idea mokrie dela."
Now who's attacking other people's ideas without cause? She was expressing a philosophical point of view, which can't be denied with a simple "DUH... That's a no brainer."
I may be a DUH, But I still believe that quite often the simplest solution is the best one and the simplest theory often the one that ends up the correct one. I believe strongly that time travel and dimensional travel are totally possible and totally seperate entities. They exist in seperate space and time lines. I never said anyone had to agree with me. Just my opinion.