"The future ain't what it used to be."

Time Travel responsible for Crystal Ball legend


Jenny Randles (1), in discussing Dr Gregory Benford's comments in his novel Timescape, where he argues that the first serious experiments in time travel will one day involve the sending back through time of electronic signals using the principles of quantum mechanics, she says
"But it is by no means improbable that, if some way to send images through time is discovered (as it may well be in the near future), it will involve energy fields that could be modulated and detected by equipment such as TV sets and VCRs".

In Ronald Pegg’s autobiography The Bible History and his PaRDeS Book 9 - About the Author (2) he gives ‘accounts’ that his Clock Radio and Computer “gave him messages as numbers” which helped him find evidence for his Study into the source of the ancient myths (and much more).

When I first came across Pegg’s testimony I was sceptical, but now that I have found out that scholars are predicting this exact type of thing as the first steps of time travel, it all falls into place and makes sense.

On his web site Pegg presents volumes of evidence to support his claim that a number of modern objects were sent back in time to the Mediterranean region. He believes that these objects and their associated imagery were the source of the Atlantis Myth (plus many other ancient legends and stories).
One of those objects was The Grolier Encyclopedia, Release 6 multimedia CD-Rom.

Therefore consider;
When this historical CD-Rom is run on your computer, you see images and information of the past on the screen.
In the past, when this same historical CD-Rom was viewed by people of the Middle Ages (for example) they saw the same images and information, but to them it was ‘future events’.
The computer’s monitor (without the plastic casing) would be seen to be a roundish mass of glass. ie. a crystal ball that gives ‘future’ readings.

(1) Time Storms, Jenny Randles, Judy Piatkus (Publishers) Limited, London, 2001.
(2) The Bible History and PaRDeS, The Secret Garden Book 9, Ronald Pegg, P.P.H.C., 1999.
Pegg\'s discoveries about Time Travel

Hi Dan,
The extracts that I have posted are from the many books authored by the Australian researcher, Ronald Pegg.
He has written over 20 Research and Discovery books (which are available for examination from his web site) plus his autobiography.
I have been studying his theories and evidence for over 4 years.
Much of his evidence is visual, and can also be found via his web site.

The 'crystal ball' paragraph is my comment, and came to me when I remembered something my father showed me when he was fixing a television one day. Without its outer covering, the 'tube' looked somewhat like the ancient descriptions of a 'glass mirror' or the 'crystal ball' concept.

The Queen of France described part of the apparatus of Nostradamus as a 'magic mirror'. Combine this information with Pegg's comprehensive evidence that specific CD-Roms are described by many ancient people in many and varied texts including Nostradamus.
One of the CD-Roms described is The Grolier Encyclopedia which to us shows the past, but when viewed in the mid 1500's by Nostradamus showed him the future.
Hence my analogy that the 'future information' was seen on a ball of glass by Nostradamus (and other past people).

A compilation of some of Pegg's discoveries can be found in the News & Evaluation edition of Ancient Chronicles Unsealed but it is only available in Australia at the moment.
Details can be found at http://www.chariot.net.au/users~pphc/

His web site access address is currently http://www.ronpeggdiscoveries.com/password.html

Re: Pegg\'s discoveries about Time Travel

Where they got the crystal ball idea from, is from wizards in very old times, that would appear in event shells.

Our memory here on Earth, as Earth based man is a concocted species, is very limited.

We all sit as dumb bunnies before the enforced by authority wires, of our conclusions.

There was even silicosis of the workers who had made these crystal balls, as a part of their trade, due to the grinding of the surface of these crystals.

Nostradamus was a fine healer, a humanitarian and a good fellow.

He was a very brave man.

If people know more about him today, he would be more a'kin to folk lore, rather than a guy who sat in a musty old castle room, all of the time.

Seeing into the future, was only one of the many skills Nostradamus had.