"The future ain't what it used to be."




Please participate in the time travel survey:
How many people who post on this site or view this site:

A. think they have actually time traveled either by machine,or physically,or astrally,or spiritually.

B.Have had time altering situations that you cannot readily explain..such as messed up time, missing time, altered time..etc.

C. knows someone personally besides themselves that fall under A or B.

D. think there is a posssibility that you personally might time travel in the future.

E.Have vivid dreams or memories of time traveling.

F.Have had some type of alien or angelic encounter or other presence that could not be explained.

G. currently working or researching to develope a time travel device of somekind.

H. Has knowledge in the area of quantum physics.

I. dont beleive time travel is possible.

J.beleive time traveling is possible but not until way in the future.

please choose all the letters that apply to you.
A No
B Yes
C Yes
D Possibility - yes Probability < 5%[BR>E No
F No
G Currently checking physics journal for related topics but not actively pursuing applied experiments.
H Yes, limited and not formal
I Probably
A: No
B: Yes
C: Yes
D: Yes
E: Yes
F: None Remembered If Any, No
G: Yes
H: Limited
I: No
J: (define "way in the future" - not in my life time) No

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You can read my "Encouner" experience at the link provided, it was in direct relation to what inspred my to become founder of the T.A.P.-T.E.N. Research Foundation.

<A HREF="http://Tap-Ten.org">TAP-TEN Research
T.A.P.-T.E.N. is a non-profit organization that involves a majority of its research in the exploration of time travel, gravity displacement, unified field inertia, and electrostatic propulsion.

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A:No, unless you count the fact that time flies when you're having fun.
B:See A
D:Once I get I get a hold of that technology from the government.
E:Not really.
G:probably in the future in my free time.
H:I know what the speed of light is in mph.
I:Of course it is!
J:The government has the technology right now.
A) No.
B) No.
C) No.
D) Yes, not fervently though.
E) Ooh, tricky! I've had dreams of future events that have come true and other weird happenstances, but I'd have to say right now: No.
F) No.
G) Yes.
H) Yes, but not as much as I'd like. I have a book on quantum field theory that starts with Lagrangian and Hamiltonian dynamics (where I left off at the university).
I) No.
J) Yes.

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That is one of the most interesting experiences I have read. you can get a lot of information from reading an experience by how the person describes what they saw, what they looked like and their mode of transportation.how they moved, if their was a vortex action,how it was affecting the individual such as dizziness, electrical reactions, electromagnetic, light and gravity distortions of spacetime when they came through. and etc.
There are other dimensions out there but alot of people wont beleive it until they have their own experience. I beleive they are aware of us and they know who to keep an eye on. after all discovery of time or interdimensional travel would affect other worlds also not just our own.
1. No
2. This is yet to be determined to be determinable.

5. No
6. No
9.No, I do believe time travel is possible but time travel into the future requires a different technique then travel into the past.
10. I believe that time travel will be both available and perfected within the next ten years if we take our time.
I:Time Travel is not, has not and never will be possible!

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A. I have made four temoral flights. The first was an orientation to get used to the physical demands of gravity distortion. The second was a training and emergency preparedness mission. The third was a solo training mission. The fourth was my first mission that brought me to this worldline.

B. No

C. Yes. I am part of an Army unit based in Florida in 2036. There are at least ten other C204 and two C206 distortion machines that I am aware of.

D. Yes

F. No

G. No

H. Enough to know how the unit works. My are of expertise is in pre 21st century history.

I. No

J. The basic math and physics for "time travel" are here on this world line now. The physics breakthrough will happen at CERN in about a year or so.
A No
B No
C Sure, doesn't everybody?
D Not really
E Dreams, sure. Memories, no.
F No
G Not actively
H Yes, it's growing all the time.
I No
J Well, if it were happening in the future, by definition it'd be happening now too, right?