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Well I don't know how to start off so I guess I just will. My name is Michael and I would like to post my theory of time travel. I believe time travel is possible but like many before me have said such travel would most likely create an alternate universe. My explanation is simply because if time travel to the past were possible wouldn't it have all ready happened? By which I mean to this time line. Wouldn't someone from what present time's future come here and "release the answers of the universe" so to speak? So I'd like to state my theory of time travel. My theory is that if an object could move faster than the speed of light then it will catch up to the electro-magnetic energy that has been given off of the world from the begining to that time period. Thus opening a portal to the past or rather a past, so to speak.
Hi xsuit. I am also a young student (college sophomore) and new to this site. I believe that it has happened (time travel to this time-line), but the person that travelled would not affect our reality because of the sheer stubborness of the human race/conciousness.

We are a civilization that is extremely rooted in the physical at this point in time, and what we have experienced throughout our lives as concrete interactions with this physical reality is the only thing that we recocgnize as legit (this is a generalization).

anyone who claims to be a time traveler will not be allowed to reach a point in our world were they have the power to alter our perception of this universe any more than what the collective conciousness is ready to accept as the next step for humanity. By this I mean that we as a whole can, WILL ONLY ALLOW OURSELVES TO, see only that which is considered necessary (materialistic consciousness adheres to the path of least potential) for the timeline to move forward. I believe that reality is actually created by consciousness.

without consciousness (as meek as an atom or as powerful as jesus christ) there would be no existence. And yes i did say that the atom is a conciousness, like the quark, the electron, and all physical entities. This consciousness may be no more than the committment to follow a set of given rules, but is still there in my book.

Now, with that conciousness comes the creation of reality - one conscousness interacts with another, causing a transfer of information, and the rise of energy (which is just a change in potential, that potential being the available direction/ state of the conciousness/conscious entities which make up the lattice).

This is the fundamental reality, which gives rise to the macro world. Now whenever you have a vast number of interacting conscious entities, and ample time is given for the inescapable ordering of those entities, the evolution of the collective consciousness arises. Now you have human beings, and other complex creatures.

Each set of entities follows a prescribed set of fundamental laws, until their complexity reaches a limit. then they are free to manipulate the very interactions which make up their spirit, and choice/free will now enters the picture.

Youre perobably wondering how any of this relates to time travel, but bear with me I'm gettin there. I believe that each conscious entity exists out of time. time exists for this entity (the entity is an observer), but it does not exist in time. time for it is the rate of interaction between it and its environment. remove the interaction and you remove the entity from that time line. Now, when this removal occurs, that entity exists as an imprint on the dimension which it occupied due to the resonance of its consciousness. It is now virtual. whenever the pattern of its existence is called upon however, (by a particle interaction, etc.) it comes back into existence, now in a different timeline.

this is the mechanism of time. We are made up of a seemingly infinite amount of these particles, all zipping in and out of existence. If we want to travel in time (actually, time doesn't exist, only location on the bandwith of available resonant states) all we have to do is zero in on the resonant state we would like to assume, and then make a choice to become this state.

This "small" act has proven damn near impossible, however, for our logic hasn't found a path that leads in this direction, all while maintaining the smallest jump in the resonant state of the collective conscious.

This "relative resonance bandwith" that I spoke of earlier is the drawing board of god. It is where his creation takes place. Time is an integral part of the creation, but I think it can be manipulated. all we would be doing is travelling through the fabric of existence, to the point of our choice - with a heck of a lot of computing power needed to get us there (or we could use technology to amplify our grasp on the incredible power god has already given us - the power to directly influence consciousness)

This is the hypothesis I keep returning to in my search for understanding.

I love this board...

*applauding at free thinking*

It's all in the vibration..Pamela touched on it once upon a time I believe *still smiling*

I shall return simply to rejuvenate the spirit and reinforce my belief that hope springs eternal :-)

Be safe and dream sweetly.

One more thing - I forgot to give my insight on the question you posed about surpassing the speed of light to break through the fabric of reality.

I don't think the light barrier can be surpassed because it is purely a physical law. once we get into the manipulation of time, I don't think velocity would be an accurate description of the change in state of the object, therefore defeating light speed is not the case - you are actually travelling BETWEEN the conditions that impose the speed limit.

I think a change of resonant state, not a change in physical position is required for motion through the fabric of reality. one needs to literally reproduce the resonant state of the object it once was, to travel to that past position in the time grid. It is a little simpler to go forward from ones starting position however. you would need to create a curved local spacetime as a resonance shield, so that the state of objects around you could not be impressed on the object.

The distance into the future depends on the curvature of the surrounding spacetime. as the spacetime is returned to ambient, the surrounding environment does the rest for you - it "sucks" you back in to its resonant state, since you never fully left it in the first place. to get back, find your previous state. Accuracy of past timeline placement is a factor of the quality of the snapshot/prediction of the previous resonant state.
It seems that consciousness is the carrier wave of existence. Everything flows from it.
Wow thanks for your insites RICHAR18. You really had alot to write. I would like to say through that I am still much much youger than you and don't have the reasources that you do. Me still being in JR High. Well I'd just like to state the theory of quantum mechanics and quantum realities, that anything around us can have a major effect on time or rather the outcome of the future. You know, like if the cve man who discovered fire desided to sleep in that day, to quote from Dr. VonSchnelling. And that if a traveler from the future came to this time line in the past, to him then where ever he landed would change the events in time. Every blade f grass he steps on, every particle of oxygen he inhakes, and every piece of dead skin he sheds, again to quote. They will change the effects of time causing a possible chaos or slip or slipting of a time line. And isn't it scientists though that try to in some ways break those preset rules set by the conscious? But again breaking the light speed barrier is just a limatation to the human mind. If you open your mind to new ideas then you might understand that things that are considered impossible in one time will one day or another be considered possible. Just because it seems not possible now doesn't mean it won't later. And another thing my feeling are that time travel to the future are impossible right now because of the sheer reality that the future has not yet been desided. Though as you were saying about God, then the future is already existant. Like it has been said in the Bible, God knows what will happen before it does he knows the begining and the end. Which would mean that the future to the human race at this time is full of infintesmal possibilities though to higher beings, God, then the future for the human race has already been desided.
good thinking, you sure you're only in jr high? pretty impressive. Well, I guess I have to explain myself further. By discovering the light speed barrier, mankind discovered a limitation of our materialistic reality. We discovered the glass bottle that prevents us from escaping to "the outside world", the realm THAT CAUSES physical reality. This limitation will always hold, unless we find the opening in the bottle that connects us to real existence.

The glass walls of the bottle are inpenetrable; in order for us to sustain our physical existence, we must stay in these walls. However, we can find a way AROUND these walls, and escape the bottle. the way around these walls is to create our own local bottle, and then proceed out of the opening of the larger bottle, into the space between existence. The local bottle provides a decoupling mechanism from the spacetime inside the large bottle, while sustaining the laws of nature by keeping the relationship between the matter contained, and the laws imposed upon that matter.

The "local bottle" describes a curved local spacetime, where the matter within that spacetime sees itself as existing within the confines of a normal time/space zone, while it sees the matter outside this curved spacetime as existing in a spacteime completely different from its own.

This difference in realities between what is within the locally curved spacetime, and the outside world, happens because the laws of nature are inherent in the fabric of space. A small disturbance of spacetime (an event) sets forth a ripple, the category of ripple determined by the type of event. this ripple is only a gradient in the density of the local spacetime, oscillating and spreading due to the disturbed spacetime wanting to return back to its ambient condition.

The relative time it takes for this information (the wave) to get to another location in space is proportional to the willingness of spacetime to be changed from its ambient state, to take on the properties of the wave, and continue its propagation. A curved spacetime is obviously different from ambient (hence "curved"), therefore the conditions in this spacetime are different than outside it.

You have effectively, partially isolated yourself from the laws of nature in your previous spacetime, but still have laws of your own to follow within your own spacetime. By exceeding the speed of light, you are no longer physical, because you have ripped apart the laws which describe the very essence of your physical body.
What I wrote previously is my interprettion of relativity, and I think that what you said about opening your mind to other possibilities is definitely true. Just because we may not be able to break a rule however, does not mean there are no other ways to get where you want to go. And I believe that is where the open mindedness comes into play. Consider this: You are trapped in what seems like a dark box. You feel walls all around you, and the top looks just like the bottom, because it is pitch black. You know for a fact that trying to bust through a wall is not going to work, so what do you do? you jump as high as you can, grab the top of the wall, and pull yourslef over the top. you achieved the same in the end, as if you could in fact break through the wall, by jumping over it. Youre standing on the other side! I think this is like the light speed problem, because by applying a force as we know it from a stationary object to the one that we want to move, we can NOT POSSIBLY accelerate that object faster than light speed. But if we disconnect the object's reality from the reality of the stationary entity, apply a force in its new reality (whose time is a calculated amount faster IN RELATION TO the other reality), and then put the object back into its original realty (at its new position), we have stepped past the light barrier and achieved the same thing as if we could surpass the speed of light!
Wow richar18 I must really say that you have alot of good points and I truly believe that if a law can't be broken it can still be compromissed or atleast a loop hole can be found in it. But I would just like to state my complete theoryof time travel. Now I figure if an objest can be moved faster than the speed of light then it will be able to see the electromagnetic waves the have been given off from our worlds past experiences. Now to achieve such a high speed log enough I figured such a speed would possibly be able to be achieved in space. A vast, endless, void without friction. And to achieve such a speed I figured it woud take a pretty long time to for the greastest scientists in the world to create a new "super fuel" and new "super engines", so I figured maybe if the fastest space ship could travel at its top speed and use say a large planet. It could use the planets gravity to sling-shot itself to a new plateu of speed. A speed maybe fast enough to catch up with light. And after researching in my school's library I've found that the speed of light is aprox. 300,000 m.p.s (miles per second) and tha the fastest maned vehicled had achieved a speed of 24,792 m.p.h (miles per hour) and that the fastest speed attained by an unmaned vehicle was 157,000 m.p.h. So as you can see it may not be a possibility right now but one day technology will get there.
Maybe we should forget about the speed of light for once and for all. I think it's getting in the way of a real solution.
Dear Xsuit,

You are very young but also very wise. I agree with the theory that you stated conscerning the breaking of the velocity of light. I also agree with the theory of resonance stated by Richor18.

The reason I agree with both is because I believe them both to be unified mechanisms. What you stated about an object intersecting with all it's electro-magnetic energy from the very beginning of creation to the present at the point the object reaches the velocity of light, especially, is most accurate.

I believe that as the object accelerates to the velocity of light the object compresses all the light waves from the objects past in the direction that it is traveling to an infinitely thin plane making all the light waves from the objects entire history exist is the exact same spot at the exact same time.

I believe that all of the light from that travels away from the object(that is in the opposite direction from the objects trjectory-if that is the correct word.) Gets compressed to a singularity at the back of the object by the infinite forces of gravity created by the objects extreme infinite density at the velocity of light.

In short all the light reflected away from the object throughout history gets sucked back into the object as space becomes infinitely warped by the gravitiational field produce by the object accelerated to the velocity of light.

I might add that the the reason that the object(and this is my oppinion only) increases to an infinite density as the object accelerates to the velocity of light is because the amount of kenetic energy applied to push or accelerate the object aproaches the amount of static energy(or energy-mass) that is contained in the object as the object accelerates to the velocity of light.

Now if you take any two masses and try to shove them into the exact same space--which is to bring those masses or energies into perfect inphase alignment-- the density of those masses increases to infinity. This is because you are confining two different energies-or what I like to call--two integral energies into the same space at the same time. This is what happens when one accelerates the object to the velocity of light.

To accelerated an object one adds a fraction of the energy contained in the mass of the object over a period of time to accelerate that object to a velocity less then the velocity of light.

To accelerate a mass to the velocity of light one must apply in a single instant of time 10E-43s (ie the plancs temperal length..I think) the amount of energy contained in a mass to that mass which is sufficient to accelerate that mass to the velocity of light--since the amount oif kenetic energy that is added to the object to accelerate it to the velocity of light is equal to the amount of static energy contained in the mass at the velocity of light hypothetically at the instant that the mass breaks the light barrier.

Now to explain the simularities of resonation and velocity. Again I could be wrong even in my interpretation of the definition of resonance. So feel free to correct me.

Resonance is a product vibration which is a product of compresion or varying amplitude or charge at various timing. The timing is measured as frequency which is defined as the time it takes for a particular section of a point on wave to pass a given point twice( with the starting point being the first point).

The amount of energy contained in the wavelength is measured in amplitude which is measured(I believe in watts-which is volts*amps. However I could be wrong about that so you might want to double check.)

Now as an object is compressed the density of that object or energy density of that object increases. Now at some point of compression the density of the object will increase to infinity. The object will not be compressed to a point but will be significantly smaller in it's radius at the instant that the infinite density is reached.

Now at the end of the instant that the object's static energy was matched by the applied kenetic energy the oject will compress instantly to an infinitely small point an beyond to imbedd itelf into a superluminal universe through through inductive dispacement.

The object upon accelerating beyond it's own center mass would leave behind the combined energy of the mass and kenetic energy all in the form of energy. This would accur at the instant the infinite density and/or superluminal state was reached. The energy would spread out like a big expanding bubble in the form of an intense gamma ray pulse.

In order to compress an object one must apply two equal energies uniformly on both halves of the three dimensional shperes such that the two vectors' averages totals 180 opposite applied force and must collide at the centermass and/or the center of balance of the mass.

The result of applying two equal and opposite forces results in the counteraction of the work done by the forces making those forces static(thus the object does not move to the right or left but remains in the same place since you are pushing on all sides of the object with equal force).

Now if you apply the kenetic energy to only one side of the object the work done by that energy is not counteracted by any opposite applied energy and therefore does accelerates in the direction that the vector of the applied force force is pointing(that is when you apply force to one side of the object it moves in the direction that the object is being pushed because no one is pushing the other side of the object to stop it from moving).

So the only difference between pushing the object(or accelerating an object) and compressing the object is that to push an object one pushes one side of the object while to compress an object one pushes on both sides of an object. So in essence both of your theories are correct Since resonance is measurement of vectored compression with the upper limit being infinite compression at infinite density.

While acceleration in a particular direction is a measure of vectored kenesis with an upper limit being the speed of light with the object having both an infinite density and compression at the velocity of light.

Therefore there is no difference between acceleration and compression on the mathematical with the acception that compression results in a counteraction of vectored energy to result in the build up of static energy in the object while the acceleration results in the counteraction of work on the object in one dimension while simultanseoulsy counteracting the work done on the object in three dimensions by applying that energy in the same space that the energy mass is confined thereby building up compression between the energy applied in one direction and the energy in the form of mass itself resulting in reaching a maximum compression between the scalar energy of mass and the vectored energy of kenesis equal to the energy of both the kenetic energy and the energy mass.

Thus you have three different energies being built up within a when you accelerate that mass to the velocity of light. You build up kenetic energy in the direction that you are pushing the object.

You are building up deflected energy that is accrued by the pressure between the static-scalar energy of mass and the kenetic energy which is being applied in the same space as the mass.

And then you have the scalar-static mass that makes up the matter itself. Now I must mention that the deflected energy that is accrued in the form of pressure between the kenetic energy that you are applying to accelerate the object and the static energy of the mass that you are accelerating deflects back in the opposite direction that the kenetic energy is being appied thus creating resistance to acceleration. At the velocity of light the resistant energy and the applied kenetic energy approaches the amount of energy contained in the mass at the speed of light.

Now at subluminal speeds there is a delay between the deflected energy which is the affect and the applied energy which is the cause which is due to the finite density of the mass thereby making the deflected energy appear as less always significantly less then the applied energy although in reality the two forces are always equil.

Like wise, if the deflected energy between the mass and the applied kenetic energy to the mass were to deflect back at the velocity of light: which would be infinite velocity if the density of the mass was infinite, then the delay of the applied kenetic energy( which is the time it takes for the energy to move from your hand to the mass, be deflected, and travel back to your hand,(( which can also be measure as a sine frequency in that you have point of energy going out and returning to the same point in space creating a cycle.)) ) would be infinitismal.

Thus all the energy applied to the object would travel to the mass and back to the hand instantely making it impossible to move the object with any finite force applied per instant of time. If this proscess were to be graphed on a spectroscope as the velocity of kenetic energy applied approches infinity as the energy density of the mass aproaches infinite then the number of times that a point on the kenetic energy wave can travel back and forth between your hand and the mass increases infinite as the velcocity of the kenetic applied energy reaches infinite as the density of the energy-mass approches infinite.

When you have an infinite number of points traveling between your hand and the mass and back in a single instant you have and/or also have an infinite number of kenetic wave cycles going between your hand and the mass and back per instant.

Since the number of cycles per second is a measure of frequency and since the number of instants in a second is equal to 10E-43(I believe but could be wrong) then when the number of cycles in an instant approaches infinite number of cycles every 10E_43 seconds then the frequency of the kenetic energy is said to be infinite.

This explains that as an object beomes more dense the frequency of that object increases as a result of the compression of the bandwidth of the kenetic energy which results in an increase to the frequency of the kenetic energy.

Now if 10E_43 s is the fastest known frequency and/or the shortest length of time in the present then this time is instantaneous between all points in present time. Object having an applied energy that is equil in amplitude to the energy contained in it's mass that vibrates at the frequency 10E_43 times will make that object stationary in time.

Is to increase the density of the object to infinity and is to thereby increase the frequency of that object to infinity. Now since the frequency of the energy in the mass is infinite and the density of the mass is infinite the gravitational mass is also infinite.

Now an instant is mathematically equivelant to zero. If therfore you were to subtract a quantity from zero you would infact be adding a quantity within zero thus giving that quantity a negative value. If you subract a quantity from zero that quantity will be a multiple of the quantity zero with a negative value.

A multiple with a negative value is a fraction. Now once you subtract a quantity from zero if you divide, and that quantity being a negative multiple and therfore being a fraction, you would have to multiply that quantity by itself an infinite number of times in order to get a fraction of that quantity that is equal to the number zero. Thus to have an infinite number of cycles in time is to have a finite negative quantity of mass.

The question is what determines the amount of that mass? This question I will address at a later date. However the point I am trying to get at is that when you have an infinite number of cycles in an instant in time you also have an infinite number of cycles an half of an instant in time which is one instant of negative time(one instant in the past).

Now you have an infinite number of cycles in the previous instant in time or the negative instant in time as have in the present instant in time and since these cycles accure in the same space at the same instant you have a frequence that is constant through out the past instant and the present instant.

Thus you have a constant frequency that resonates simultaneous in the past present and possibly the future(I am very leary to that this is true of the future because there are mechanisms that corespond to seperating the absolute future from the present and past and these undiscovered mechanisms might affect the frequency that is constant in the past and present.

So in short if you apply the amount of kenetic energy that is equal to the amount of static energy in mass at an infinite frequency you will cause that object to resonate on the frequency of time that is the same throughout all times from the present to the past. This might enable the object to have the potential to interact with all times in the present and past.

What do you all think? Does this sound logical?


Edwin G. Schasteen

p.s. Just to add I think that to add the amount of kenetic energy equil to the amount of energy in that mass at a single instant in time is to create an infinite compression of the bandwidth of the energy in that mass infinately increasing and frequency of that mass to be simultaneous to the squareroot of resonant frequency of a point which is 10E_43s at a wavelength equal to the square root of the plancks length of 10E_35m. Since 10E_35m is the shortest possible spatial distance within the shortest possible length or division of time 10E_43s, then the square root of these values must have a negative value. So when the density of energy approaches a state of absolute continuity and/or absolute fluidity or uniformity the density is undivided throughout time(not infinite). There is a difference between infinity and continuus, all the times I stated "infinite" in this post I was really meaning continuus. Continuus means that throughout time the mass is unchanged. That means that if time were divided infinitely continuity of mass would increase to a negative value. So with respect to the value of time but if time becomes continuus then the continuity of mass increases to positive infinity giving the mass infinite resolution of uniformness but in neither case is energy added or taken away from the mass. The resonant frequency of infinitely density mass or the wavelegth of the kenetic energy and energy mass is 10E_35m which is modulated a carrier wave, which is the temperal wave, with a wavelength that is the square root of 10E_43m. Since both of these values are fractions of the minimum values in present space time both of these wavelengths will have a negative value. So the spacial wavelength 10E_35^1/2 will be composed of negative energy and the smaller wavelength to which the spacial wave is modulated(the time wave)10E_43^1/2 will have a negative time component and will therefore be superluminal. Thus compressing a mass to a singularity and/or accelerating a mass to the velocity of light is to convert that energy and kenetic energy of that mass to anti-energy and anti-matter and simultanseously to give the time that this mass occupies a negative time value this converting this mass of dense nuetrons into a mass of tachyons. (a hypothetical superluminal particle that increases in energy as it slow to the speed of light from a superluminal speed and decreases in energy as it accelerates to greater velocities beyond the velocity of light). Therefore beyond the centermass of every object and field is the past of that object and field. Therefore is you can pry apart the point or centermass of a field you could affectively create a conduit to chanel this existant superluminal past energy into the present by causing the resonant frequency of the field to increase to a state of continuity, or for simplicity of visualization's sake, infinity. Thus matching the superluminal frequency to the constant frequency throughout superluminal and subluminal and luminal space-time enabling energy transferance from to be conducted along this energy wave as a result of the inphaseness of the frequenies and amplitudes and bandwidths of the energies involved.

What do you all think? Does this sound plausible


Edwin G. Schasteen
rgrunt: I'm curious as to your background. You say you don't have much knowledge when it comes to physics, yet you continuously spout incredible theories such as the above!
I don't fully understand it (I need to read it about 7 more times), but it felt so close to what I have intuitively felt (felt, being the key word - I have not been able to put my theories in words just yet) that it must have some significance! It is also close to what I have been studying as scalar electromagnetics/vacuum engineering. I don't understand those theories yet either, but I am young yet and I have a full life ahead of me.

There is one thing though that is bugging me:
how is it possible to reach the speed of light, when doing so is essentially pushing matter to null? It would also take infinite force to do so. That is why Einstien said it was impossible. Between you and me, (two separate inertial frames) the speed of light can not be seen to be reached by either of us - nor can it be reached if you were pushing on me with any amount of force. However, if you were to decouple from physical existence and remain outside the confines of the communication between you and me, the effects of reaching the speed of light could be seen in the end, but I don't think we could actually say: "he ripped himself from the fundamental law that governs physical interaction, all while remaining intact", or "he travelled faster than the speed of light without isolating himself from the reference frame where the final result was to be seen". The process which leads to this final result seems more akin to teleportation (a local version of time travel, I think).

I definitely wish to communicate further on this subject, your theories are most touching.

Brandon Richardson
Dear Brandon,

My name is Gary,

I am currently serving in the United States Marine Corps as an intermediate Hydraulics mechanic. I have taken college Algebra and English 100. As of now this is the extent of my education.

I appreciate the reply and for your input as well. Your question is a good one. I believe that the answer is to generate an extremely dense photon field around the craft and the allow the acceleration mechanism to propel the craft from inside the field. I believe that as your increase the density of energy within a system that the density of space within that system diminishes.

This is what I believe is responcible for gravity. For example, if you take a material and heat it up, the molecules in that material speed up. Now the amount of kenetic energy within each molecule is conserved-that is- it is not increased. However since the increase energy density decreases the density of the medium space through which the molecules propagate the velocity at which the molecules propagate increases.

It is the same with any wave through any medium if you increase the density you increase the velocity of the wave that travels through that medium(in some cases). I believe that on the quantum level to increase the density of energy such as an electron results in the decrease in density of spacetime that the energy occupies which decreases the radius of the energy itself and results in a low pressure space-time within the highly dense energy particle.

Now on the molecular level I believe that it works a little differently. Now by increasing the density of energy at the molecular level decreases the density of space-time within the mass particles themselves thereby decreasing the weight of the particles.

Thus the particles having the same amount of kenetic energy within them accelerates to a higher velocity as a result the decreased space-time density which the particles occupy.

This acceleration results in a greater transfer of kenetic energy upon striking other molecules which replenishes the heat through the generation of heat through friction. Now heat is measured as the number of thermal photons per given space.

So to increase temperature is to increase the number of thermal photons in a given region of space. Now heat is one frequency of light but there are many others. Your have gamma photons, x-rays, and infer-red as well.

As a matter of fact you have the entire electro-magnetic spectrum. The electro-magnetic field is one frequency of light that has a significant kenetic properties. If you were to create an extremely dense electromagnetic field around a device so as to decrease the density of space time that all the molecules in your ship occupy, it would require a lot less kenetic energy to accelerate your ship so long as the energy is applied inside the ships dense field.

To be more presice, if you were to increase the energy density within and around your ship to infinity, it would require zero applied kenetic energy within to the ship within the infinitely dense field to accelerate the ship to the velocity of light which would be infinite within the and approxametly 186,000 mps outside the field.

So what I am saying is if you create an extremely dense photon field around any object it requires less effort or kenetic energy to accelerate that object to a given speed.

However, if you apply the kenetic energy to the object on the outside of the field then the amount of energy to accelerate the mass to the velocity of light will always be infinite. This is why I believe that photons are able to have a sustained acceleration at the velocity of light, that is, because the density of the energy in that photon is so great that the amount of energy required to accelerate that photon is nerely zero and the energy to accelerate the photon is applied within the photon itself so that this energy litterally does zero work and is therefore neverlost.

I believe that when one takes the acceleration mechanism outside the photon field that the energy required to accelerate the photon increases dramatically and that friction is created and the photon expends the energy that was accelerating it. The photon upon expending this energy assumes the form of mass. All of this goes along with my previous post to suggest that the amount of energy needed to accelerate a mass to the velocity of light is the amount of energy contained in the mass.

Well upon applying the energy the mass turns into energy and the density of that energy is such that the kenetic energy within that mass is sufficient to accelerate the velocity of light.

Since the density of the energy-mass is infinite the amount of work done by this kenetic energy which accelerates the energy to the velocity of light is zero and therefore the energy remains luminally accelerated indefinately as long as the kenetic energy remains within the energy field of infinite density.

Now if you take this kenetic energy out of the photon the kenetic energy will begin to do work in an attempt to sustain the luminal velocity of the mass and will quickly be expended.

Now since the mass has lost it's kenetic force upon the expendation of this energy(if expendation is even a word)will decelerate to a subluminal velocity and assume the form of mass agian. This goes hand in hand with the theory in my last post.

Now to produce an infinite energy density one must create exponential acceleration. If one is able to accelerate an object to twice it's velocity in half the time and continue to do this over a preset time, then it is possible to reach an infinite velocity(the speed of light) in a finite period of time. For instance, if accelerate from 2 miles to 4miles an hour in one hour and then accelerate from 4mph to 16mph in the next half hour.

And then if we accelerate to 16^2 mph in the next fifteen minutes and continue to do so every half time until the two hour mark passes, in two hours we will have reached an infinite velocity. (This is not my theory, I read this one in a book called "Infinity and the mind").

The same goes with applying energy if we continue to confined a constant quantity of energy to a confined region we can obtain an infinitely dense medium within a finite period of time.

If we fill a two cubic inch with two cubic inches of air in one second, and continue filling the two cubic inch container with two cubic inches of air every second I believe that we will have reached an infinite air density in either eight or sixteen seconds, I will have to do the math.

Anyhow I guess I should go.

What do you think? Does this sound feasible.


Edwin G. Schasteen
In this book, "Infinity and the Mind", didn't the author also state that it would take an infinite amount of energy to accelerate to this infinite velocity? Infinity is not a number that can be reached, for it describes unity. at infinity, the force is no longer different from the mass that it is accelerating. This means that in order to reach it, you would heve to jump a gap, between the force and the object existing as seperate entities, to the force and object being no longer distinct.

Infinity is a number that can only be strived for, not reached, unless a jump s made from the physical to the infinite. This is what an electron does when it annhilaates with a positron. It CONVERTS into energy instantaneously, without physically trying to reach this infinite state. It's like a precipitation event.
We are playing with infinity, and this should not be so. Infinity is a paradox, when it comes to it being reached. In our theories we should get rid of all infinities, and replace them with the apropriate precipitation event (that is what I call it), which explains a jump from one level to another.
Dear Richard,

I totally agree with you on that point. Your theories above are also very impressive. I heard that the proscess of modifying calculations to get rid of infinities has been dubbed with the term "renormalization" within the physics comunity. Does anyone know if I am right about that or does that term refer to another process?

I believe that all the infinities that i refer to are really just upper limits within the physical domain. For instance, the speed of light is not an infinite speed. The density of a mass when another mass of the exact same quantity occupies the exact same space: as the other mass of same quantity, at the same time the density of those combined masses will be the maximum possible limit of density for mass within the finite universe, or atleast this present one. This is the term mathematical term that I would use to replace the term infinity in all these statements as a more accurate statement. Although the maximum density of a mass might appear as infinity in measurement from the three 4-dimensional universe, the fact is that the measured infinity is really an upper limit. This means that there are greater quantities then the hypthesized horizon that implies as being the quantity infinite for it's identity group. True infinity might be other then a set of progressing sequences versus de-progressive sequences to an absolute upper limit. It might rest as a unified existance. I personally believe that the ultimate and only infinity is God. As wheather certain parts of God are not aware (as thinking) such as the human hand which sends and recieves messages to the brain but is limited to it's own conscious awareness is yet to be seen. I personally think that God is above all human knowlege which is knowlege of God's creation of which God is clearly not a part of, but above and seperate hence the derivation of the term "Holy". I believe that to equate God to as being a stone or a rock or even all of creation is perhaps insulting to God and his majesty. This may be why God would have commanded that no stones be made in his image. I mean consider it, in the Marine corps to be called a stone or a 'Rock' is an insult with the implication that the marine is a rock and therefore extremely stupid. Now if a person wil get so offended at being called a rock imagine how much more a God who is infinitely more intelligent and powerful would get offended at being called the above stated insult.


Edwin G. Schasteen