Time Travel Theories


Temporal Novice
I have been working on the concept of time travel; at the moment I am working on sending signals back in time so I can hear myself talking in the future. The set up is pretty simple. I have more ideas, if you got a scientific background then let me know.
now how exactly would you send signals back in time? First of all, you would have memories of it in the beginning, and therefore have proof that time travel is possible. If you cant remember getting signals from the future, then you are failing miserably in your little experiment.

What i was trying to get at was if you could send signals back this how you would do it:
set up your equipment now, today. Then leave it on, then a 5 days or so later, send the siganl back in time, if it works then you would hear your self in the past talking from the future. Simple.
The future may not have happened yet but the past already has.
okay, so have you already set up your equipment? You should hear yourself now, or if you have already set up the equipment, you should remember hearing yourself. You cant 'change' the past, because it already happened. You must realize the past, present, and future exist at the same time so that means anything you do in the future to affect the past has already had its affects felt by the present.

free981, your statement of "the future may not have happened yet, but the past has" is incorrect-the future has happened, we just haven't gotten there yet.

How are you trying to send signals back in time to yourself?