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Time travel theory



I posted this message a while ago, but nobody commented. I would like your opinions.

I came up with my own theory on how to communicate with yourself in the past. With my technique there are no paradoxes to mess things up.
Now I'm not really a physisist, so I'm making a few assumptions. If I'm horrably wrong in these assumptions, please let me know. As far as I know every body in the universe has a gravitational pull on every other bopdy in the universe. Since we know that space and time are interchangable, bodies in the present are at least slightly effected by bodies in the future and the past.

The end result of the experament would send a short message (perhapse a binary BYTE or WORD) into the past through a computer. We would need a number of heavy pistons (each piston representing a byte). The pistons would need to be able to move back and forth extreemly fast. On one end of each cylander the associated piston is attached to would be a some sort of device which can detect gravitational fields. Every few picoseconds or so, the computer would perform the following steps:

1. Use the gravity senser on each cylander to detect anomylous gravity fields, taking into account the known current location of each piston and background gravity.

2. If the senser can detect a nearby gravity field, than that pistons associated bit is set to one and the piston is moved into position on the side of the senser. Otherwize the bit is assumed to be zero and the piston is moved to the other end. Perform this step once for each senser.

3. Display the number formed by the bits to the screen. This is the number that was sent back in time.

Essentially, each picosecond we are detecting the position of the piston in the imediate future and resending it to the imediate past in a form of linked list.

Now, here's my idea on how to avoid paradoxes. This would only work for transmitting numbers which the computer can easily and quicky interpret. Let's say, for instance, that we wanted to know the lottery numbers for the next game. As soon as the lottery numbers are made available through the internet, the computer would automaticly and autonomously send the message to the past without the aid of a human. The human would not be allowed to see the winning lottery numbers before the computer. Since the information is just a binary number and won't cause the computer to behave differently, no paradox should be generated.

Anyway, that's my idea. Let me know what you think.
First things first. First things second, second things third?????? Admittedly I don't get the princple behind your idea but I surely wouldn't start in worrying about creating a paradox. No time shift; no paradox.

If you are counting on gravity waves to time shift your bits fa-git-a-boud-it. Even if gravity travels at infinite speed all it is going to do is to get every where RIGHT NOW. Infinite speed is a spacelike phenomena not timelike.

My guess as to how to go backwards in time is to go really really slow, as in low tempurature, and high stress force fields. Also guessing again, I'd look for a timic signal in the plane perpendicular to a vertically suspended and stressed cable.

There is little use in speculating about how to construct time shifting equipment that one does not have the where-with-all to build anyway. If you have excess brain power to spend on the project, come up with a way to do it that you CAN ACTUALLY use. Good Luck!

As agent moldy says "The truth is out there"
Well, if time is simply a forth dimention why shouldn't gravity work over it? We assume it doesn't simply because we naturally percieve gravity as a three-dimentional thing. And if gravity does work over it than pistons will exert a small pull on each other across the forth dimention. I'm not expecting the pistons to actually move forward or backward in time, but to shif toward each other in the other three dimentions. This anomoly could be INDIRECTLY used to infer the positions of the pistons in the future and therefore the value of the bits.

Why I'm concerned over creating a paradox is simple. A paradox would naturally occur when one sends anything, even information, back in time. That information would change future events. Since the information is digital, however, I don't think that would be a concern.

I know this isn't clasic time travel since you are only moving information. No actual electrons travel back in time. It's more like predicting the future over the period of picoseconds in a temporal manner similer to a computer programmer's linked list.
You would not have any significance in relation to creating a paradox from whence you originated, however ther is the potential of creating your own paradox, thus meaning that any outcome of altered events on your behalf, would prevent you from returning to the original world-line you left behind, instead you would end up returning to that "Altered" world-line that you created from your own undoing!
By drawing the past into the present would this not result in a unification of all past events located fourth dimensionally between the past events and future events into a single and inseperable event? Would this not result in all events in the infinite past and the infinite future to also aline into a single event that may be considered a fifth dimensional time? Would not drawing the past into the present result in the emision of an intense pulse of tachyon field and at the same time an intense flow of kenesis in the direction of the area where the tachyon field is emitted as a result of of the negative time component of superluminal tachyons. will not this pry force and the intense emision of energy instantly warp a mass bosy back in time as a result of the interactions of the electromagnetic forces having a velocity of light interacting with the tachyons at the leading edge of the tachyon pulse having a velocity of light. Will this not result in the mergance of finite subluminal particles such as eletrons and protons and nuetrons taking on characteristics of superluminal tachyons as the superluminal tachyons transfer thier energy states to the subluminal particles. As tachyons accelerate to the velocity of light their position aproaches their infinite past which is our present. As electrons aproach the velocity of light they accelerate to the infinite future which is another infinite period in the tachyons past inorder for the two particles meet. If a tachyon accelerates into the infinite past which is our presentwhich is marked by the slowing of the tachyon to the velocity of light and an electron accelerates towards the infinite future which is marked by the acceleration of the electron to the velcity of light this shows that a tachyons acceleration from its future to its past that is the present coisides to the an electrons past accelerating into the future. so the present is defined as the acceleration of a tachyon to the velcity of light and the begining acceleration of an electron into the infinite future. Now since the angular difference between to parallel fuctions diminished to zero upon accomplishing infinite magnitude then the diference between an electron at infinite future and present(relative to the outside viewer) at the velocity of light and tachyon in the infinite past ( present relative to the viewer) is zero. So if one accelerates an electron to the velocity of light and at the same time decelerates a tachyon to the velocity of light so that both the tachyon and the electron reaches the velocity of light at the same time then the tachyon will have instantly arrived at its infinite past which is the electrons infinite future and the electron will have accelerated into the infinite past which is the tachyons infinite past and will have collided. This is because all parallel lines merge at infinity at an infinite distance in three dimensional space. Infinity in three dimensional space is acheived if a body sustains a uniform velocity for an infinite period of time in fourth dimensional space. Thus any two particles that are accelerated to the infinite future at an instant in any direction will collide because all angles diminsish to zero after an infinite distance is traversed. All points in three dimensional space may be considered part of a parallel if the density of space time in the present is constant and universal. If the past is drawn into the present the density of spacetime at that point becomes unequal to the universal density of space-time in the present and is therefore asymetric and allows for the production of more energy then is received and for the production and sustainance of inertialess mass and energy. And also for the production of an anti gravity mass where the pendulum affect would be reversed where with each cycle of pendulum swing if toward the mass body would result in an increased arc. But if toward if away from the mass body a decreased arc as a result of the reversed gravitational affect. However it is also possible the the opposite is true and that the arc will increase either way for the pendulum that swings ordinarily towards the mass and increase in arc as a result of the build up and ubsorbtion of kenetic energy from the gravitional field and for the pendelum that swings away and increase in the arc as a result of both the build up of energy and the expansion of space and radius of space as one travels away from the mass body. Thus we will have a pendelum that swing accelerates and swings in a circle. This body will require energy to slow down as the gravitional field is giving kenetic energy instead of draining kenetic energy like normal gravitational fields tend to do. Well I have to go if you have any questions or critiques please write on this forum or feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]
have a nice day.

Edwin G. Schasteen
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The phenomea of time is contained in the issue of the kenetic versus the static. Gravity at distance works at infinite speed. It gets there 'now' and leaves 'now' and gets back 'now'. It never leaves the present time continum.
Gravity at close range however, may for example be locked up in static stress fields and therefore exist over time. It is not the radiation of gravity but its confinement that would let it burrow down into the timic vectors. Even if you were to postulate the retrieval of future/past information from elsewhere that information would have to be reduced to static force before it could be detected

Exactly how one would do this? Well now thats the tough part ain't it. If I were smart enough to figure out all the details I be a C language computer programer, and reside on planet X, where time hasn't been discovered yet.