Time Travel thoughts.

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Hello,I am new to the boards. I am really into Quantum mechanics,astrophyisics and Quantum physics,they are amazing subjects. I just wanted to give my opinion on time travel and ask for others opinions. Ok,I think that time travel is very possible,It can be done but I believe that the probability of it happening is not to high. To travel though time in conventional ways we would need to hit the speed of light or be able to build an atomic particle accelerator the size of our solar system and a bunch of other ideas which mankind(in it's current stage) does not have the resources or materials to do so,I do believe we will definitely be able to travel through time but when,I have no idea. I would really like to know others opinions on this. oh and my name is dave,im 15.
Hi Dave I'm Adam I'm 23 and from California I just wanted to say time travel is real it isn't fake or a hoax and you can do it today as well as in the near future I have a time travel organization called Time Machines Forever it is a non-profit organization and we are teamed up with the Tec-Time organization which is a another non-profit time travel organization our goals are to build time machines and use them also gather information, ideas, plans, and schematics within the team I have had this organization for one year so far and I know all about physics, math, science, history, electronics, computers, technology, paranormal or supernatural, and electricty. If you want to view our website you can it's www.tectime.cjb.net and our favorite link is www.anomalies.net also if your interested in joining email me at [email protected].

Oh by the way I am CEO of Time Machines Forever.
Hi Dave, I have a couple of theories that I would like a fellow theorist to think of then give me some feedback.
Time is a form of radiation released by all atoms in the process of motion. This can be described as "listening" to time. Everything that this radiation passes through ages. The only reason that time seems steady is because all things are aging at the same time. This process can be stopped, or even reversed by achieving abosolute zero or below. This seems impossible by modern standards, but I must emphasize that an experiment to test this theory must not take place near our planet. Any matter exposed to other matter going back in time would get absorbed in the process as well i.e. black holes. I'd like to have your opinion on this. Thanks.
I'm a studint at Mammoth Spring high school. I was wanting to know if time travel is close to being a reality?
Hello Joe'

I am your temporary host here, untill you are recieved by others in just conversation.

Walk with me, would you?You can do this by the use of the imagination, as we walk next to a long water filled refecting pool, by tall lovely trees and a garden.

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Yes this is true, as I have little sentiment for where society may be going today, so you will find me here at work, within the New Libary of Alexanderia.

Have you read some of the classic Joe?..The Illiead and the Oddesey, by Homer?

How about some of the Greek Tragedies as notes on certan human conditions as well?

I have and have enjoyed them, as well I hope that you will.Read these and many other classics in order to gain a minds eye perspective, into at least some portions of this world works?!

Ahh time travel...Well we have some ideas put foward by the IBM Corperation, on disassembly and reassembly of atomic vibratory structures.

What I don't like about this idea, is the problem of having to destroy what it is that your trying to send?

There is also Dr, Anderson, who uses what is known as an oblate structure, which stipulate the passage of time, into quantum time mass junctions, so to speed the process of time up, a little.

Anderson visualizes the product of his work as being used within plant groth, for crops and such.

Big parable here Joe' does mass encapsulaited super pumped light, or null-space electromass, factor into time mass, or as time-mass is bent such as rainbow configurations, through the event horizion of any SINGULAR black hole?

Ya got to read on this one Joe?

Over there,.. as you walk next to me, you will see a dark cloud near THAT corner of the garden."That's Hell Joe and although you can read a bit about the Montauck Expierment, I would advise not to get to friendly with their doings over there"..

The movie the Time Machine you say, is the concept possable?

Well what your doing is using again as Dr, Anderson has proposed, which is a Lorentz Transaction, NOT TRANSFORMATION, but an inhearent transaction, to push through T and S, which is time and space and then add direction to that certan vector within timespace.

For your reading, try a number of books both on time travel, the nature of matter and mass and quanity formula, with a regard to pan-varible math and physics equations?

I would say that this information would give you the boost that you need to find what you want..

I will leave you with Andrea, my android.

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Your free to do and ask anything that you want, others will come along to recieve you.Goodbye

To Joe Horn I'm Adam I'm 23 and from California I just wanted to say time travel is a reality today as well as in the near future because our scientists haven't gotten to this point yet but I believe is is real instead of fake and a hoax I could talk to you for hours telling about time travel and teleportation but I can't here on this chatroom because of skeptics and such also I have alot of books on the subject too but what made it all start was the Philadelphia Experiment and The Montauk Project because of these two incidents or events that happened time travel and teleportation came as a reality including Tesla's and Einstein's theories and what have you. Well that's all I will tell you for now if you want to email me it is [email protected] or [email protected] and I will get back to you as soon as possible if your interested in joining my organization which is a time travel one then email me above too.

>>is time travel close to being reality?<<<

Having the world wiped out in a BW incident is close to reality, but you don't want that either.

In other words 'what do you want to know for"?