"The future ain't what it used to be."

Time Travel to the deep future.......imposible?


Every second we are going into the future, but to jump in to the deep future is impossible. Every thing we do effects the future so its constantly changing.

The only thing that is real is now and before, the future is always changing

How can you travel to the future if its blank. The future hasnt happened yet meaning its not there. In that case the past isnt still happening so how can you go back to it.

Send me some info plz.

If you think about Einstein's theory of relativity, you'll realize that time is not a straight line, but is a circle. This means that the future has already been set. But the question is, if this is true, then how can we alter events when the future has already been set?
The future hasn't been "set". It's just already happened. Kinda like the past, but we're not there yet. You can't alter something that's already happened, like the past. But you don't know the future, so you can't alter it. Travel to the "future" is not possible. You can only travel to the present. Ever. According to Einstein's Theories, If you travel at close (95%+) to the speed of light, time will slow down around relatively. So if you travel for a day, and come back to earth to find that a year has passed (which is, in theory, possible), have you really traveled to the future, or just slowed down your present? As Humans, we are perpetually stuck in the present. We can slow down time around us, but we'll always be "here", "now", and we'll just have to accept that.