"The future ain't what it used to be."

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Thank you for sharing with us.


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very interesting article time:
there were a lot of different points made that were thought provoking:

"If you recall, Jesse, I have discussed with you before that our technology is a gift from the Creat-r. The magnetic rifts existing in hyperspace that 'seed' receptive individuals with technical ideas or constructs are there for the profound purpose of moving mankind closer to the G-dhead (See 'Don't Walk Away, Rene!'). Unfortunately, what has typically occurred is that the 'receptive' individuals who are in tune with the magnetic rifts often move closer to the G-dhead, but the countless masses that utilize the invention or construct after it is created usually do not. Remember that men like Einstein and Edison for example, took a very humanistic outlook on life in their later years. It was unfortunate that their great technical insights were revered while their views on humanity were often regarded as being somewhat eccentric and even naive. It is this very chasm that separates most of humanity from the Creat-r."

Im still reading it........it is very strange...but it is interesting.

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Time02112-on the same article:
This concept of triangles on top of triangles seems VERY familiar to me for some reason.......

"Across the Abyss against a calico sky, a huge spinning pyramid points earthward. Spinning at incredible speed it makes a deep powerful tone that sounds like r-a-a. Instantly, another spinning pyramid materializes beneath the first and points skyward. Spinning at incredible speed in the opposing direction it makes a deep powerful tone that sounds like u-l-m-m. The tip of each pyramid reach out for one another and touch emitting a bright circle of white light that comes alive with a rainbow of pulsating energy and the two tones become one and sound like r-a-a-u-l-m-m. From a point within the circle of light comes a man's face that is my own."

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Hey SHAUN! this one is for you. dont know if you will see it or not before you start your Expedition. BE SAFE OUT THERE! but you can read it when you get back.

from the same article:
"Sir Thomas again lowered his voice to a whisper. "I mean that sometimes an idea or a concept can actually behave like a living entity. In fact, I'm beginning to understand that the nucleus for some of the world's most profound ideas and inventions existed in time and space prior to human beings actually discovering them."

"Are you saying that people are not responsible for their own inventions? In other words, someone like Thomas Edison did not really invent the light bulb nor did Einstein really develop the Theory of Relativity. Is that what your actually saying?" I commented in a somewhat surprised manner.

"Not really," said Sir Thomas without skipping a beat. "People like Edison and Einstein were actually much more perceptive than many of their peers. They were much more in tune with the time fabric and the constructs that existed within its borders than perhaps they even realized. So much so in fact that they were able to subconsciously assimilate the germ of the construct as it existed in time and space and to create a powerful mental or working prototype in this reality."

In fact, it is my supposition that God created specific vector points in the 'Inter-Dimensional Time Vector Matrix' that were purposely designed to release highly condensed information about a construct to intelligent life. These strategically placed vector points have served the purpose of helping mankind along what Col. Stuart once referred to as the mystical alam al mithal. This pathway truly does contain tomorrow's dreams and was designed by the Creator to help mankind move steadily towards its final goal of unification with the Godhead.

"Incredible!" I exclaimed. "What proof do you have that this is really the case?"

"Well good Doctor," said Sir Thomas casually, "let's just say right now that it's a strong intuitive hunch. Do you recall the rifts of highly condensed electromagnetic energy we frequently encountered as we traveled through the time fabric? It is my belief that these rifts were purposely placed in the time fabric by the Creator to actually change the perceptions and thus the direction of intelligent life. Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of receiving such signals and utilizing the energy available and we're not sure exactly why. Some human beings can absorb some of this energy and put it to efficient use. However, for centuries, it has been primarily your mystics and religious adepts who through rigorous training have been able to attune their bodies to the full amount of energy available at that point in time and react upon it. Great teachers such as Christ, Mohammed, Ghandi and Buddha just to name a few, made great use of this energy and were highly effectual in moving many of their followers closer to the Godhead."

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