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It seems that everyone has missed the boat on time travel. It is so simple that everyone has missed it. You need to be energy, or a ship would not stand the stress, or light speed is necessary has nothing to do with time travel.

Let me explain by starting with gravity. Gravity is not some big magnet. It acts more like a drain. As objects slip into the depression they simply fall into the center of the depression just like a ball rolling down a hill.

What does this have to do with time travel? Well like I said everything rolls into the depression including light.
Gravity actually bends or warps space into a depression.

Now the simple part; it is not necessary to travel at the speed of light, or even be in a ship for that matter. Think of it like the old Star Trek stories. Warp drive was not a speed at all.

It shortened the distance between two points. If you take a rope and stretch it out tight, the tight rope represents space with no gravity. Now without releasing the rope, move your fingers closer together. This is warping the rope, but your fingers are closer together. This represents the gravity affect. With gravity, it is possible to warp space. The closer the object is the shorter the travel distance. Regular speeds in conventional ships are possible. You don't need light speed, just a warp in space. You would be traveling longer distances in a shorter time. This could be called time travel since it happens to people that travel by jet. Nanoseconds in measurable time differences but still time travel.

Does this allow you to go forward in time or backwards? According to Einsteins ideas, space and time are both warped by gravity. If this is true, then warping space would allow time changes. Measurable? Most likely. Controllable? Diffinately!

The key is gravity. I have a theory on how to create gravity, or increase it. If it works it would warp space creating shorter distances between two points. Some may be shortened enough to walk onto another world through the hole created by the warp on foot. However, I couldn't be sure that I am not also traveling through time. This would be the ultimate experiment!

If anyone would like to contact me about my theories send me an E-Mail. I will be glad to discuss the possibilities. [email protected]

<It seems that everyone has missed
the boat on time travel.>

Your right thank G-d I missed the Titanic!

<According to Einsteins ideas, space
and time are both warped
by gravity. If this is
true, then warping space would
allow time changes. Measurable? Most
likely. Controllable? Diffinately!>

<The key is gravity. I have
a theory on how to
create gravity, enough to walk
onto another world through the
hole created by the warp
on foot. However, I couldn't
be sure that I am
not also traveling through time.>

Can you explain your theorys in more detail? I would like to know just how you can explain this in scientific terms. What energy source would you be stiring in order to creat this gravitational magnitude?

Yes this is the thoery in the book a WRINKLE IN TIME . it is a childrens book and a very good one about time travel and dimensional beings. also there is a part about mind control. huuum! I wonder where the author was getting his ideas.
To answer your question without giving out details on my method I will give you an example;
Light from the sun comes in the form of photons that are basically charged particals, mainly protons.

Protons contain great energies. These particles are used in experiments in a partical accelerator where they are collided to study the ideas behind the Big Bang. The collisions create particles called Quirks.

The protons in the accelerator are controlled by giant magnets.

Since protons are controlled by magnets, and gravity bends light particals, and gravity warps space and time, there is a direct relatioinship between the activities associated with three.

I have theories on how gravity might be changed to allow artificial warps to exist. It will involve three distinct energy sources concentrated into a chamber that will combine the sources into a warp field. Assuming that my theory will work, it will require a magnitude of energies equivelant to overcome the gravitational force of the earth. This is large scale and could be achieved with less energy on the moon, or a planet with little gravity. However, it is not impossible here on earth with present technology, but would require using super conductors or a series of super cooled conductors to take full advantage of all the power without resistance. In any case, it will be very expensive, and would require extensive knowledge of physics to put it together. However, I believe in my theory since I have studied the concept and theory over the last 20 years. I have even made some concept drawings.

It will work something like a TV set where energy is transmitted over space and then a picture comes out. However instead of a picture coming out, a person will be move to a different time and distance. Physically a person will never know that he has moved until he ends up in another time, but there will be great energy spent in the process. Since energy will need some place to go, it will be spent to open the warp. Coming back will involve re-opening the warp. Going back in time will requiure reversing the polarity, or forward reversing again.

I will keep the method to myself for now and this is the reason.
In 1985 I was working on a project for a professor which involved a jet engine with no moving parts. When the proto was finished and on the air strip ready for takeoff, the secret service confinscated the airplane in the name of national security. The professor was ordered to forget the engine ever existed. They left with no payment or anything but a warning against talking about the engine. So much for progress! So for now, I will have to keep this idea to myself.
Sorry, I never read any books on time travel. These theories are all mine. Quite frankly I expected sceptics about the process. That was the case with most of the theories that have been made into working products and machines today.

A long time ago back in the 1800's the pattent office made the statement that everthing that could be invented had already been invented.

So much for sceptics.
Quick question Richard?

How did the secret service catch wind of this? Did the professor that you were involved in work for a public funding institution?

Another words were did the money come from to initiate this project?

The money for the project came from private investors, but the research was done at the university by the Physics Professor I worked for. I don't know how the government found out. However, it is clear that the government can call anything a national security risk if they want it. There is nothing anyone can do about it.

By the way, I have had some private reviews on my idea from serveral physics professors. All say my idea has a lot of potential to solve the time travel answer. However, I did leave out a few things about it that will keep anyone from using my idea. Without them I don't believe it would work. Of course they may stumble onto the same solution as I. I hope not since I did provide some direction.
Richard if this warp does somehow make its way to Time Travel. which time will you occur in? what point in time? got any exact location? or can you manuvuer your Gravity to set you at a certain spot? by the way how big will this warp be? can you even close this warp? how long will it be open? just questions that needed to be ask by me.

Do you have a clue who these private invester where?

The reason I'm asking is because they set people up to do their dirty work and than they take full credit for your hard earned work! They give you the Gun without the Ammo. But thats highly unlikely and probably no the case.

Are you familiar with sound frequencies? You see sounds put off an "echo" the sounds continue to resonate the original sound. Resonance can be understood as a merging created when energy or "frequencies" move back and forth betwwen two or more bodies/realm/dementions.

The opposite of resonance is Dissonance. Dissonance is what happens when frequencies move back and forth between two or more fields without being able to merge and the two frequencies bombard one another. This is called Biosonic Repatterning.

Now taking that into consideration maybe this engine that you built with "no moving parts" put off a detectible frequency. The frequency noise that penetrates the dimensions and opens the back door to Time Travel. And I have reason to believe that some sectors in our government are monitoring and controlling this. They have frequency modulators that can detect and jam these frequency disturbances and in doing so regulate Interdemential and universal Time transfers.

There is no telling who the good guys are?

I know it sounds bizzare! But I also have some private reviews of my own!

That is interesting. It could have been just as you described, I don't know. It is something to consider. It just means that I need to be careful.
Richard those question needs to be answered before you can even think about traveling in time. you dont need to be careful. you just need to know what exactly you are doing. if you can answer that. it would surely be helpful to you indifinitely. how can you make a warp without knowing the warp size, its direction, where will it take you, to what time. its all about finding out. you will never know. unless... i am wrong... naw...

Well I have given that a lot of thought. First let me answer the last question. The warp will remain open as long as the energy is applied. The warp can be closed by removing the applied energy. The gravity will be proportional to the applied energy. The answer to the first question is theory. Since light is a constant, and velocity of light is a constant, it will be possible to predict how far one would travel back or forward in time.
As for arrival period, it will be necessary to manipulate energy levels after someone steps into the warp. I think that by controling the power by frequency such as slowing it down, it would allow prediction of time locations. However this process will be like tuning a car. You work at it until it is fine tuned. The first trips will not be as predictable as later ones until it is fine tuned. In addition, it will be necessary to fine tune the other two power sources to make sure that the warp is not closed prematurely so no one would get lost in a time that they don't want to be in. I think that a robot could help with this process without sending people.
Very true. I have thought this out carefully. This is where the big experiment would begin. To test and refine the process. That would happen before I ever step into the warp. I appreciate your concern. Thank you for the advice.
ok 2 more questions. how big would this warp be? or does it depend on the energy you placed. and can we make a warp bigger then this earth?

I am not a math science expert ,just a regular human. This sounds very logical. So how does one create an warp field? What if anti gravity was used? Something that repels gravity. If this is possible why not send a videocamera thru to see if it works. Sorry started to babble.
Well thats the trick isn't it? Knowing how to do it without big brother investigating. Think about it!