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I'm new on this forum. The subject of time travel interests me. But I don't like reading articles that are too scientific and that I don't understand. That's why I want to ask, what are the current theories on time travel? Does science think it is possible or not? You can also give your personal views on the subject.

I can say I recently read an article in which they said that time travel may not be possible according to recent findings, it had something to do I believe with black holes that they tried to create on a small scale but in the end it failed (had something to do with rotation I believe). Does anyone have any comment on that? Maybe I'm not making any sence but that is because I don't understand scientific terms and formulas that well. But I hope you know what I mean. I don't have the article with me but I remember some things of it.
Hi Cyberjunk,

Surprise, surprise, time travel is possible.

Modern Physicists have been knowing this fact since almost a century ago.

I have written 2 time travel articles on amateur journals so far and that I will post my third article to the same journal and a different one by December this year. Hopefully NewScientist will also accept this article either in December or in January. I can send you my third article electronically to your e-mail address soon if you want me to do it. My future article will be very comprehensive and it translates the complex physical concepts of time travel to be everyday's words followed everyday's examples.

Just to start on with very basic fact, the idea of "Time" is flawed out. Time "States" are humanity terminology. However, if you are now on Planet X, you might see all activities on Earth as a fast-forward video just like what the legendary Physicist Paul Davies wrote in his book "How To Build A Time Machine".

This is absolutely true and can be proven by you standing on the top of a 30 floor building and your friend is on ground outside the building. You will find out that you on the building's roof will have a slower time than your friend's friend providing that both your time and your friend's were measured exactly at the same hours, minutes, seconds, miliseconds, and double miliseconds before the activity.

Despite this, I believe that we are currently visited by Futurians. I also believe that people in the past of our "definition" were also visited by futurians including the outer space citizens.

Although we are able to travel time, however we cannot make ourselves younger at the 'time' being.
Therefore, we will die and cannot enjoy a real long time travelling such as to millions years backwards and millions years forward. Scientists have to find the formula to make human entities live forever (eternality and anti-aging).

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