time travel

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I am a scientist and i shall leave it at that. Recently my partner and i made an amazing discovery. It is what we belive to be time travel. There is one drawback however. We can not generate a certain force without anti-matter. If anyone who reads this has ever discoverd how to produce or knows where i can get anti-matter please write me.
No offense but, It seems to me that any "avid scientist" that has figured out how to generate a force that requires anti-matter would have already been conducting experiments in quantum physics where anti matter is produced all the time.

If not, I might suggest you apply to the federal government for a grant of about 60 billion dollars ($60,000,000,000.00), hire yourself some serious Physicists, build yourself a particle accelerator and go for it!

Or you could try Bill Gates.

...and for Franck, .......THAT was cynicism! :-)
Atoms of anti-hydrogen, which consist of a positron orbiting an antiproton, are believed to have been created in 1995 at the CERN laboratory in
Europe. Physicists are now searching for very small differences between the properties of matter atoms and antimatter atoms. This will help confirm
or confound our understanding of the symmetry between matter and anti-matter.
I assume that you're extracting the urine?
Do you have a Doc Emmett Brown fixation that's got out of hand?..