"The future ain't what it used to be."

Time Travel



I am very interested in theories regarding time travel because I believe it is possible to "explore" time since time itself was created. This belief is only 95%, though.

The other 5% is due to a confusion that I could never answer or find an answer to: if the concept of time travel is possible (in non-parallel theories), then wouldn't civilizations on Earth already be aware of such "technology?"

It makes sense to me that a future civilization who has the ability to travel back in time <u>would</u> travel back in time. However, past civilizations never depicted any such "visitor."

The only conceivable theory, Einstein's, is that time travel is only possible forward (i.e., the future) and not backward (i.e., the past). A person who is in a barrier travelling at the speed of light and thus resulting in a slow of time is more likely than going to a "past-time" that already occurred. In my opinion, theorists who believe the latter would only be correct if what we see (i.e., life) is a photographic representation that is being saved to a supernatural "database." Time travel would then be a "query."

Very astute observation.

If one makes the assumption that MWI (Many Worlds Interpretation) precludes travel(by time or any other method) to "parallel worlds" (which is undefined in physics and only vaguely defined in sci-fi) then you're correct.

In that case it would be very odd to take a position that the occupants of a time travel enabled universe would view time and event sequencing as linear in the sense that we seem to do. There would simply be no method by which one could make a determination as to when time travel was invented, who invented it and which time period had the better time travel device.

There would be no "technology tree" along which technological advances could be traced. Overall, everything from technological acheivement to evolutionary advancement, would appear to be the same at any given time throughout history. They would be advanced to the maximum level and appear to have been so for all eternity - past and future.

If one could somehow stand "outside" such a universe and peer in to see it in its entirety, from beginning to end, one would see time travelers moving from era to era taking along with them their technology. The most advanced technology would prevade the entire time line of that universe.

Because people of such a universe could travel to any time frame from any other time frame - including time frames already occupied by themselves - the implication is both infinite mass and infinite population.

In such a universe we would not even be having this discussion. Time travel would be SOP without any possible controversy.
I personally think that we can't travel trhogh time we can only be tele transported, but if you want to travel through time you have to enter to the world of information where everything has been recorded,all events in life are recorded in circles,just like you record a C.D.rom, understand that everything is one.and
just understand the universe,the answer is as close as the air that you breath dont break your head.
If you went back in time without a multiverse it is likely youll do something horribly wrong and ruin all subsequent events,
however i dont believe in paradoxes,
try to think of it this way:
if there is only our universe and no multiverse to cope with a paradox,
and people go back in time to change things,then the ultimate possibility we are faced with is that our world is the way it is NOW cos people went back in time,
i.e someone may have gone back in time (too far back)and inadvertantly started the big bang,which would explain why we are here now,
what if all the weird things that people report are time travellers,like ghosts,goblins etc,
if you went back you may wear a disguise or at least not let people know you are from the future.

Ive got a feeling the entire universe is a paradox,the universe may be a side effect of something that was not supposed to happen.