"The future ain't what it used to be."

Time Travel


Time runs everywhere but it runs up, down, right, left, forwards, backwards, goes faster, slower, and even stops as well but what would happen if you could stop time completely like in clockstoppers the movie I saw and other movies as well the whole world would probably know or just one or several individuals would know but if that power or energy was harnessed or gathered then noone would tell anyone else because if they did they would either kill you or capture you and they can gather or harness it themselves. Only those that learn it will gain the knowledge of time itself and I don't mean in farther future and now but in our near future. Ufos already have the ability or skill to time travel and use teleportation maybe if we learn from aliens they will tell us the true meaning of time travel and teleportation. I already know what our near future will look like and I am telling you do not trust noone cops, government, government agents, military. The scientists of our near future have already harnessed or gathered or developed time travel in our timeline the only problem is the public will never see it because of the government and military I might be wrong or right when the time is right the truth will be told!
In 2020 which is our Earth's near future or farther future if you want to put it that way we have already harnessed or developed time travel CERN and the physicist Ronald Mallet were successful in developing time travel because of their success we can travel anywhere to parallel universes, alternative pasts and futures, farther past, past, and farther future. You may think that this is a lie but it is not I will not tell you more then that or I will get in trouble.
That would be total chaos. If scientists all around the world were simutaneously changing the "future/past/present" (It's all the same ot them)
It's not total chaos it is part of history and the world we live in well it's the world in which I live in of course and it is my part of my history for that reason I can't tell you anymore or serious trouble will start to begin.
Yeah I know exactly what you mean. That's why I've had to keep silent about alot of things, what I do, who I really am, what I know about the future and past etc.

~Skye<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">I'm Skye, a girl with a dream, a quest and a nightmare.
I wouldn't say EVERY time traveller, there has to be a few rotten ones in the bunch too ya know. There's always one bad apple in the basket like they say.

~Skye<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">I'm Skye, a girl with a dream, a quest and a nightmare.
Superpeace and Skye
Straight out I will tell you their are good time travellers and their are bad time travellers the good ones help humankind or humanity the bad ones destroy humankind or humanity it is your choice if you want to be a good one or a bad one I have learned to be a good one because if your not a good one then chaos will either reign forever or just reign if your a good one then peace and love will either reign forvever or just regin good save and bad corrupt! It only takes one to change or evert your timeline change means changing history and screwing up evert means to saving history and not screwing up say for example you wanted to go to an event or time period like the eighteen or nineteen hundreds and don't change history but in an mistake or accident you do then your not changing their history but the whole history of the US or world itself! What they taught me by reading is don't believe everything you read and hear but when I read physics and other science that time travel was real nothing changed except what others believed to be a miracle or a blessing and now it is possible well you will have to wait several years until it is possible for everyone in your timeline everyone has been chosen to live and die now I am not saying I will live and die God said that everyone will live and die and nothing can stop both of these in changing history you are changing the whole world not just part of it or half of it but the whole world I am here to save humankind not destroy it that is all I can say for now!
The P.E./Montauk Project, Ronald Mallett, and CERN because of their success time travel was invented before 2020 now since time has passed we will be able to go to the moon and other planets yes space travel was eventually invented as well their are colonies on the moon but no colonies on the other planets because of the atmosphere and the air we breath entertainment now is virtual reality, books, magazines, and so on most of this stuff can be accessed through the world wide web or internet computers are more advanced they are not slow like your moderned computers tv is a hologram where you can access the news and other tv shows even cable phones are now part of tv where you call someone up and they will appear on screen. This is all I can tell you for now most of the rest of it is classified or top secret!
Time doesn't go anywhere, up down backwards forwards sideways whatall. WE are the ones that appear to be moving through this fourth dimension, TIME. Then again, maybe time doesn't exist at all. Maybe it is an illusion, as Julian Barbour purposes in his book "The End Of Time". Maybe "time" is what we call the impression we have of our existence, formed from strung together bits of memory. Maybe we are timeless, but just don't know it yet. Never-the-less, we do opporate within a universe that gives us evidence of asymetry, ie. the second law of thermal dynamics (entropy). This is the world we live day to day in. But we also know that not everything in our world, if looked at on a quantum level opporates in the same fashion. So there you go. This is the true beauty of our existence. The more we think we understand, the more questions we have, like is it really possible to time travel?
I am sorry to have to inform you all that your theory and ideas regarding time travel are way of the point. Perhaps a real time traveller would find your points rather amusing a quaint. A bit like a cave man trying to explain the workings of a radio.