"The future ain't what it used to be."

time travel


we are here because this is what we have to be, what we call time is a period of the existance that we have to accomplish. we may have been altered by our future products or we may be the product of our past. should we go back and change one tiny detail we may alter our complete existance. about death it is not the thought of dying that we are afraid of, but we associate it that it maybe painful, but it is not, and we are afraid of the unknown,as we do not know where we are going, it is only the physical body that dies not the living process of what we are.

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I agree this body just houses our real self which is our spirit. best book I ever read on NDE's (near death experiences) was by Betty J Eadie who wrote "Embraced by the Light." she also states in the chapter "many worlds" that she saw many other worlds,galaxies and realms beyond our understanding. she said as the desire came to see them her thoughts gave her power and her spirit went to them.
Many life after death sories tell of seeing things that are happening in this life while they are out of their bodies and just floating in spirit nearby as the doctor is working on them or the ambulance driver. when they come back they describe exactly what was said and done to them.
most scientists dont consider this when they go to try to make a timetravel device that a person is both physical matter- the body and also spiritual -the spirit/soul that keeps the body alive. that is why you can have such a disaster like the philadelphia experiment.

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