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Time travel



Here we go with the questions that keep me up at night...

Has anyone who posts here heard of any new developments on Tachyon theory and the possibility that this particle's theoretical ability to travel backward through time may be harnessed? Maybe in some type of Tachyon feedback loop? Don't know, just an idea....

in order to create faster than light travel in space, maybe we've been approaching the subject of velocity in the wrong manner. According to Einstein's theory of relativity, as we increase the energy put into the E=mc^2 equation, the mass of the object increases equally, making traveling faster than light impossible....infinite energy expenditure equals in infinitely increasing mass of the object we are trying to accelerate...
nobody wins, speed of light is unattainable....
..so we (the inventive freaks of the world, that is...)have always stated that the easiest way to travel is not to move at all..so ideas like wormhole theory and string theory came about. Well maybe we don't need those things....? What if it was possible to create some type of field around our object in space that we are wishing to accelerate that would negate all gravitation (including the pull of space-time on the object...follow me here)...except on one side (facing in the direction we wish to go)...would not the object be compelled to be pulled in the direction we wish it to go? Would not that object be able to achieve light speed travel?

Give me some ideas...or tell me if I'm crazy...feedback is what i'm looking for here...
Yes this is possable.

There are two approches that one can use to TT.
One is electromagntics.The other is possably a form of an expressed Lorentz contraction.

However this second method, is an expensive method, as one it may involve condierrable cost?

The second tennent involves considerable complexity, as far as constructing fractile lenses and the like.

I hope that these two points help you to at least some extent?

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Hi Jason,

Tachyon going backwards > noyhcat, which is Russian for rushin.

Rushin going backwards > nihsur, which is Japanese for crackers stuffed with raw squid. And squid, as we know, swim backward in the Sea of Tachyonderlaero. Hoowee you talk about feedback loops.

The easiest way to travel is to stay home and let somebody else go.

Are YOU crazy? Not around here pal, not around here.
RE: The only safe Time travel...

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Jason, as for your time travel theory,


read all the words that I have in caps forwards and backwards thats the only other way to travel safely! And the only Time Travel I promote!

just curious - can a tachyon be modeled as a particle that is one orthogonal rotation away from a particle in our 3-space? I think it can be... and a photon - isn't it just a boundary condition between tachyon space and our 3 relative dimensions? a photon appears to be 2-dimensional in that it has no rest mass, but has a momentum and exists in time (relative to our 3-space). When a photon (whatever type) interacts with mass, it becomes one with the mass (which is made up of these "particles" anyway), which as I recall shadow saying in a precious post, is stored as the "past". This absorption seems to stimulate the emmission of another photon, which acts as a link between the delta function of the mass, and the external environment. this process can be modeled as an "observation function" using partial derivatives, which shows that as the photon is absorbed, the time portion dissapears, and all that is left is 3 spatial constants, or "dimensions". So a photon seems to be the carrier of time, and also the border between two worlds - the "faster than light world" and the "slower than light world"... does this seem to make sense?
So, in order to speed up or slow down your passage "through" time, you just increase or decrease the density of your surrounding "boundary particle flux" or "virtual photons" or whatever. I think wormhole theory gives a mathematical way to "break away" from the local ambient particle flux, amd rerout the feedback loop to an engineerable location in space-time (a.k.a particle flux). hmmm... wonder how this works? I dont have a clue yet. It seems as if reality is constructed based on the collective consciousness' "most probable next step forward". this means that a way to travel to the past would be to theorize a way to travel while disconnected from what you know as external reality, change the background state of the reality within your disconnected space, and when you "collapse the wave function" and become observable again, you will find that you enter a world like yours, or the past one you where looking for, based on the state of your local vacuum flux. sound plausible?
Note: this requires a "Parrallel world" view of the nature of reality.

When you talk about the faster than light world vs the slower than l;ight world keep the term 'referance frame' in mind. The way we measure the light speed is FROM mass objects that are in a particular frame that is at rest (or at least sublight) to our common mode of perception. In other words light speed is only light speed because we measured it from our own biased location and frame of mind. Rest or zero velosity is zero velosity as compared to what? (other sublight mass!)

>>>>photon seems to be the carrier of time<<<<

A photon is a carrier of action and action is a property of time. But since a photon gets where it is going in "virtually no time" it could be more properly considered as the carrier of 'now' (ie T=0).

Thats why spooky things tend to happen in dark places, there is less light to provide the T=0 time lock .