Time travel

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We know by the einstein'theory of relativity
that the gravity could deform space-time.
I want to know if the others forces like
nuclear or electromagnetic could deform space-time. thank you
Gravity waves are a warping of space-time. Anything in existence that accelerates creates them. Nothing in existence can interact with anything else without gravity.

My own theory states that even electromagnetic waves are a function of gravity...

your question relates to the pseudo-science (soon to become respectable) of electrogravitics...
which asks the question "can gravity be controlled by electricity?"

The answer is yes...for reasons too lengthy to describe here.

Visit WWW.flash.net/~nanstiel/index.html

there's a .PDF file describing this new, perturbative mechanism for gravity that utilizes
a quantised space-time structure.

It denies the possibility of backward time travel...as a misunderstanding of how the spatial
fabric is truly structured.
Re:Re:Time travel

Do you mean to suggest that gravity is the only factor that effects interaction? electromagnetism does because it is indeed related to gravity, but is there no other force that is?
We know that by Einstein's theory of space-time that gravity is in fact the curvature of space time, it is not a matter of gravity deforming space-time, matter is what does that, gravity is rate of change of the a geodesics from one point to another in spacetime. So instead of the other forces deforming spacetime, I would assume you meant arrising from spacetime. The other forces may be manifestations of a broken symmetry as a 10 dimension universe divided into a 4-dimensional and 6-dimensional one. The 6-dimensions are thought to have rolled up to a scale that is on the order of the Planck length: 10^-33 cm.
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