"The future ain't what it used to be."

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has any one ever been to a sight besides chronos.ws that
uses tachons for time travel.

please tell me so i can double check his info, beacuse that page has made the most sense yet
How about seeing time as being laid out in a line, every moment connected to the next moment. Something along the lines of a Time Chart. On one end you have the beginning and on the right you have the end. In between is 'time.' It's all connected.
Thus to travel to another point on the chart, one needs to break out of 'time.' rudimentary example... time chart laying out on table... a frog jumps from today... to yesterday.
What got me thinking this was Star Trek's 'generation.' Captain Picard arrived in the Nexus at the same moment Captian Kirk did, though 'in' time they were hundreds of years apart.
If I am not making sense... question me or show me why where I err.... [email protected]
Misiour Parker;

I asked Captain Kirk about this very thing, but this was before the 'Generation' movie was filmed. He said "time is not what you think it is". And indeed it is not what you think, time is exactly what it really is, irreguardless of what one may think about it.

Time the 'great before and after' as it turns out, is thinking us. Time is not so much about how things turn out as it is about how things turn in. How future mind turns into physical reality for just an instant and then turns into living memories. Its about how this line of BS may turn into a parody of actual fact. About how I may soon grow weary of screwing around an TURN IN for a good nights rest.

I've never met Captain Picard. Always seemed a bit of a prick to me. Gads the man's wound tight, something to aspire to I guess; if I had half that much inspiration. Maybe one person is not better or worse that the next, but tell ya what Pal, there sure is a lot of difference in how MUCH man or woman is there to be seen. Like the Army recruit ad "be all you can be". Well you know some of us can only be as substanative as a box of cheeze crackers and a soda-pop. Thats life, get used to it. If you are a good snack you have done your job.

But lets cut Picardo a little slack, he does well for a man with a mechanical heart. He pays his taxes on time, speaks good english, and polishes his boots.

Captain Janeway....OH LORD, DON"T GET ME STARTED.
RE: time travel 24th century

What What?

Don't you people recognize a clasic? Star Treck is THE great myth of our time.

Don't you get it? The people who write that stuff are dead serious. They can tell the truth because they can pass it off as total fiction. And the censors are too friggen stupid to flag out the good stuff.

Well maybe they aren't THAT stupid. You see they arrange for the truth to be told and THEN arrange for the people who believe it to look like idiots. Worse they arrange for people who believe it to look like.....yikes!....TRECKIES!

Time is all about mind and mind is all about control.
Tachyons are faster-than-light particles first proposed in the science fiction novel called "Macroscope" written by Piers Anthony before he became a fantasy writer. It is out of print so you may have a hard time finding it. The premise behind the Macroscope was using tachyon streams to zoom in on star systems and planets in real time and observe the natives. However, they discovered a sort of Galactic Encyclopedia which burnt out the minds of the geniuses and was called the "Destroyer Beam". Although the chronos site is well done, it is science fiction. Heard of a graviton accelerator and tachyon accelerator lately? They just don't exist. Check out the book though. It's one of the best I've ever read.