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Nough said seems johns story is full of holes. All information is speculative and unable to be proven exactly. pictures show a host of things but most definately not enough detail in the back ground. Lazer picture i have now discovered is from a web camera and not from a still camera. The image lattice shows that it's digital video.

So anyway for time travel to be possible people have to know that time is an energy that keeps on, so that the things we have on the planet can effect it's stability or course. Such as light which is an energy it needs to be harnessed and used and controlled efficiently enough to use it. This may take years or maybe we will have a miracle happen next month. The fact is that there is a universal law that binds our minds to thinking in a closed manner. Thus making it difficult for us to even comprehend the possibilities of time travel and it's implications. only when we try something will it be proven but then again only to one person. so lets all jump through a black hole hey.

Fact of the matter is whether your mind belives it's possible and if maybe if you have enough people beliveing in that certain subject , like a international though will a new idea become possible otherwise it's going to take a while. Sorry i tend to ramble. My point is that for the most of it life is so short and we must try to achieve as much as we can no matter how unbelieveble it might be. So in closing think of time as an energy that constantly flows like and electrical current. this might bring about other ideas as to how it's travel will be possible. Such as travveling on a light beam this in my mind is possiable by breaking down the body into similar sized particals that bind with the light so that we can travel along it and then at our destination we simply reassemble our body. And for the moment when we are travveling we are not alive as a combined module but alive as an energy needing not to breathe or to eat but just to exist as energy while travelleing. Think of the way a computer processor works the smaller the micron process the less energy thats allowed to travel through the wired thus if we stick to this process we will have to stop at.0021 microns because the size of an atom limits us .

Any thoughts would be welcome
Lazer picture i have now discovered is from a web camera and not from a still camera. The image lattice shows that it's digital video.

If you can proove that, then you've found another nail in the Titor coffin. The image was purportedly a hard copy image from John's time that he found in his belongings. If it comes from a source other than a scanner then his story just a bad case of woodworm...

Personally I think it looks like a scan of a photo, done with a purposely lossy conversion to Jpg.

I'd really like to hear what leads you to believe it's from a web camera(or maybe a video camera).

I have a ground breaking theory to present but before I do….How do we know we are supposed to be doing this…And furthermore who is to be responsible enough with such power. The danger of such a power would rival that of nuclear technology tenfold. Everything with a use has an abuse. One time terrorist or one perfectly human action prompted by poor judgment could cause devestating repurcussions that we may not have considered with our assumptive theories. Time travel may be the real threat..not nuclear holacost. Perhaps we should be asking God’s permission. God has all the answers. Whether an intellect believes in god or not he must answer to his primary instincts…that of survival. If you know how to do something it doesn’t mean you should. For example, preventing Jesus’s death would be interfering with one of God’s purposes. God would undoubtedly have a concern with such intervention...As well as any other biblical continuum interventions for any faith for that matter….Snatch the apple from Eve and we may never be born…Faith prompted Noah’s heart to listen for instruction for the Ark’s production…it was not built for him. God trusted Noah with the ark…If he didn’t build it would the Human race have survived? Who can god trust with this technology which would rival all others? Consider that all that man discovers points to gods power…only certain things that man discovers..man should use. The below link is to a lamen term theory a 4 year old can grasp that paraphrases the more complex existing knowledge while presenting new perspectives the science communities have yet to realize. There is more to present…please email a request for the remainder of the theory.
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From your website:
Imagine throwing a series of objects out of an airplane at high altitude at different times.These objects range in various size, shape, and density which means some objects will accelerate faster than others towards terminal velocity.
You've got a little technical problem here, mate. Actually, they will NOT accelerate at different rates, because they are all subject to the same field of acceleration due to gravity. Galileo 101, my friend. Now, their terminal velocities may be different due to their aerodynamic shape/size.

Proof comes from experience and my experience is that with the jpeg format there is no way that you can make an image so ugly even with a 0 quality setting and a standard baseline. theres no way you can make that image look like that without having it run through a video feed unless you stick it in a movie editor and extract the frame after you have made a single frame movie. And the fact that all scanners default to jpg as the scanned image also tells me that it would still have to be run through a movie editor. "lossy" i'm still not sure what that means. Probably because i've never heard it except maybe with photography itself with out any computers playing a part or maybe it's because i'm south african. Anyway the fact is believe what you need and go with it i can definatley not change your opinion if you don't want me to.
I have read your theory but to test how will you stop the atoms electrons from moving when you have finally found a way to make the object stop moving. This i would imagine is an ALMOST impossible task considering the fact that an atom cannot be contained or kept from another that it might gain energy from. Even then the atom still has a perpetual energy that keeps it moving. As for asking God what we should do he has a funny way of making sure that we are capable of keeping to what we can handle i'm sure. maybe he can't control us directly but he controls the things around us that we ourselves cannot control. Infact i think it's only ourselves we can control but even then we follow others while they're following somebody else. Who is the else that they are following and did they ask God what he wanted. Another question i need to ask is why do we need gravity to time-travel who said? It seems that because scientists have theories about worm holes and so on we need to believe it , how does the scientist know because i doubt whether he has been there in the worm hole or black hole. It's a theory that makes us believe just like crowns theory except we are more sceptical of his because someone else told us something first that they said we need to believe. All theories are possible untill proven impossiable and even then you could tweak your theory as you go along. As i said with the light wheel has anyone tried it yet or do you solemly believe that the light will not bend because your logic thats been honed by someone else says so or are you actually willing to take the chance at looking stupid to everyone else and try something like the light wheel. Life is about experimenting so do it. It's like making a sculpture of exactly the same thing in wood, you can either build the wood sculpture up by applying different pieces or you can break it down from one solid block to create your sculpture. You could also apply the wood molacules and somehow bind them to make up your sculpture or you could exchange the energy or atoms to make it what you want. To quote someone i don't know "the possibilities are endless" so why not try them all at the same time instead of worring about a single one only. It's like my theory for curing cancer and aids and any other sickness why not poison the entire body to kill what ever it is and revive it with an antitoxin such as when you get a snake bite they use another toxin to build up your antibodies to kill of the more harmful one.

Anyway like i said efore i ramble with no real point but this time i'm sure there's one in there some where
Well assuming that our reference of subatomic particles is even close to accurate there are bound to be smaller particles unaffected by proximity gain of energy. Just as an electron may be a container for it's innards a propulsion and anti -motion method that emulates a container sheilding it's contents from affect of the "outer space" would be a feasable and practical solution. A rocket company in Geneva new York is developing a rocket that utilizes an arc of electricity that engulfs the rocket in flux negating magnetic field. It should be understood that such technology is indeed present and that it's nothing more than money to build it. Probe B is just the first step to proving this plateu theory. The magnetic rocket which will inevitably be tested in the near future will complete such proof.
Hello sir, Indeed...as I clarify... the acceleration of gravity was arrived at by measure the fall of an object in a vaccum tube in which wind drag is not a factor. However acceleration does differ amongst items of different drag. A feather does not accelerate anywhere near 9.8 unless it is on a dart.
We do not live in a vacuum tube. So for sake of "basic" physic illustration, a child could grasp a game stop and go. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/tongue.gif