"The future ain't what it used to be."

time travl all around us


Temporal Novice
There is a phenomenom which we ourselves have observed over the past few years and that is that every now and again time is speeding up. why we dont know , has anyone else noticed this , try our very simple experiment .
take six clocks , preferably three digital and threee chronological and put two of each after verifying they are accurate(this works with atomic clocks as well ) in two seperate rooms on the same level in your house or maybe further apart . notice when you leave one room the time and the timme after you enter the next room. over a period of three months we noticed time slips of up to one hour that we could not account for , most of the time it was ten to twenty minutes, between clocks was approx twelve feet.

we live on a hill in bridlington in a bungalow , and have noticed strange time events often. has anyone else noticed these as we are fascinated by whats happening here, as when all the clocks are together they tell the same time. but apart in different rooms time alters. we are built on chalk with no magnetic anomolies around us , id be interested to see if others have experienced this in england or elswhere. <font color="orange">
Yes, the Russians have said something about an overall increase in the energy quotent, that this solar system is going through.

This new factor might be affecting time and how time unfolds to us?

This said PX phenomenon, dealing with Planet X, may also be changing the time scalier quotient?